Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


13. The Interview (x-rated part)

"You look snazzy" Louis said kissing my cheek and guilt ran over me

"Whats wrong love?" He asked and i frowned while turning away

What should i say? I cant tell him whats really wrong.

"I just dont like having this much makup on" I spoke and he nodded

"I dont think you need that much anyways, your to beautiful"

He said and planted a small kiss on my forhead

"Lets get going" I spoke and he nodded grabbing my hand

I grabbed my phone and began to tweet 'On my way to an interview xoxo

I put my phone in my bra and looked up to see Harry watching each step i made.

I looked down and half smiled as a blush crept up on my face

"Lets go" Niall announced and we all exited the bus


"Hello Ariana" Ryan Secrest said excited and i giggled

"Hey Ryan, nice to finally meet you" I said and he lit up like a christmas tree

"Nice to meet you too, id have to say Ariana, your stunning in person"

"Id have to say the same to you" I laughed and he smirked

"So tell me about you and your new album"

"Well it comes out sep. 2nd and i just released baby i" I said and he smiled

''Any songs about anyone particular perhaps?" I glanced at Harry and put on a smile

"Well each song comes from experience, so i guess"

He nodded in understandment and looked at the boys all watching us

"So tell me, fallen for any of the boys yet?" He said and i giggled

"I havnt fallen inlove, but ive surely taken an interest" I spoke and he smirked

"So how are you and Louis" He said and i froze

"We havnt made things official...i guess were taking it slow" I spoke and he nodded

"So about the tour" He spoke and i concentrated harder on him

"Do you guys ever get brakes?" He said and i nodded

"Yeah, actually we are going to have one next week or so i was told"

"Must be hard to be away from family for this long" 

"Its very hard, but i spend time with them on brakes because i miss them"

"Well guys were going to play Ariana's new song , be right back"

I heard the song play, and stood up knowing it was brake time

I sat inbetween Harry and Louis and looked through my comments on instagram

I felt a hand slide up my thigh, and it wasnt on the side Louis was on

I stiffened and  froze as he hand went up my skirt

I tried to shake his hand off, but he held his hand there, not moving it

I grabbed onto Louis's hand and his hand slowly left my skirt

I sighed in relief and laid my head on Loui's shoulder

"So, Love" He whispered in my hair and i looked at him

"Yeah?" I asked and he smiled while staring into my eyes

" I want to know, why did you freeze when they talked about us?"

I looked at him and un-noticably gulped

"I just...didnt know where we stood" I whispered and he nodded

"Time to go back on Ariana" Ryan announced and i nodded walking back in


After the Radio show i felt an erge build up in my stumach and i couldnt help but feel good

As i walked in my room, Louis followed me and closed the door behind him

I grabbed his shirt and pulled him in hungrily for a kiss

He smiled in the kiss and gently put his hand on my waist

As our kiss went on he deepened it and moved his hands to my butt

The slight moan from my mouth caused him to yank at my dress

I pulled away and took it off leaving me in shorts and a bra

I felt him un-do his belt and he began to kiss down my neck

This was so much more Intense knowing how i was feeling right now

The feeling of love and lust built up inside of me and he laid me down 

He gently pulled me up to the pillows and strattled me with his legs

I felt his chest pound as i un-bottoned his shirt carefully

"I want you so much" I heard him growl which supprised me

He rolled us over and i felt his kissed become love bites as he kissed down my chest

The moans became more frequent as the kisses increased

I pulled the sleeves off his shirt and began to run my hands down his body

His body was so gentle and so structured

I felt his hand run across my thigh

I began to get nervous and his hands travled to my bra straps

He unhooked it with one hand as his other caressed my face

I was soon bare, with only underwear to cover me

I felt insacure and then realized that harrys love mark had faded

I sighed in relief and Louis kissed my breasts causing me to feel embarassed

"Your so beautiful" he whispered kissing my body

I felt his boxers and he froze and looked me in the eyes

"Ariana..." He whispered and i looked him right back in the eyes

"Yeah?" I whispered and he looked at me as if i was innocent

"Is this your....first time?" He asked and my face flushed to pink

"Uhm...yeah" I lied convincingly and he smirked

"Here" He handed me my bra and i looked confused

"I dont want you to waste your first time...i want it to be special to you"

I chuckled and hooked my bra and he looked in my eyes

"Lets get to sleep" He mumbled followed by a yawn

I cuddled against his bare chest, and  began to think deeply befor falling asleep




So guys, im going to ask you somthing? Im having writers block and cant seem to think of something that could be interesting. What could happen to ariana? What could happen to harry? Louis? Or could someone get into a fight? Leave some suggestions down below.

And There will be a prize for the persons idea i pick! <3 bye!

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