Under my bed

This short childrens story is about all the horrible things you thought were waiting for you underneath your bed. Remember that horrible feeling of, I really need to go to the toilet but it's dark and the middle of the night and what if something grabs me!
Well read this story and maybe it just might make you laugh and remember how scared you was , and of what?


1. Under my bed


Under the covers in my bed,

is the best place of all,

my Brother said.


When it's dark,

in the middle of the night,

stay under the covers,

out of sight.


Don't tip a toe,

or dare to put a leg onto the floor out of your bed

and never ever kneel on the floor

and look under the bed,

you know what for.


There's Witches and Goblins

and such horrible things,

waiting to grab you and pull you in.


So every night I lay in my bed

and did exactly what my brother said.


There was no sleep for me at night.

I lay in my bed scared out of my mind.


Oh what can I do? I need to wee!

I can't get to the bathroom where I need to be.

I know I can't fly and I can't jump that far.

This problem of the bathroom needs solving, a-ha!

and then it came all I needed to do,

was be quite brave and quite daring too.


So I got off the bed without a thought

and shouted "come on, I challenge you all".

Off with the covers I went that night

and oh, oh, what a horrible sight.


Such a big mess,

mess left by me.

There was two or three weeks worth there, maybe.


So where were the Goblins and Witches so bold?

nothing but mess,

that's not what I was told.


So really angry off I went,

to see my Brother in his bed.

Under the bed I did crawl,

I thought I'll teach him to scare me an all.


So I moaned and I groaned under the bed.

There was a screaming noise from over my head.

I laughed and I laughed until I cried

and then I saw my Brothers eyes.


That will teach you, yes I said,

telling me there's monsters under my bed.


So from that day on, there was no-more,

working out how to fly to the door

and now I sleep in peace at night.

I won't tell my mum about the horrible sight.

I'll keep it tucked up under my bed

and I'll tell my Sister what my Brother said.


He! He! He!

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