Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


8. The Truth Comes Out

Loui's POV

"Ariana" I whispered stepping into her room

She was on her laptop and smiled at me "Hey louis"

Her smile gave my stumach a stampead of butterflies

"Can we talk" Something was written on her face, but as usual i couldnt tell

"Of coarse" I sat on her bed and looked her in the eyes

"I like you... i really really like you" She sighed and looked down at her bare legs

"You have a girlfriend louis" She was so quiet

Her innocents made her so addorable, i just wanted to kiss her

"Do you like me?" I asked looking her in the eye

She was hesitant and looked out her window

"Harry might hear you" She said causing me to feel jealous

"Dont change the subject" I said calmly and put my hand on her knee

I instantly felt her skin warm up and began blushing myself

"Louis, even if i did, you have a girlfriend" she said studying my face

I groaned as my ringtone blazed through the room

I saw it was El and ignored it

I looked back at Ariana and she was looking down

"Its late...i think you should get some sleep" I stood up and looked at her

"Goodnigh" I said sadly and dragged my way out of the room



Ariana's POV

I watched him walk out and felt tears build up

my heart began to race rapidly and his smell lingered on the sheets

I felt tears run down my cheeks and i laughed to myself

'Why am i crying over this' I shook my head and wiped my tears

As i laid back in my bed, i felt my heart slow down and my body relaxed

I thought about his blue eyes, and how i loved his goofy grin

Everything about his was amaizing

And theres no doubt in my mind that i really like this guy

Maybe im falling for him.....but he has a girlfriend




I woke up to kisses on my nose

I opened my eyes to see Harry stratling me

I giggled and kissed him lightly before flipping us over

I was sitting on his chest and our fingers were interlocked

"Your pretty when you wake up" He whispered and i laughed

I got up and he looked at me with an eyebrow raised

I smirked and began to run

He chased after me and soon enough i was in the restroom

"OPEN UP LOVE!" I cracked up and began the shower water

"Fine then" He said in a silly tone

I undressed and did my normal routine

When i was done, i changed into my spare cloths 

As i walked out, i see that all the bunks are empty except for niall's

"Where is everyone?" I asked and he shrugged

"They left to go do somthing" I frowned and sat next to him as he played with his phone

"So whats it like for you on this tour nialler" He chuckled and looked at me

"kinda....dipressing" His accent hung thick as he sighed sitting up

"Why?" I asked and he laid his head on my shoulder gently

"All our fans love the boys...its only a few who like me" I frowned and looked him in the eye

"No offence to the others, but your my favorite" He smiled and i giggled

He pushed my shoulder playfully and i did it back

"WERE BACK!!" Liam and Zayn said together

I giggled and Louis and Harry were carrying in groceries

I grabbed one back from each of them and helped put them away


"Boys" I heard pauls voice echo throughout the parking garage we were in

We looked at him and he was smiling widley

"I got great news" He said with a huge grin and rubbing his palms together

"And?" The boys asked and he looked at me

"Fans are going crazy over the thought of Louis and Ariana going out"

Harry walked up infront of me and put his hand in mine

"But were dating" He said throwing me off, completely

I thought this was just an act

I felt Louis's eyes burn a hole in my head and began to get nervous

"Well they certainly think that her and Louis are dating"

I felt my arm have a tug and soon enough, me and harry were outside of the arena

"Harry what are you doing" He looked at me and bit his lip

A tear began to form in his eye and my breath became shakey

"Harry....." I said looking in his eyes and he studied mine

"Ariana, i know this wasnt sappose to happen but" He bit his lip and zoned out

"But what harry?" I said and he put his hands on my hips

"I like you Ariana" He whispered and i felt my heart stop

He put one hand on the back of my neck and kissed me

This was different tho, he was kissing me with passion

I kissed back and then lightly pushed him off

"You know that we were doing this because of Louis right?" I asked

His face flamed with anger and he kicked over the trash can

"I know" He yelled causing me to flinch

I looked him in the eyes and he instantly got worried

"I cant do this with you anymore" I whispered and he nodded

I know he was upset, but i dont wanna play with his feelings

I walked back to the bus and he followed


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