She's the sister of 1/5 of the worlds biggest boyband. He's her brothers best friend. They weren't supposed to work but they did. That was until they didn't. Left broken after being betrayed by the boy she loves, Lucie Styles attempts to pull her life back together. But when she's hit by another bombshell, will it all become too much?


8. Chapter 6

It was the 29th August, aka Liam's 18th Birthday. Lucie and Danielle had decided to throw a big party for him. They had decided to throw it at Lucie and Harry's as it was the biggest and it was the place where all the boys including Liam, most of the time, practically lived. They had managed to convince the boys to keep it a complete secret and that was the part they all knew especially Niall and Louis would struggle with. Niall had a habit of letting secrets out without even realising and well Lucie knew that no one completely trusted Louis to keep a secret after what happened after and X-Factor appearance when he all but told the world that Harry and Caroline were together.

Everyone was gathered all around the room chatting happily awaiting Liam to arrive.

All the boys had brought their current girlfriends along with them. Harry had brought a girl who he had met a week ago called Kaitlyn. Lucie really liked Kait. She was a sweet yet bold girl who was one of the few who managed to still want to be with Harry even after the death threats came piling in. Zayn had brought his girlfriend Perrie Edwards. They had met when Zayn and the boys were doing a X-Factor performance and Perrie was from one of the bands competing. Niall was with a young girl call Adrianna. She was pretty much the female version of Niall. She had soft brown hair that went to her shoulders and pretty blue eyes. Louis even came with a girl. No one really knew who she was and it was the first time anyone, even the boys, had met her.

Lucie stood in the darkness, leaning against the wall. It had been a week since she had discovered she was pregnant and the idea still terrified her. She absentmindedly ran he hand over her stomach. She could feel the small bump already forming and frowned slightly. It wasn't the fact that soon she would no longer be able to dismiss the idea of pregnancy as a bad dream, on the contrary she was beginning to fall in love with the little thing inside her. She was simply fearful of the day she would no longer be able to hide it. So far Zayn had reluctantly remained truthful to his word and hadn't told anyone.

"Why the sad face Luce?"

She looked up to see Niall looking at her with a worried expression on his face.

"Nothing, just thinking."

"Want a jelly bean?" Niall said fishing a packet of jelly beans from his pocked.

Lucie laughed for the first time in what felt like a long time. It was refreshing.

"Yes, I would like a jelly bean." Lucie said smiling at Niall.

"Too bad they're all mine!" Niall said running off.

Lucie laughed before running off after him. When she caught up she jumped on his back reaching for the jelly beans. Niall kept trying to get Lucie off but she wouldn't let go.

"What are you two doing?" Someone said from behind them

Niall turned around with Lucie still on his back and they stood face to face with Harry and his girlfriend Kaitlyn. They stared at the two of us trying to look serious but it failed and they ended up bursting into laughter.

"She's trying to steal my jelly beans!" Niall cried.

"He won't share!" Lucie shouted back.

"It's rude to steal!"

"It's rude not to share!"

"Ok, ok both of you!" Harry said catching their attention. "I've decided that neither of you can have the jelly beans... they're mine!" He continues before running away.

After a few more minutes of chasing each other they all gave up and Niall reluctantly shared with Lucie, Harry and Kaitlyn.

"Everyone quiet! They're here!" A voice called out.

They all turned off the lights and went into hiding. They all listened as the door opened and closed.

"Is anyone home! Guys?" Liam's voice called out.

Lucie counted to 5 in her head and then they all jumped out from their spots.


They laughed at the stunned expression on Liam's face. He pulled Danielle into a deep hug and then rushed to Lucie and the boys to give them all hugs too.

"Thank you so much guys! This means a lot!"

Once all of the greetings were over then the party really started. Everyone danced and socialised until they heard a lout voice call out to the crowd. Once everyone was silenced, Liam addressed the crowd.

"Thank you everyone for coming tonight, it's been amazing. These past years have been crazy for me and I don't know where I'd be without the guys and Luce!" He turned to Lucie and the boys who were looking happily at their best friend. "You guys are amazing. Thanks." He then turned away from us and looked at Danielle. "Most of all I don't know where I'd be without you Dani. You've been there for me through all my ups and downs and for some strange reason you still let me call myself your boyfriend. That's why I want to do this."

Liam pulled something out of his pocket and kneeled down on the floor. Excited whispers travelled through the crowd and Dani just stared unbelieving.

"I had planned to do this more privately, but what the hell? Danielle Claire Peazer... will you do me the honour of marrying me and becoming my beautiful wife?"

Dani just stared in amazement.

"Dani, I don't want to rush you but you're kinds leaving me hanging here."

"Oh my god! Sorry! Yes! Yes! Yes!" She said pulling Liam up and pulling him into a kiss.

The crowd cheered loudly and Lucie smiled happily hiding her slight feelings of jealousy. Her eyes moved over to Louis for a moment to see him cheering loudly with the mystery girl pratically wrapped around him. Lucie knew she would never have this. She would never have Louis be anything to her like Liam was to Dani. Even if she could bring herself to forgive him, Harry meant the world to her and his disapproval would crush her.

Her eyes slid back to Liam and Dani and she saw them leaning their foreheads together in their quiet conversation.

Unable to handle anymore she rushed to her room and collapsed on her bed. Tears quickly falling from her eyes. She sat sobbing for a couple of minutes before a soft knock sounded at the door.

"Lucie? I know you're in there. Come on, I need to talk to you!"

It was Dani.

"I don't want to talk!" Lucie shouted through the door trying to control her breathing.

"Yes you do!"

She heard the door slowly open and Dani walked closer to her. Lucie didn't move. The tears, by now, were all gone but the tell tale signs still remained.

"What is it Luce?" Dani said gently brushing a strand of hair from Lucie's tear stained face before she sat on the bed.

"You and Liam are perfect for each other. You're going to spend your lives together. You're going to be happy."

"Yeah, and one day you'll find someone who will make you feel the same."

Lucie shook her head.

"What do you mean? Why won't you find yourself a good guy?"

"Because I already found him..." Lucie said so quietly it was almost like a whisper.

"Great who is it?" Dani said happily answered only by a shake of Lucie's head. "Luce? What's the matter? Why don't you go and be with him?"

"Because he doesn't want me, Dan. He never loved me... he didn't care. An then there's..."

"What is it?" Dani asked worried.

"I'm pregnant."

Lucie could have almost laughed at the expression, so similar to the one that Zayn had when she had told him, as it passed on Danielle's face, if she wasn't so devastated.

"Wait! You mean... You are..."

Lucie nodded her head before tears began to fall heavily from her eyes. Danielle pulled her friend into a deep hug.

"Have you told him?"

Lucie shook her head, as tears rolled slowly down her cheeks.

"Why don't you tell him Luce?"

"You don't understand, Dan. It's complicated."

"What about Harry and the boys?"

Tears fell harder from Lucie's eyes and Dani pulled her closer.

"Don't worry I'm here for you." Dani said as she gently held her best friend as she cried.

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