Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


17. Almost Is Never Enough

"Ariana" I heart Pauls voice call out my name and i turned towards him

"Yes?" I asked and he had  huge smile on his face

"How do you feel about recording a album?" He asked and my heart stopped

"Stop playing with me" I said and Liam stood up behind him

"Are you being foreal paul?" He asked with wide eyes

Paul nodded, rubbing his hands together, and all the boys jumped up and cheered

I stood still in disbelief and covered my mouth, feeling a tear fall down my cheek

"Ariana, why are you crying?" Niall asked and i giggled

"It has been my dream to come out with  my own album" I said and a group hug formed

A few more tears left my eyes, and all the boys were huddling, telling me 'congrats'

"So the record company has some great songs-" I cutt him off 

"I want to write my own songs" I whispered and he nodded with a smile

I moved my other hand to my mouth and began crying tears of joy

"I have to call my mom"I said and sniffled with a huge grin

I dialed her number and she quickly answered quickly

"Hello? Mom?" She chuckled lightly and i smiled at her voice

"Yes ariana? Why are you crying? What happened?" I began to laugh while sniffling

"Mom, im gonna make a album"I spoke and you cant hear anything

Soon i heard sniffling and laughing "Frankie, your sisters gonna make an album"

I heard from the other line, and Frankie erupted in screaming

I laughed and you can hear Frankie take the phone

"Is it true" He asked hopful "Yes it is" I answered and he began laughing hysterically

I smiled and he began blabbing about how proud he was of me

I felt arms wrap around me from all directions and knew the boys were hugging me

"I love you ariana" Frankie said and i could hear my mom say "I love you too baby"

"I love you guys too, i miss you" I spoke and they answered with 'i miss you to's 

We hung up and i laughed sitting down with a huge blush on my face

"So when do we start?" I asked and Paul looked through his phone

"Tommarow, we go see what kind of beats could be on your album"I nodded

"And when do i start singing?"

"After tommarow" I squiled in excitement  and hid behind my hair


"So how about this?" The Beat guy asked and i smiled dancing

"I like it" I spoke and then a voice said "Is this Ariana grande?"

I turned to see Nathan Sykes from the wanted standing behind me

"Well if she is, they were right about her being beautiful" He spoke with a smile

"Hello, im a big fan" I spoke supprised that i could actually speak right now

"I can say the same thing" He spoke and I looked behind him to see the boys eyeing  him

I laughed to myself and then asked "Why are you here today?"

"Im gonna do a duet with you i believe?" I looked at paul and he nodded

"Great"I spoke causing a blush to crawl up on my face

"Time to record" The guy called out and me and him both went into the booth

I stood infront of him and he held my hand, knowing id probrably be nervous


We finished, and i ran to hug nathan and he chuckled 

"Whats your number?" He asked as i pulled away

I grabbed a pen, and began writing on his hand

He nodded and hugged me one last time and kissed my cheek

"Time to go" Paul said and i waved goodbye to Nathan

We walked out and Louis threw his arm around me

I looked at him confused and he just kept staring a head of us

I just shook it out of my head, and we walked outside of the studio


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