Adopted By Zerrie

"Harley, meet your new parents," Sheranda revealed Zayn and Perrie with big smiles.
"I wanna dance," I spoke nervously. "Dance," she instructed.
"I love you," he whispered to me. Sending shivers down my spine. "You can't. That's forbidden," I answered. "Oh well"
"Harley Malik! The girl of water!" he announced as I stepped onto the stage.
The world all changed for twelve year old Harley Normand after she was adopted by no other couple than.... Zerrie.


2. Hold On.. WHAT?!

                                                   Holding onto my new parents hands, we walked out into the world. It was not at all what I had in mind.Cameras were flashing everywhere. My eyes closed shut as dots showed up into view. "Perrie, Zayn, what is this?" I asked. But they couldn't hear over all of the questions being shouted to them. "What's her name?!" "Where is she from?!" "How will you take care of your new daughter Zerrie?!" There was a man that cleared a path to a long limo. "Come on!" a boy with a mess of brunette curls atop his head opened the door. He was VERY cute if I do say so myself. We climbed in quickly and the driver sped off. "Aw she's so pretty!" a girl with an unusual hair color squealed. I blushed as I saw 7 other people in the limo. "Uh, I'm Harley," I spoke. "Ooo she's American,"awed a boy with light brown hair and blue eyes. "That's a lovely name Harley. I'm Harry," the boy who let us in shook my hand. I felt something inside me flutter. I smiled to him. "I'm Niall," a blonde boy with a thick Irish accent stated. "Louis" "Liam" "Leigh Anne" "Jade" "Jesy" The rest of the people introduced themselves. "It's nice to meet you all," I smiled. "So, are you comfortable with calling us mom and dad?" Perrie asked, pointing to she and Zayn. "Sure, mom. Dad, what were those cameras for?" I giggled. "Aww," everyone sighed. "Well, um, Harley. Do you know One Direction and Little Mix?" he questioned. "Well... I've only heard the names of them on the television that Sheranda would watch," I remembered. "We are One Direction and they are Little Mix," he explained. "So, you guys are REALLY famous," I stated. "Yep," Harry winked. I giggled as we pulled up to a glass building. The limo stopped and we exited. I admired the building while the others went ahead of me. "Come with me or they'll lose us," Harry chuckled and grabbed my hand. I laughed as he ran. "C'mon butterfly!" Perrie, excuse me, Mom called. I ran to her and grabbed her hand. "Is it okay if I call you butterfly? I got from one of our songs," she flashed a gorgeous smile. "Of course. I like butterflies," I nodded. 

                                                          "Little Mix, you have to rehearse. I think you should go now," a man holding a clipboard stated. "Okay. Butterfly, you can come with us. You can here the song we wrote for you. Zayn, you guys can go home and get Harley's room ready. Bye love you," she kissed Zayn's cheek and we headed down a long hall. Jade sped ahead of us. "I found it! I found it! I found it!" she jumped. We are certainly going to get along.

                                                 We walked in and a girl was sitting at a table with lots of lit buttons. She got up from her chair and greeted the girls. "You must be Harley. I'm Lou," she shook my hand. "Mummy! Mummy!" a baby ran into the room. "Hi Lux," Lou laughed. "She's so cute," I giggled. "Thanks," she smiled. "Okay they said to start with DNA and I would say if it was good or not. They trust me, Yay!" Lou laughed. "Can you hear us from the dressing room?" Mom asked, pointing to a door. Lou nodded. "Great. Can you find Butterfly an outfit?" she questioned. "Of course. Just go in and start your magic while I do mine," she pulled me into the room. It was stunning. There were clothes everywhere and I heard a beat start. As I heard someone start to sing, I gasped. They were amazing. "I think you would look cute in this," Lou held up an outfit with butterflies covering it. "I love it!" I cheered. "Go girl!" she pushed into a room and I slid into the silky dress. Beautiful.

                                                               I stepped out and Lou gasped. "Stunning," she smiled. We walked into the studio and sat. They finished the song and looked to Lou for a response. "Great. What do you think Harley?" she looked to me. "Perfect," I cheered. "Okay, this song is for my little butterfly," Mom declared and Lou started the music. "Mama told me not to waist my life. She said spread your wings my little butterfly. Don't let what they say keep you up at night, and if they give you shh, then they can walk on by," they sang.  I stood up and twirled around, causing mom to giggle. I haven't heard music in so long. It was great, perfect, and I don't know why, but I started to leap and twirl around. I danced like the ballerinas I saw on the television when Sheranda left the room. They were graceful, elegant, and I wanted to be like them. The song ended, and I landed on the floor. Leigh Anne walked out and looked wide eyed at me. "Butterfly, where did you learn to dance like that?" The others joined her, all with stunned looks on their faces. "From the girls on TV. I loved that," I explained. "You were amazing Harley. The best I've seen," Jesy smiled. "Really?" I asked. "Really," they said in unison. 

                                              A few minutes later, we left. We were walking down the hall when I heard screaming from outside. I walked to the window, followed by mom and my aunts. I pulled back the curtains to reveal a mob of Little Mix fans. They were holding signs that said 'We love you Harley!' and 'New Malik!'. "Yeah, you'll have to get very comfortable, very soon," Perrie laughed.

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