Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


16. Hurt

His eyes store into mine , not codly, not angryly, but...sadly

Hurt, confused, depressed, this hurt me to just look at him

"Im so sorry Louis" I spoke and he just shook his head, taking his eyes away from mine

I felt a tear stream down my cheek, and my eyes stung

My breath became shakey, and my vision became blurry

"I dont know what hurts more.." He looked up, and his eyes were bloodshot

"The fact that you slept with him...or the fact that you wont be my first"

I began to sob into my hands, honestly i wanted him to be my first

I reached for his hand, and rubbed it with my thumb, feeling numbed by his touch

A few tears slipped from his eyes, and i looked away

"I love you Ariana, and ill always love you. But i think we should stop seeing eachother"

I felt broken, taken back, like my breathing had stopped instantly

"Not forever...just to take a break" He whispered and let go off my hand

I nodded and walked into the restroom closing the door behind me

Who is this girl in the mirror? Why has she done so little, but yet so much?

She cant do anything right. So why bother trying?

My door to my room opened and i stepped in, locking it behind me

I turned to see a little blonde boy and jumped from fear

"Niall what are you doing in here?" I said in relief and flopped onto my bed

"Thought we could chill, since i just heard what went on in there" he shrugged

I smiled into my blanket and turned towards him

"Movies?" I asked and he nodded

"Movies it is" I grabbed my laptop and brought up my movie collection

"The Great Gatspy or Immortal instraments" I asked

His eyebrow raised and then grabbed my computer

"Now you see me?"I asked confused and he made a goofy face, making me laugh

 "OK" i giggled and the movie began

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