Adopted By Zerrie

"Harley, meet your new parents," Sheranda revealed Zayn and Perrie with big smiles.
"I wanna dance," I spoke nervously. "Dance," she instructed.
"I love you," he whispered to me. Sending shivers down my spine. "You can't. That's forbidden," I answered. "Oh well"
"Harley Malik! The girl of water!" he announced as I stepped onto the stage.
The world all changed for twelve year old Harley Normand after she was adopted by no other couple than.... Zerrie.


3. Interviews

                  It has been 3 days since I received the last name Malik. My new mom and dad are fantastic and my aunts are the sweetest girls EVER. My dad's best friends are hilarious and I love everyone already. They said I could go to school in a couple of days and I can go visit Darcy on school days. They have bought me gorgeous clothes and my bedroom is huge! I am so thankful for them. Today, we have to go to an interview for their fans they call Directioners and Mixers. I'm excited but also scared. I've never been good with public speaking and tend to stutter or face away from the crowd. 

                        "Butterfly! Come on! You have to get ready for the interview in 2 hours!" mom called. I ran from my room to see my mother holding a butterfly dress and cat flats. "Thanks mum," I kissed her cheek and walked into the bathroom. I slid from my pajamas and into the dress. I put my hair into a pony tail and stepped into the cat flats. "Aw you look beautiful baby girl," dad smiled as I walked out. "I know," I laughed. "Looks like she's already like you," Mom kissed him. We laughed and exited the house. 

                           Once we arrived, we saw the rest of the bands and joined them. "Harley!" Jade cheered and squeezed me tightly. Her and I have become close. "Hey Jade," I laughed. "You look so pretty!" Leigh Anne squealed. "I try".

                             As they started to talk amongst themselves, I looked out into the world. It was beautiful from what I saw. Buildings, lights, and a fairly large Hello Kitty store. But in the distance I spotted a field, birds roaming. It looked so peaceful. "Harley! Come on before paparazzi arrive!" Paul grabbed my hand and ran inside. The building was huge and covered with chandeliers. We walked to the rest of the group who were behind a curtain. "There you are," Harry smiled. "Bout time. We're about to go out to the interview," Niall held back the curtain, revealing tons of people watching. A knot built in my stomach. Butterflies if you will. "I don't know if I can do this," I spoke. "There's nothing to be scared of. We're right here," Liam rubbed my back. "And now we have Little Mix, One Direction, and the new addition, Harley Malik!" The host announced. "Come on. Spread your wings my little butterfly," mom whispered and hugged me. We walked out, facing flashes from here and there. Just a little though. "Welcome!" The host shook each of our hands as I took a seat between my mom and dad. The applause stopped. "So, Perrie and Zayn, who is your little girl here?" The host smiled. "Well obviously I'm Harley Malik. You announced me yourself," I joked. Everyone laughed. "Okay so, any special talents sweetie?" He asked. "I can dance," I spoke. "Really? According to your father, cool kids don't dance". "Who said I was cool?" I snapped. "Oh I love her already. So what drove you to adopt guys?" "Well we wanted to wait until marriage, but I wanted a kid. We decided to adopt. This little cutie will keep us together," mom answered. "Any new songs?" "Yes. One Direction will be coming out with an album called Midnight Memories. 18 tracks," Louis stated. "Great. Louis, how've you been? I heard you and Eleanor Calder broke," the host asked. "I'm good. We just knew it couldn't work anymore," he sighed. The name of Louis' ex reminded me of my friend El back at the orphanage. Also of Darcy. My head hung low as the thought processed. "Something wrong, Harley?". "No. I'm okay".  "Well seems that's all the time we have. Give it up for Little Mix, One Direction, and Little Malik right here!" The host cheered as the crowd went into a roar of applause. We exited the stage to see Paul. "Be careful. There's a mob of fans outside," he gathered more guards as we came closer to the door. The door opened and bright flashes came from everywhere. A lot. I hung my my head down to keep from going blind. 

                       "Did you have fun?" Mom asked as we sat in the limo. "Yeah. I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be," I smiled. "That's great. I'll make pancakes when we get home". "Yes!" Dad cheered. 

                    After I had eaten and brushed my teeth, my parents tucked me in. "Goodnight butterfly. I hope you don't dream of flying away this early. But if you do, I'll always love you," mom kissed my forehead. "Night baby girl. Enjoy a rest before you aboard the roller coaster of life in the morning," dad hugged. "Night mom and dad. Love you," I drifted off to slumber as they closed the door.

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