Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


23. Goodbye

Everything ends here, at this Airport

I wrap my arms around Louis, not wanting to let go

His body was trembling and i felt tears escape my eyes

"I love you" I whispered and kissed his neck

He kissed my neck, sending shivers down my spine 

"I love you to" He pulled away looking in my eyes, moving a piece of hair from my face

"Know that your beautiful and ill always love you" He whispered 

His hands landed on my hips, making me smile

"Ill always love you to" I hugged him one last time, and kissed his lips

Our last kiss, and my heart was breaking

My lips moved perfectly with his, causing me to blush

Things will change once i walk through that door, and get on that plane

Louis wiped my tears, and i wiped his

The snaps of the paparazzi didnt faze me one bit, i still love him

I felt his hands let go of me as the lady announced '5 minuets untill the gate for 402 closes'

I kissed him and we began grabbing my stuff with me

I kissed him one last time, and waved goodbye as i walked away from him

He dissapeared as they closed the gate door

I frowned and looked down sadly, not wanting to show emotion

As i was seated on the plane, i felt my phone go off

'Ill never say goodbye to you

love, Louis'

I smiled and a tear fell down my cheek

Well LA, im coming home, and oh how ive missed you



Ok so Honeymoon ave has a chapter out!! Tommarow there will be a new chapter out!

So stay tuned and go read the first chapter 'welcome back'

Love you guys! <3

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