Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


5. Bus Tour

Ariana's POV

I looked at the big bus standing infront of me.

The bus i was going to be living on for 6 months

I giggled and Niall jumped out greeting me happily

I hugged him with a big squeeze and he chuckled

"Louis Harry and Zayn are all playing XBox, Liams fixing your room up"

I giggled and he hooked his arm with me and took me inside

I walked in and the boys stopped to look at me.

"Hey" Loui's hair looked Messy and like he hasnt shaved in a couple of days

I giggled and gave them all a hug.

"ARIANA! im glad you here" Liam said stepping out of a door and looking at me

"Me to" I smiled and giggled playfully

"Come on, let me show you your room" I walked over zayn, who was laying on the floor

I walked to the room and the walls were lavender with pink polka dot sheets

and a White back board

I glanced at him and blushed as i set my Luggage down

"Thank you" I said kissing his cheek

"Your welcome. If you need anything, ill be in the kitchen getting a snack" I just nodded

I turned to My luggage as Liam closed the door


I was almost done with my un-packing when i heard a knock

"Come in" I said lightly taking out some skirts

I heard the door open and shut

I turned to see Louis standing there smiling like a dork

I giggled and he sat down next to me

"You excited for the tour" He asked and i nodded without looking at him.

I cant look at him without having my stumach turn.

I felt his hand land ontop of mine and a spark made me pull away

My cheeks turned pink and he seemed to be starring at me

"Your so pretty" He whispered and i looked in his eyes 

Causing me to have butterflies fill my tummy

"You have a girlfriend remember Louis" Those words hurting

Especially coming out of my mouth 

I looked at him and he looked like he was deep in thought

I sighed and put the picture of me and jai on my nightstand

"Whos that?" Louis said looking closley at the picture

"Hes from a little group called the 'Janoskians' " I spoke laughing

He studies my face closley and i giggled

"He's my best friend, and hes in australia so i dont get to see him much"

I sat down next to him and he scooted closer to me

"Thats a unique name for a group" He said with a light chuckle

"He told me it stands for ' just another name for kids in another nation' i think"

He nodded and laid back, so i did to

"You excited to sing to our fans?" He chuckled and i laughed

"Dont do that" Louis whispered while looking me in the eye

"Dont do what?" I asked confused

"Dont cover your mouth when you lau"gh, you have a cute laugh" I blushed 

He put his chin on my shoulder and i looked at his baby blue eyes

I felt his chin lift and i backed up putting my hand on his chest

"Lets go with the boys" I whispered and  he nodded 


*The next day*


"NO NO NO" I screamed as a Zombie attacked me

"You died!!" I laughed as my remote flew in the air

"I know i died Harry" I said nudging him

He put his head of curly locks on my shoulder and i smiled

"You are pretty good at this for a girl" He said and i smirked

"You pretty good for a girl to" I said sarcasticly and he raised an eyebrow

"Oh really" He said eyeing me carefully

"Oh shit" Zayn said backing up and Niall and Liam started laughing

"What?" Before anyone could answer, i was nocked on the floor

"Harry stop!" I bursted out laughing and he chuckled

"Take it back" he said calmly as his fingers shuffled over my shirt

"NEVER!" I said spasming on the floor

"Fine, ill keep tickling" He said hovering over me

"Hey guys, Elanores here" Louis announced 

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