Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


18. Jealous

I just got out of the studio and got tons of text from Nathan

My mouth erupted in laughs, causing all the guys to look at me wierd

"Ooooooh, its Nathan" Harry cheered and i blushed not answering

"Let me see" Zayn said sitting by me, grabbing my phone

"Looks like hes the only person from the wanted thats nice to us" Niall exclaimed

"I dont like him ,where just friends" i spoke rolling my eyes 

The boys laughed and then my phone lit up 'Call From Jai'

I answered and heard screaming, similar to the screaming outside

"Ariana" Jai yelled over the screaming causing me to flinch from the phone

"Yes JaiBear?" I asked and he yelled 'GET OFF OF ME'

"Can you open the door?" I widened my eyes and quickly ran towards the door

Pulling him in and away from the screaming fans

"JAI!" I  squiled taking him into a hug "What are you doing here?" 

"I came to suprise you, with Frankie" My eyes widened "WHERES FRANKIE?"

My stumach twisted and sweated beated from my forhead in worry

"HERE" The bus door opened and Frankie fell in , landing on the floor

"Im coming" The boys yelled and all helped pick them up

Jai helped and when they stood up, tried acting tough

When he walked over to me, he began fangirling and jumping

Then he realized how wierd he was acting and calmed down

But Frankie didnt seem to care how he looked, he was flipping out

"Boys this is Jai, and that is Frankie" I motioned my hand to them 

"And boys this is-" I was cutt off my Frankie "We know who they are"

He threw himself in hugs at them and Jai just bro hugged them

"Boys, youll be staying in my room" I spoke and Louis chipped in

"Or theres 1 extra bunk above Harry" Frankie jumped up and down happily

I looked to see that this isnt what Louis was meaning to do

"So its just me and the bestie" I said nudging Jai and He laughed

"Lets put thier stuff away" Liam cheered and we all agree'd


"So you dont like Nathan or Harry, just Louis?" Jai said confused

"Yeup" I said almost in  tears just thinking about it

"Lets go out to eat" Jai said excited and i chuckled while nodding

"Ill go get Frankie while you get ready"I  smiled and he left closing the door

I quickly grab a colorful floral dress and some nude pumps before applying mascara and lipstick

"Lets go!" I yelled excited and all the boys just looked at me wierd

"What?" I asked and then noticed Jai and Frankie wernt in the living room

"Where did the boys go?" I asked confused

"restroom" They all said in usion and i followed thier directions

"I ready" I said and opened the door to them fangirling

I giggled and they stopped and looked at me like they were caught

"Lets go" I cheered, and Jai swung his arm around me

We walked out of the bus, and started walking towards mcdonalds


I looked through My news feed and then frowned at the rumors of me and Jai

"This really makes me mad" I groaned "I get no privacy"

"Well thats what fame has to offer" Frankie said taking a sip of his drink

"I know" I said and looked down at my phone, which had just vibrated

I opened the text, and it was from Louis saying 'We Need To Talk'

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