The Day I Smiled

The Day I Smiled was a day to remember
His hair in curls that fell in a perfect way
Just a normal day after all
The sun, trees, animals all the same

The Day I Smiled, was it back in September?
Now this was no ordinary day
Where the birds sang their song
Because that was the day that you came

The day that my life changed


1. The Day They Crashed

 Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm 18 years old and live a pretty normal life. Oh, except for the fact that about a month ago, I was in a plane crash. Yeah, crazy isn't it? Well since that crash I am now the only survivour. Everyone else that survived was either eaten by a wild animal, went crazy and killed themselves, or died of starvation. I tried to help them but all they did was turn me away.

                Well lets get away from all the sad stuff and tell u about me. Like I said, I'm 18, I love music, singing, dancing, and writing, I have been on here for a month now, I have kinda long chocolate brown hair and brown eyes to match, I'm about 5 feet 4 inches, and lets just say I'm a little bit crazy. Everything on the island was great. I could find food and water, I have a shelter in the trees, it was really normal. That is, until they crashed here.


             It was the middle of the night when I heard the screaming and crying. Sometimes I would dream about the night of my crash. All the screams and explosions, but these sounded so real. I had to check out what was happening. I grabbed a small first aid kit just incase and headed out towards the beach. When I got there, lucky for me, there were no dead bodies, but there were bodies.

                     They were all screaming at each other, except for one who was in a ball crying like a baby. I let out a laugh and all the arguing stopped. "Is anyone out there?" one of them asked. He sounded as though he had a British accent. "Hello? Can you come out? We won't hurt you, promise." the one with curls stated. I was scared, I mean what would you do if you were stuck on an island with a group of boys? What was the best thing for me to do? So, I ran.


*next morning*


                I couldn't stop thinking about them. How they just so happen to crash onto my island. How they almost found out I was there. How they could die without me. This is so confusing. Should I help them or what? I cant just let them die out here. For some reason they all looked so familiar. The fact that I was scared didn't stop my curious mind from wondering.

                  I went back to were they had landed to find them asleep. They all look so cute, like little men babies. Sarah snap out of it, you need to focus. I thought that maybe I could help them. I did have more food than I could eat in my pouch that I had, so I left some food. I ran back into the bushes and waited. They would have to wake up eventually, right? 

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