Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


21. The Dinner

Today was the couple of days befor the last day of the tour

So i decided that i was going to go out to eat with the boys

I slipped on my dress, and reached behind me to zip up my dress

When two warm hand did it for me, moving my hair over my shoulder

I shivered at his touch and his fingers ran over my neck

I closed my eyes and his arms arms wrapped around my waist

"Louis"I whisper as he runs his hands down to my thigh

"Yes?" He whispered and i smiled as his lips kissed my cheek

"I love you" I whispered and he smiled lifting his face

"I love you to love" he said and then hesitantly smiled

"Whats wrong"I  furrowed my eyebrows and turned around in his grip

He half smiled and grabbed pulled my closer, leaving me a few inches from his face

"Soon...this will all blow over" He whispered looking in my eyes

My stumache fluttered and my heart skipped a beat

"What do you mean?" I asked sadly and he frowned again

"We will go our seperate ways....ill be in londan while your in america" 

I felt my heart shatter and looked away from his gaze

"So we wont be able to be together?" I asked and he shook his head 'no'

I nodded, and grabbed my phone from my clutch

"Time to go" I said avoiding his stare and he sighed, letting me go

I felt my sobs begin to build up in my throat, but pushed them away

You cant cry Ari, dont cry, your friends shouldnt see you cry

"Ready to go?" Niall asked hooking his arm around me, causing me to almost cry

I felt a tear fall down my cheek and everyone looked at me wierd

"Are you okay ariana?" Liam asked and Zayn butted in

"Why are you crying?" He asked and i took this oppritunity to make this about them

"Im gonna miss you guys" I said and began to have a few more tears spill out

I am going to miss the crazy times we had on this tour...

And we'll see eachother, but it wont be like this

What we shared on this bus was the best friendship ive ever witnessed

"Oh god, your making me cry" Niall Harry pitched in and we did a group hug

"Lets go guys" I said and all the boys followed behind me

Except my little lucky charm, he stayed hooked on my arm

"Tonight we eat like kings!" I chanted and the boys let out small laughs

We walked into an olive garden and all sat in one huge booth


Diner was a blast, and all the boys decided they wanted to rent out dave&busters

So we had a great time there, but now its time to lay down and fall asleep

I hear the door open as i take off my heals and place them in

They began unzipping my dress, and i laughed grabbing the shirt from the dresser

"Yah know, i dont need you to help me change right?" I asked and Louis chuckled from behind

I slipped on the shirt and some pajama shorts

"I know, just like to help my love" I giggled and we both climbed into my bed

"your really lucky" I stated and he raised his eyebrow at me

"How?" He asked and i smirked "You got to sleep on this big cumfy bed

While all the other boys slept on those uncomfertable bunks" He chuckled

"I know, but im even more lucky to have you in this bed with me" He stated

He began to tickle me and i bursted out laughing and squirming from his grip

This right here....this is what ill miss the most

Nothing can compare to the insane amount of love i feel for him

but itll all be gone, hell go and fall back inlove with Elanore

Ill go back to my old LA friends, but thats how it is

Thats what i signed up for.... but Baby they dont know about us...

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