She's the sister of 1/5 of the worlds biggest boyband. He's her brothers best friend. They weren't supposed to work but they did. That was until they didn't. Left broken after being betrayed by the boy she loves, Lucie Styles attempts to pull her life back together. But when she's hit by another bombshell, will it all become too much?


3. Player?

He had always hated players. They threw girls hearts to the wind without so much as batting an eyelid but as much as Louis hated this player side of himself but without it he was lost. He couldn't handle the angry thoughts that came along with remembering Lucie. The girls were his way of forgetting her for those few hours, even though he knew no matter how hard he tried, she would always be there in his mind.

Checking if the coast was clear, Louis walked out of the house luckily for him without waking the blonde up. He looked at his watch. It was only 5am. He hailed a taxi as it drove past. It stopped and he got in and told the driver where to go. He sat in silence thinking about Lucie.

She hadn't deserved how he treated her and now he had lost the only girl he had ever truly loved.


A few hours later and Lucie had managed to get herself out of the house and she walked aimlessly through a park close to her home, her art book clutched close to her chest as she walked. Art was her release and today was a day she really needed to forget everything and just let herself go.

The warm August breeze blew gently through her hair as she looked for a place to settle between choosing a quiet spot underneath a small tree sheltering herself from the blinding sunlight. She opened her book to the first free page she could find and allowed herself to relax and let herself go. Her eye caught view of a single red rose and she smiled before leaning down and carefully sketching it. She was distracted when a shadow fell over he completely blocking out the sunlight.

"Hey lil' red" a voice said from behind her.

Lucie span around quickly and her eyes fell upon her best friend, Zayn Malik. Noticing what she was doing he moved out of the way slightly allowing some sunlight to hit Lucie again before sitting down cross legged on the grass next to her.

"Hey Zayn." Lucie said looking back down at her drawing and adding some extra details onto her drawing.

"You ok?" He asked looking around, checking if anyone had noticed him. Smiling slightly when he noticed there was no one near for around 30 feet he turned back to Lucie.


"If you know the answer why do you ask?" She snapped angrily. "How did you find me here anyways?"

"I know you, you always come here Luce..."

Zayn had been Lucie's best friend practically since they had met. They had just clicked. He was the only one who Lucie found she could really talk to. Zayn was easily the best listener out of the group and he was always the one she turned to when she needed help. Even though she hadn't told him about her and Louis' relationship, he had been the one she turned to when she and Louis ended. He had found her crying her eyes out devastated and in her anger and sorrow she had confessed her secret to him. He had been there for her on her worst days and he had always been an amazing comfort to her.

"I just miss him." Lucie said tears clouding her vision.

All the people in the world could tell you how to get over that person who hurt you, but Lucie knew until they felt it themselves they can never understand how every single day feels like another stab in the heart. How sometimes you could sit and blame yourself for everything that had happened. But luckily for Lucie, Zayn was one of those people who understood that she needed time to forget how much she still loved Louis. He knew that no matter how hard she tried she couldn't forget and he was there for as long as she needed for him.

Zayn pulled her close to him so her head was resting on his shoulder. She let her tears fall, he was the only person Lucie felt she could let her walls down around.

"I know you do Luce, I know..." He whispered rubbing her back soothingly. Zayn held her close as her tears fell.

A little while later, after Lucie had managed to calm and collect herself, she lifted herself off his shoulder. Hugging into him slightly she relaxed and he rested his cheek against her hair.

"I've ruined your shirt." Lucie said looking up at the small wet patch there, laughing.

"Don't worry; it can just join the rest..." Zayn replied chuckling too.

"I don't know where I'd be without you, Zayn." Lucie said honestly looking up into his eyes.

"Well you never have too, I'll always be here for you." He replied softly, clear truth in all his words, kissing the top of her head affectionately.

Lucie smiled on his shoulder. Since Louis, it took a lot for her to trust a guy but Zayn was one of those people she knew she could trust completely to take care of her. She loved him for that.

Lucie added a few more details to her drawing and decided to add some more of anything that interested her, before Zayn left to meet up with Harry and the rest of the boys.

After he left Lucie frowned slightly to herself. Zayn was a great guy, he was sweet, loving and caring and everything a girl could want. So why was it, she thought to herself, she still wanted the guy who broke her heart and was the reason I felt like a mess?

Lucie sat in silence for a few minutes longer before deciding to leave and head home, her head full of questions of why she just couldn't let Louis go.

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