She's the sister of 1/5 of the worlds biggest boyband. He's her brothers best friend. They weren't supposed to work but they did. That was until they didn't. Left broken after being betrayed by the boy she loves, Lucie Styles attempts to pull her life back together. But when she's hit by another bombshell, will it all become too much?


1. Prologue

The celebrations were in full swing. Heavy beats of music flooded the street and loud boisterous laughter wafted out of the open windows and doors. Cheering flooded down the roads as more people pulled into the gates in old rotting cars or long shining limos. Friends, family, celebrities and school buddies all cheered happily as they danced along to the DJs remixes. Unnoticed by anyone, a lone figure wandered aimlessly out of the house, head still pounding from bottled up emotions and too loud music. No one noticed as the girl who should have been having an amazing night slipped deeper into the garden too deep in confused emotions to care about a party.

Lucie Styles sighed heavily, gently running her fingers through her long red hair. She knew she should be happy. It was her and her brothers birthday. She had all she wanted. Family, friends, everyone she cared about was surrounding her... well apart from the one that mattered the most. The dark, depressed cloud that had been stalking Lucie relentlessly for nearly a week now showed no sign of fading and no matter how hard she tried even putting on a fake smile for appearances seemed to useless to hold any longer.

Tomorrow was the day that really put everything to the test. Her brother would be gone, so would her best friend and so would he. She knew it would only be a month but still even miniscule doubts grew and pounded into her head not even giving her a second of peace.

A single tear slipped slowly down her cheek as she sat down on the soft grass pulling her brown leather jacked tighter around her before wrapping arms around herself. She heard footsteps drawing close from behind her but didn't turn. She sighed. She hadn't expected to have been found so quickly. Lucie had prayed that the tight crowding would keep everyone busy but obviously she was wrong. She wasn't even close to being ready to be taken back into the house. She had run out of the will to look like she was fine and there was nothing wrong.

She felt the figure still standing behind her in almost complete silence, the only sound was the awkward shuffle of his feet as he stood behind her. Why hadn't he said anything? She waited. Still nothing. She knew he was still there. She could feel it.

Tired of the awkward waiting, she wiped her eyes of any stray tears before turning around. It definitely wasn't who she had been expecting.

"Hey" He said awkwardly

"What are you doing here?" Lucie asked bluntly, turning about stubbornly, not wanting to face him. "I thought you said you didn't want to ever see me again."

"I saw you sneaking out and I got worried"

"I didn't sneak." Lucie said twisting a daisy through her finger staring at the floor.

"Lucie, Im so sorry, I was a complete idiot towards you-"

"You think?" Lucie interrupted sarcastically rolling her eyes even though she knew he couldn't see.

"Luce please..." He begged.

"Don't bother, just go."

"Lucie." He said walking around so he was facing her, before bending down so he was at her height and lifting her head so she could see the unshed tears sparkling in his blue eyes. "Please Luce, Im leaving tomorrow and I don't want us to end like this. I know I said some stupid things in the past but please forgive me."

Lucie could see the sadness and regret in his face. She knew he was right. As much as she hated to admit it, she knew she loved him too much for all their hard work and struggles to be given up like this. They had risked too much to let it crumble between their fingers

"Why'd you have to make it so god damn hard to hate you" Lucie diverted her eyes behind her to make sure they were along.

"Does that mean...?"

"You're forgiven." She said.

He wooped childishly, a grin instantly washing over his face before he stood up and lifted her up from the ground. He span her around in a giant circle making her laugh before he stopped suddenly and gently brushed a strand of bright red dyed hair from her face. She smiled at him and he returned the smile happily.

"I hope you forgive me too. I was just so scared. You could have any girl in the world that would be so much better for you ... But I don't want to lose you." Lucie whispered looking down again.

It now seemed somewhat petty the whole reason they were here. Knowing he would be leaving tomorrow and all the places he had been going had filled her head with complete fear about hat would happen to them. But had she been right to suspect him? Had she been right not to trust him to be faithful?

His fingers went underneath her chin, distracting her from her thoughts, before lifting it up so he could see her tear filled green eyes.

"There is nothing to forgive."

He lifted his hands so they cupped her cheeks. He held her face in his hands for a moment before he leant closer and slowly lowered his lips onto hers. It wasn't like their usual rushed, fearful kisses in the dark secluded corners of the arenas and the house. It wasn't like it was the last moment they would ever spend together, which they were often scared of. It was very soft and gentle like they had all the time in the world to be together. He caressed her mouth gently and Lucie allowed herself to sink into his embrace.

Never had Lucie felt like this. She has been with other guys before him yet none of them had treated her like he did. He treated her like she was the most rare and priceless diamond. No one had ever displayed so much love and care for her in a single kiss. If she could, she would have stopped the whole of the world so that she could stay trapped in his arms forever.

When they parted they looked at each other smiling.

"Best Birthday present ever." Lucie said breathlessly, laughing slightly.

"I love you Lucie Styles" He chuckled putting his hands on her small waist.

"I love you too Louis Tomlinson"

They kissed again but with more passion and urgency.

"Wanna get outta here?" Louis whispered in her ear and then winking playfully and suggestively.

"I thought you would never ask..." Lucie winked back

The pair intertwined their fingers and held their hands close together and checked around them before quickly running and creeping out quietly through the back gate and straight into his car.

Maybe there was a way to make this night a whole lot better...


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