Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


14. Secrets

Why was i doing this? Why was i alone on the bus with Harry?

I looked at the time, the boys said they'd be gone for about 2 hours

That was 30 minuets ago, it felt like  years

I got up and Harry cleared his throat, causing me to look at him

"Ariana" His accent hung thickly off his dark voice

"Yes?" I asked and let my dimple pop out a bit

He stood up and walked toward me slowly

"Look at me" He whispered and i looked down at my shoes

Ignoring what he had just said

He put his finger under my chin and began lifting my head

His eyes met mine and he licked his lips 

I put my hand on his chest, and felt my cheeks warm

"We cant do this... Louis is your best friend, i cant do that" I mummbled

"Then why hasn't he made it official" He growled and i took a step back

"He just got out of a relationship" I whispered and he smirked

"He went to you the day they broke up, how does that make you feel" 

My stumach dropped and my heart began to race

"You know you want me Ari, I can see it in your eyes"

I swallowed hard and looked him in the eyes scared

"What if the want your seeing, is really just hate" I said angrily

"Take that back" He snapped and held my wrist tightly

"No" I snapped back and now we were in eachothers face

"TAKE IT BACK" He yelled and i furrowed my eye brows

Right when i opened my mouth to speak, his lips landed on mine

Causing me to be taken back in surprise

I tried to pull away, but his hand was gripping my waist tightly

I soon gave up and kissed him back

He smirked in the kiss, and began to back us up to the bunks

I felt his hand go under my floral dress and unzip my shorts

This is probrably the second time he's done this

I slapped his hand away and pull back from the kiss

"Im not ready for that Harry" I said pushing him away slightly

"Come on babe" He whispered in my hair and i looked away from him

"Dont call me that" I whispered feeling tears build up in my eyes

This wasnt fair to Louis at all. Why was it so wrong, when it feels so right

He moved my face to meet his, and saw the small tears streaming down my face

He frowned and pulled me into a hug, causing me to sob on his chest

"We cant tell anyone about whats happened on this bus" I whispered and he nodded

His curls tickled my cheek, causing tears to stop falling

Then it hit me. When i asked Louis where he was going, he didnt answer

"Harry" I whispered against his neck and he looked at me

"Yes?" He asked wiping the tears away with his thumb

"Where did Louis go?" I asked and he became confused

"He said an old friend wanted to meet up and Joes ice shack"

I felt my heart stop as i raced to the cable remote, and turned on E! News

We watched for a while, nothing really good came on

When we were about to change it, thats when it popped up


I felt a thousand bullets in my chest when that popped up on the screen

Harry quickly grabbed the remote and turned off the tv

My eyes wondered to his, and i could fight back the tears no longer

Soon enough, i was hugging him tightly while a river of tears left my eyes

The gasp and moans that came from crying, caused harry to flinch each time 

"Lets just watch a movie, get your mind off things" He whispered into my hair

I nodded and he flipped on the blu-ray, playing the great gatsby

I cuddled up to him, while he got out a pack of gummy worms from the ice chest next to the couch

I took a gummy worm from the bag, and soon enough i was out


"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" I heard and groaned out of tiredness

"What the hell mate, its 4 in the morning" Harry stated and i rubbed my groggy eyes

"Whats going on here?" He yelled and i stood up

I giggled sarcasticly and looked him in the eyes

"He's comferting me after you met up with and 'old friend' "

His jaw clenched and i chuckled "What?"

"Did you kiss her, did you tell her she was beautiful? Better yet did you shag her?"

"Ariana stop" He mumbled darkly and i smirked

"Or what? Or your gonna cheat on me again?" 

"Where not even together!" He stated and my heart shattered

"Well if were not even together, i guess kissing Harry isnt a big deal"

I stated and all the boys store at me in shock at what just left my lips

I was a little shocked to, but its not my fault my words got the best of me

"You what?" He growled and i rubbed my temple

Why the hell did i just say that?

I opened my mouth to speak and nothing came out

"Yea, thats what i thought" he said bluntly

That was it! No more! "Fine, im out, have fun finding a new opening"

I ran to my room and slammed the door

Tears rushed down my face as i grabbed everything from my closet


"Ariana" Louis's voice said from the door

"Go away! I dont want to talk to you" I yelled throwing things messily into my suit case

I was overwhelmed by my tears, i could hardly contain myself

I began to roughly slam cloths into my bag, then i stopped

A hand grabbed my wrist and i dropped my shorts

"ariana" He whispered in my ear and i whipped my tears away

"Why did you do it? Why did you even talk to me? I was just an understudy of your girlfriend"

"You were not..." He whispered and i turned to him with sad eyes

"Where were you during the 2 week brake?" I asked and he looked down

"Thats what i thought" I whispered almost breaking

I turned to pick up the shorts i dropped "Ariana stop!"

He spun me around and grabbed me by my hand

"I was with her for a week, and i felt guilty so i stopped seeing she broke"

He whispered and continued without any emotion

"She called me crying, telling me she loved me, yes we kissed, but i told her no.

I dont love you, im inlove with someone else" He said

"Ariana i love you" He stated looking me  in the eyes

I gasped and store at him with blank eyes "Well?"

I looked down and he groaned frustratedly

"Do you love Harry?" He asked and i shook my head no

"I dont love him Louis" I whispered and he looked at me blankly

"Do you love me?" He began to sound like he was begging

I looked him in the eyes and frowned "No" 

He looked broken and i began to feel sorry

"I barley met you 2 months ago, you cant rush love" I stated

He let go of my hand and backed up, causing me to miss his touch

I walked closer to him, grabbed his face, and pulled him into a kiss

Each time we kissed, it was like our first, magical and beautiful

This was one of those 'moment' kisses

I pulled away staring into his eyes, causing him to blush

"Goodnight Ari" He kissed my  cheek and walked out the door

Leaving me breathlesss

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