She's the sister of 1/5 of the worlds biggest boyband. He's her brothers best friend. They weren't supposed to work but they did. That was until they didn't. Left broken after being betrayed by the boy she loves, Lucie Styles attempts to pull her life back together. But when she's hit by another bombshell, will it all become too much?


6. Chapter 4

A few days later and Lucie found herself sat with Zayn in the Styles kitchen. She hadn't seen Louis since then and for that she was happy. She hated the feelings of hopelessness and sadness that always washed over her every time he entered the room. She had been trying desperately since she had seen Louis to act normal and so far she was losing that on front. It was wishful thinking to hope that Harry wouldn't notice he small glances exchanged between his twin sister and his best friend that day. Luckily he hadn't said anything but he couldn't help but to feel on edge when she was around him.

Lucie sat completely cut off from the world around, too absorbed in the world of her own mind to notice the calls of her name. No matter how hard she tried to fight, thoughts of Louis took over her mind completely. His was the face printed behind her eyelids every time she blinked, no matter how hard she wanted to be rid of him. She only snapped out of her remembrance of the Doncaster native when suddenly she became aware of a hand being waved in front of her face.

"What?" Lucie said, shaking off her dizziness.

"I've been trying to talk to you for ten minutes! You ok?" Zayn asked concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Lucie replied unconvincingly.

"Luce, I'm not blind you know. I can tell something's wrong. What's the matter?"

Lucie looked up at her best friend, a small frown covering her face. Noticing his friend's sadness, Zayn pulled his chair closer to the 18 year old before laying his hand gently on her back and rubbing it comfortingly. The red head sighed, leaning back into the older boy for comfort which he easily provided. They sat in silence, Zayn waiting patiently until the girl next to him was prepared to let him in and tell him what was troubling her. He didn't have to wait long.

"I don't know what's happening, I just feel so sick! It's like my stomach isn't willing to keep anything down. I've been sick twice this morning alone." Lucie burst out laying her face in her hands.

"Have you taken any medication for it?" Zayn asked, worried.

"Yeah, but it's not working." Lucie mumbled, running a hand through her hair, a habit she had developed when she was worried about something.

Lucie suddenly felt a odd rush in her stomach. She stared at Zayn with wide eyes for a moment, before running up the stairs straight into the bathroom. She slammed the door hard behind her and rushed to the toilet, throwing up moments later.

She whimpered, rubbing her temples soothingly. She hated this. Did God feel that she didn't have enough on her plate right now? Did he really feel the need to throw the cherry on the top of the sundae that made up the mess of Lucie Styles' life? Lucie laid her head on the bath behind her, looking up at the ceiling above her.

"Really? Do I really need this now?" Lucie complained to the sky, raising her arms in a 'why me?' manner.

As if one some kind of cruel reply, Lucie felt another wave of dread wash over her and she leaned back towards the toilet before throwing up again.

Back downstairs, Zayn sat in silence waiting for Lucie to return. He couldn't help the rush of worried feelings that flowed through him when he found out she was ill. In the years he had grown to know her, he had grown to love her as much as if she was his own sister, growing to be as protective of her as he was with Doniya, and two younger sister, Waliyha and Safaa. Since discovering Lucie the night he had discovered about Louis, Zayn had felt an odd surge of protectiveness towards her and he felt like he had to defend her from everything from a small sickness to cheating boyfriends.

Lucie returned a few minutes later looking worse than she had when she had left. All the colour had gone from her cheeks and Zayn felt nothing but sympathy when he saw how drained and tired her features had become. Heading back to her previous seat, she sat down and let her head sink into her arms. Zayn moved forward, wrapping comforting arms around Lucie, pulling her in for a deep hug.

"Luce? How long has it been like this?" Zayn asked worried.

"All week. Zayn, I don't know what's going in. I just feel so sick all the time. It's like it never stops." Lucie replied in a weak voice, not even bothering to raise her head.

"Come on... you should go to bed. Go rest, you look like you need it." Zayn said to her softly, he didn't even bother to hide the worry in his voice.

"No, it's alright. I'm gonna head out to the pharmacist and get some more stuff. I'm gonna try to walk it off." Lucie said rising from her seat.

"No! You need to sleep!" Zayn insisted, attempting to stop her but Lucie, being her normal stubborn self, wasn't listening.

"I'll be back in ten minutes. I swear" She said walking towards the door.

She could feel the waves of dizziness crashing over her, but she didn't let it show, knowing that if she did she would have no hope of Zayn letting her leave. Quickly pulling a coat on, she walked out of the door into the street towards the town, leaving a very worried Zayn behind her.

Minutes later, and Lucie found herself in the small town near her home, walking silently into the quiet pharmacy. Lucie browsed the shelves, looking for any tablets or meds she could take that could possibly make her feel a little bit better. She was almost desperate for this to be some small illness that would pass quickly and easily. She couldn't afford to be ill right now. Along with the huge pill of worry and stress she had and being ill was like the cherry on top of the cake.

She stopped moving completely when she reached a particular aisle. She stared at the boxes in front of her, all well organised and the names stood out to her. She stared wide-eyed at all the boxes and picked one up, cautiously staring at it whilst breathing rapidly.

That's impossible, she thought to herself as she stared at it, it can't be... no it's not impossible for me to be...

Mad thoughts rushed through her mind and she picked up two other boxed. She threw them in her basked and quickly rushed to the counter and paid for all the other things she had also bought.

She stared around her as the man on the checkout added the total. Being the sister of a famous singer had it's downsides particularly the act that even though she wasn't famous, if the paps caught a picture of her buying these boxes, she would be plastered on magazines and newspapers soon enough. When the man on the checkout was finished, Lucie quickly paid and grabbed the bags before rushing out. She practically ran home and ran straight to her bedroom before jumping on the bed. She spread the contents of her bag on the bed and picked up three boxes. She stared at them for a minutes before heading to the bathroom.

Full of fear, Lucie completed all the necessary tests and she paced the bathroom awaiting the results. What would she do if they said yes. What if she was... Lucie couldn't even think it. How would she explain it to Harry? What would she say to Louis?

Luckily during her absence, Zayn had decided to leave, but she couldn't help the empty feeling when he was gone. She needed Zayn here to tell her she was being ridiculous. That there was no way possible for her to be... that. She needed him to be here reassuring he, and if she was, she needed him there for her. She needed her best friend. Lucie stared questionably at her phone. Should she call him? Lucie shook her head, clearing her mind. No. She wouldn't call him. She was being stupid, there was no point calling him if she didn't know the answers.

She was interrupted from her mess of confusing thoughts but little beeps.

It was time to know the truth.

Taking in a sea calming breath before beginning to slowly walk over to the counter, Lucie plucked up all the courage within her - preparing herself for whatever results would face her.

She stared down in pure fear, looking at the results that were about to change her life forever...


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