Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


9. The kiss

I fiddled with my thumbs and waited for the boys show to end

It's been 4 days since me and harry 'broke up'

But we learned over the past few days that were better off dead

I watched as they did goofy stuff on stage to entertain the fans

I grabbed my phone and started jamming out to 'emotions' by mariah carey

I put it on replay and jammed out to it while i waited

I didnt notice how long or loud i was singing till i felt a tap on my shoulder

I turned to see Liam looking at me strangley and i blushed

"sorry" He chuckled and shook his head

"I liked it, you really know how to sing" I smiled and hugged him in thanks

"Ari, Liam lets go, we have to leave in 5" Zayn yelled through the door and we followed him

"Let's get going" He said loudly over the freezing blowing wind


He swung an arm over me to lead me to the bus and we finally made it

"Thanks" I said taking off my jacket and everyone sat in the living area

"Movie time!" I giggled and sat in between Louis and Niall


"Ariana" Louis whispered and i tore my eyes away from the screen

"Yeah?" I asked looking at him, causing our eyes to meet

He just store at me and i felt my tummy begin to flutter

He cupped my cheeks and i put my hand on his shoulder

I forgot everything around me as we leaned in and then was stopped by Liam sleepily turning over

I giggled and backed away from his grip

"Time for bed" i whispered and walked to my room

I closed the door and bit my lip in confusion

I giggled and cheered to myself mentally and Jumped on my bed

I laid down feeling amaizing but then remembered...Harry was still awake


Harry's POV

I watched as he tried to kiss her, knowing he was falling madly inlove with her

But he had El, it wasnt fair, not fair at all

Jealousy swept over me and my heart began to beat out of my chest

She pulled back and my body relaxed

I wish i would be there, like when we use to kiss

I watched as she happily trailed to her room, and Louis sighed putting his hands on his face

I felt my eyes get heavy and soon everything went blurry

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