Baby They Don't About Us

Ariana Grande & Louis Tomlinson meet at a Ed Sheeran concert. When they find out their going on tour together, what will happen?


15. Aca-Awkward

I woke up to the feeling of emptiness as Louis was missing from my side

I sat up and looked out the window causing my head to spin

The brightness caught me off guard and my head immediately snapped away from it

"Im sorry" A voice whispered and i looked to see Zayn watching me 

He stood up and walked to the window closing the curtain

"Hey what are you doing here?" I asked throwing the blanket away from my body

"Your coming with me to go get cigaret patches" he said and i smirked

"Ok, let me change tho" I groaned and he nodded walking out of the room

I put on a while floral shirt and some hollister shorts

Swiping my maskara, i noticed somthing pink on my skin

I moved my hair away from my shoulder finding love bites trailing down my neck

I had a flash back of Louis laying me back and sucking on my neck

I carefully put my hand to my neck and traced down the love bites

My cheaks heated and i bit my lip "Ready to go?"

I jumped from the sound of zayns voice and nodded while putting lipstick on

My feet dragged me tiredly towards the living area, and i stopped in my track

"Hello" I said confused and a girl stood up, looking super sweet

"Hi im Angie, harry invited me here" She spoke and looked to see Harry passed out on the sofa

Zayn and i both gave a small wave, and walked out quickly

"WHAT THE HELL?" I whispered/ yelled

"She's actually kind of hot" I smacked his arm playfully and he smirked

"Jealous are you?" He chuckled and i furrowed my eyebrows

"No im not" I put my hand in my pockets and leaned closer to him

"Than why is you face a tomato" He said and i giggled

We entered the CVS we walked to and he walked to  the medical center

I went to look for hair bows when i came across this box

"A pregnancy test" I whispered and picked it up

Omy god...what if im....pregnant

"Ariana you coming?" He asked and snapped out of my thoughts

"Uhm...yeah...ill meet you outside" I yelled and he nodded walking away with a CVS bag

I hurried to the counter, and awkwardly bought it

I stuffed it under my makup and walet in my purse, making sure to hide it

I ran outside to meet up with him, but he was just texting on his phone

"Lets go" I smiled and we walked back to the bus

I raced to the bathroom and did whatever the box told me to

Since i had to wait 15 minuets, i decided to take a shower

I cant believe i might be pregnant, i was so scared

My nervousness caused me to shake uncontrolably

I finally finshed showering and put on some new cloths

I looked at the stick and sighed in relief

' - '

"Ariana..." Harry said and i looked at him wide eyed

"Harry...i" He grabbed it from my hand and sighed in relief

"why did you even take this..?" He asked and i sighed

"We know" I whisper and he chuckled

"Your fine Ariana" I hugged him and he began laughing

"I think we need to tell Louis" I whispered and he sighed while nodded





Ok Angie won, and things are about to get a hell of alot crazy

Keep reading! and yes, i did change the story...she did do the deed in the restroom with harry

So like and comment and become a fan ^-^ alright

I guess ill see you later :3

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