Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


12. That Night

I looked at the clock and thenn the boys stormed into the bus

I looked at Louis and he looked....frustrated

I frowned and kept quiet while the boys talked about the concert

I looked down at my phone and saw that it was 11

I walked to my room and laid down

Tonight was not how i expected it, not at all

I expected to be happy when i performed, but obviously that turned into Harry

I felt my heart begin to throb and there was a knock at the door

"come in" I was expecting Louis to walk in, but it was Harry

"Hi" I said sitting up and clutched my pillow as my heart began to race

He half smiled and sat infront of me, and i looked down at my arms

"About the song" He spoke awkwardly and then sat down

I let out a shakey breath and looked him in the eyes "yes?"

"Do you have feelings for me?" I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out

"Nevermind, Its stupid" I placed my hand on his gently and his mop of curls turned my way

" I do, but we both agree'd to move on" I whispered and he frowned

"I dont think i want to" He whispered and sat closer to me

"I know but-" He groaned in frustration

"If you have feeling for me, you'll care about me more than Louis"

I gave him and 'are you serious look' while he furrowed his eyebrows

"If you havn't noticed, He didnt use me for a little company"

I snapped and he chuckled

"Atleast i didnt get with you to rebound my ex girlfriend"

And with that he slammed the door

My bottom lip began to quiver and i let out slight whimpered

I looked at the mirror and my eyes were completely black with tears

I felt my heart ache more, and i moaned in pain


I woke up somehow wrapped around Louis 

I guess he climbed into bed when i was sleeping

I watched his small breath and my bottom lip was quivering

What if he did only use me to rebound Elanore

I stood up and walked to the bathroom

I knocked on the door and no one answered. 

I stepped in and harry was brushing his teeth with a towel wrapped around his waist

"Hi..." I whispered and he waved

"Im gonna....take a shower" I said and grabbed a towel from the cabinet

I heart the water run in the sink and then stop

I felt warm moist hands on my waist where that was the only skin on my tummy showing

He kissed my neck and i shivered 

His kisses started leading up my neck and to my cheek

I began  to get nervous and his lips finally landed on mine

Causing me to turn around completely

We moved our lips in sync, but i didnt feel like pulling away

He began to take off my shirt and pulled away as he took it off my head

I began to breath heavilly and he kissed down my chest

He untied my pajama shorts and yanked them down

Soon i was against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waist

Everyone was still asleep, and this was happening

He sucked on my chest until it turned purple and i moaned lightly

He kissed me hungrily and reached for the back of my bra

He unlatched it and began to pull at my panties

Soon we were both naked making out in the restroom

He looked at me in the eyes and unexpectedly thrusted into me

I gasped and he sloppily thrusted

Soon i heard a grunt

This was horrible, what am i doing? Is this cheating?

Me and Louis never made it official. what am i saying?

"Harry" I whispered and he looked me in the eyes

"We need to stop" I said almost in tears

He began to look sorrowful and let me off the wall

I grabbed my cloths off the floor and he walked out without any other words.

I entered the shower and erased any evidence that Harry was ever on me

Except this hickey on my chest

I quickly put makeup on it when i exited and began to feel disgusting 

Im such a horrible person for doing that

I exited and Louis stood there looking excited as ever

"You have an interview today

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