Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


6. Hazza

I felt Jealousy wipe over me as i looked at her beautiful face.

Harry puled me up and onto the couch

"Hey Elanore" The boys waved and i smiled politley

"Is this your girlfriend Harry", I laughed but was cut off by harry

"Yes i am" He kissed my cheek and i looked at him confused

"Nice to meet you" She said sticking out her hand

I shook it hesitantly with a warm smile

"Shes a keeper Harry" She said winking at Harry

He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my hair "Dont i know it"

Louis's jaw was clenched with anger

I felt my stumach drop but didn't show anything on my face

"I'll be in my room with El, so if you need anything just come knocking

Once they left, i dragged Harry to my room and locked the door

"WHAT THE HELL HARRY!" I whispered/screamed.

"I did it so that you can make Louis Jealous. Im helping you" He whispered and i frowned

"I dont want to use you" I said sitting down looking down at my hands

He sat next to me and interlocked our fingers

"Actually, i could use some love. It gets kinda lonley yah know" He said looking me in the eyes

"So we act like a couple, and both get somthing out of it?" I asked confused

He nodded and i sighed looking at our hands

"I dont think this is right, trust me. Now, can i do somthing", He asked 

"I guess" He slammed his lips into mine and i was taken back" I kissed back for a second

I pushed him away and looked him in the eyes

"Do you think this will work?" I asked he looked at me quickly

He just nodded and leaned in for a big kiss


"Love" Harry whispered as i woke up

I batted my eyes and saw that i fell asleep on the couch

He kissed me and handed me some coffee

I thanked him and kissed his cheek

"When did this happen?" Liam asked and i shrugged sleepily

"Yesterday" I took a sip and it burnt my tongue 

I stood up and rubbed my eyes

"Do you need help" I shook my head and i heard nialls laugh

"Shes like an innocent baby" He said and i laughed

"YEah, an innocent 20 year old baby" i said sarcasticly

I walked to the restroom and as i walked up to the door,

Louis stepped out and we store into eachothers eyes for a moment

I gulped and pushed passed him

I entered the bathroom and looked at my face

I had bags, thanks to being part italian 

I took my half ponytail down

I sighed as i looked at my bony body and undressed

I hopped in the shower letting the warm water run down my skin

Today we are in orlando, florida and i open for them today

I groaned as thoughts of louis flung back into my head

I dont love him, but i really like him

He's funny and sweet  and has the cutest laugh

I shook my head from the thought and let the warm water relax me

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