She's the sister of 1/5 of the worlds biggest boyband. He's her brothers best friend. They weren't supposed to work but they did. That was until they didn't. Left broken after being betrayed by the boy she loves, Lucie Styles attempts to pull her life back together. But when she's hit by another bombshell, will it all become too much?


11. Chapter 8

It was another week later and at this point Lucie was around 10 weeks pregnant. The slight bump on her stomach was slowly becoming more pronounced and Lucie was at a point that it was obvious to most of her situation.

Lucie sat with Kaitlyn, Harry's girlfriend, on Kaitlyn's bed. They were happily chatting about everything from small gossip to embarrassing things about Harry.

"-and then the girl tripped him over and he landed face first in the pool!!" Lucie finished receiving a fit of laughter from Kaitlyn.

Since Harry had become famous, having a normal life and normal friends went out of the window. People tried getting closer to her in the hopes of getting closer to Harry and the boys. It felt refreshing to Lucie to be close to the girls. As much as she loved the boys there are some things you just don't discuss with your brother's best friends.

"So what was the guy like?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Who?" Lucie asked confused.

"The baby's daddy." Kaitlyn said.

Lucie stopped breathing. She knew! Had Harry told her?

"h-how..." Lucie began but she was quickly stopped by Kaitlyn.

"Luce, I'm not stupid, it's pretty obvious..." she replied hinting towards Lucie's stomach.

Lucie's stomach dropped when she realised her stomach was clearly shown as her baggy top had lifted. Due to her condition, Lucie had been forced to wear baggier clothes in the hope o hiding her situation. Clearly, it wasn't working as she thought it would have.

"He was really sweet. He was funny, annoying..." Lucie quickly stopped herself before she continued.

She liked the times when happy memories filled her mind whilst thinking about Louis yet it pained her that with every happy memory, the worst follower swiftly.

"What happened?" Kaitlyn asked softly.

Lucie looked over at her with pain in her eyes.

"He cheated." Louis answered simply.

Lucie's eyes snapped up at her question. Did she? She knew that she was still hurt, but did she still love him? She thought of Louis. Her heart fluttered as her mind filled with all their happiest moments.

The date he had taken her on in the arcade by the beach.

Their first kiss in the cinema.

Louis was never the most extravagant guy but no matter where they were as long as she was with him that was enough.

"I don't know, Kait, I really don't."


Louis sat on his couch alone in his apartment staring at the ceiling. His current 'girlfriend' Erica had just left and now he was alone, trapped in his regretful thoughts.

This was what he had become. When he had been with Lucie, he felt happy and whole, she had been the only girl that he had truly ever loved. Yet now she was gone, he felt sick with himself. He hated the player he had become, yet it was the only thing that could take his mind off what he had done to her.

He was snapped out of his self pity by the door being opened. The next thing he knew his band mate Niall Horan swept into the room like an Irish, blonde hurricane.

"You'll never guess what!! It's amazing! I can't believe it! You have to hear about this!" Niall shouted happily practically bouncing off the walls.

"How much sugar have you had today Niall?" Louis asked rubbing his hand over his eyes tiredly. He had never really managed to understand how Niall could be so happy all the time! It wasn't natural at all!

"Quite a bit, but that doesn't matter you need to hear about this!!" Niall shouted again.


"Lucie's pregnant with Zayn's baby!!!!" Niall practically screamed in happiness.

Louis sat bolt upright. Lucie was pregnant with Zayn's baby?! She had moved on over him that quickly and got pregnant with Zayn's baby?!

"That's impossible." Louis said disbelieving.

"I heard them telling Harry and Liam. Harry went nuts!"

Louis sat as still as a statue. If they had gone to Harry then it must be true he thought to himself. She has found someone else! And that someone wasn't him! She was having a baby! Zayn's of all people! His world went from unhappy to utter blackness. The darkness of despair gripped his heart tightly in it's iron grip.

Niall looked down at Louis, his earlier happiness disappearing and changing into worry. Surely he should be happy for their two best friends?

Guilt gripped him as he worried if he should of told. Niall had arrived at the Styles house and when he heard what they were talking about he hung around until the fight broke out. He remembered how Lucie had begged Harry and Liam not to tell him and Louis. Had this been why? Had Lucie somehow known that she would receive this reaction from his band mate?

Niall knew that he was happy for them. It saddened him to see the constant look of sadness, so similar to Louis' now, that crossed Lucie's face nearly everyday. Lucie had never told anyone the root of her unhappiness but Niall made it his duty to make sure that it didn't stay there for long. He knew that Lucie loved his childish side and he loved seeing her happy so it was a win win.

Suddenly Louis jumped up out of his seat and grabbed his coat of the door hanger. He slightly pushed Niall out of the way, grabbed his keys and headed out towards the door.

"Where ya goin'?" Niall asked worried.

"I'm going to find out what the hell is going on!" Louis shouted back before slamming the door.

Niall stood in the exact same position trying to get his head around what had just happened. He knew that Louis was angry that nobody told him sooner and he wanted answers. He needed answers and he was going to get them, no matter how.

"Oh crap, what have I done?" Niall said to himself before quickly running hoping to catch up with Louis before he did something that he would surely regret.


Uh oh! What is Louis going to do? How is Lucie going to react?

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