Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


10. Emotions

Ariana's POV

I was on my laptop skypeing with Jai and Frankie.

"I miss you guys" I said and giggled at their sillyness

"I miss you to ari, Jai here doesnt like shopping

I giggled and heard my door close

"Whos that?" I felt my bed instanly sink and Loui spoke from behind me

"Louis is who it is Frankie, nice to see you" He said scaring me

I jumped and relaxed as i realized who it was

Turning back, and looking at Jai, you could obviously tell he was fangirling

"Hi" Frankie sounded nervous and i began to blush as Louis Laid his head on my shoulder

"How are you?" Louis asked and i laughed as Jai made a calm face

"Amaizing, bc im meeting my idol" He said and i rolled my eyes

Frankie bursted out laughing and i giggled hiding my face with my hands

I heard a familier older hispanic voice yelling and they groaned

"We'll talk to you later Ari, dinners ready, goodnight love you" 

I blew them a kiss and waved goodbye as they hung up

"Nice friends" Louis joked and i smiled and nodded

I shut my laptop and felt Loui's eyes burning a hole in my head

I looked up to see his icey blue eyes staring into mine

We held the stare as we hoplessly got lost in eachothers eyes

Snapping out of it, I looked down and began blushing

I was about to lift my laptop until a hand was placed on it

I looked into his eyes and he bit his lip studying my face

I opened my mouth to say somthing, but lips were slammed onto mine

I cupped his face and our lips closed then reopened

As our lips moved in sync i began to feel my heart race 

My stumache had a stampede of butterflies

His tongue shoved in my mouth massaging my tongue

I moved my tongue with his and his hand placed behind me

We slowly leaned back as our lips moved and i couldnt help but feel shy

He carefully placed me down making me open my eyes and he was staring straight at me

"Your beautiful" I blushed and my mind immediately flashed to El

"I cant" I whispered and got out of his grip

I stood up  to run and he  grabbed my wrist

I yanked his arm off and ran outside to get fresh air

The icy wind hit my face and my eyes stung

"Ariana" I heard a whisper and turned to see Louis's face with his hands rubbing his arms

"You kissed me and you have a girlfriend"

"No i dont" He said looking down "Not anymore"

I slowed and turned my head towards him

"What?" I asked and he shrugged

I walked to him and swung my arms around his neck

"Im sorry" I whispered and rubbed his back 

His grip around my waist tightened and i pulled my face away from his 

I kissed his cheek and gave him one last squeeze

"Ima get some fresh air, why dont you take a nap" I whispered and he nodded



I walked to the bench to sit, but then the strong cent of cigarets hit my nose

I coughed and saw zayn sitting there with a cigaret 

I sat next to him and he looked at me then laughed

"Why are you out here?"

"Why are you smoking?" He smirked and looked down at his loafers

"Im trying to stop, its just sorta hard" He said and i nodded

I grabbed the cigaret from his hand and before i could put it to my lips

The cigaret was knocked out of my hand and Zayn looked at me like i was crazy

"I want to help" I whispered and he hugged me

"Your just the most amaizing girl ever huh?" I laughed and he nudged my shoulder

"No wonder Louis and Harry fancy you" I smirked and looked down at my shoe

"Yeah, i guess" I said and he stood up, holding out his hand.

"Lets go in" I grabbed his hand and he lifted me up

We walked in and Louis was passed out on Liams lap

I smirked and Sat next to Liam as he watched spongebob

"He just said carrots, right before you came in" He whispered

I laughed and quickly covered my mouth noticing how loud i was

Louis dropped to the floor and his eyes shot open

He groaned as he grabbed his injured side

I giggled and Harry looked at me with  narrowed eyes

Confused, i pushed it off and looked at the boy on the floor

I felt my leg get a tug and in no time, i was ontop of Louis

"Hi there beautiful" I smiled and he kissed my nose

"WHAT IS THIS" I heard Harry yell as he turned his phone towards us

I stood up and grabbed his phone and furrowed my eyebrows


I looked at the photos and they were from my window of us kissing

Then some of us hugging outside

I gulped as Louis took the phone from my hand and Harry's breath was so heavy

You could hear it from across the living area

I felt my phone ring, and i looked at it to see Frankies photo

"Hello" I whispered and all you can hear is laughing and cheering

"Why didnt you tell me" And "Im so happy for you"


i finally got off the phone with frankie and sighed 

I walked up to Harry's Bunk and nocked on the wood of the top bunk

"What?" Harry groaned and i groaned sadly

"Its me Ariana" I whisper and He shuffled in bed, then i saw his messy mop of hair

"Yes?" I sat down on the bunk across from him and looked at my hand

"I understand if your mad or angry, i completely do, but i dont want to hurt you"

He looked at his feet as he stood up and ran his fingers though his hair

"He's very lucky" He said and i frowned 

"Im so sorry Harry"  i said and guilt took over me

"Its fine, i know Ariana, im going to move on soon, and everyone will be happy"

I smiled and hugged him which he hugged me back

I stood up and as i walked down the hallway, i felt my phone vibrate

I looked at the caller ID and it said 'Elanore'

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