She's the sister of 1/5 of the worlds biggest boyband. He's her brothers best friend. They weren't supposed to work but they did. That was until they didn't. Left broken after being betrayed by the boy she loves, Lucie Styles attempts to pull her life back together. But when she's hit by another bombshell, will it all become too much?


5. Chapter 3 (part 2)

Yet somehow throughout all the happy loving memories that filled Lucie's mind that single one prevailed. The only one she truly wanted to ban from her mind...


It was about 3 weeks into the One Direction tour and an hour since their last show of the day at the 02 Arena. Lucie had decided to surprise the boys by coming to visit them but in truth it was really to visit Louis. She missed him with all her heart and she needed to see him.

Little did she know she was going to be the one to get a surprise that night...

She travelled to the arena practically bouncing in her seat from excitement. Security smiled at her, letting her straight through and she began walking along the dressing rooms, trying to hunt down Louis.

"Lil Red!" A voice called out.

Lucie looked forward and saw Liam and his girlfriend Danielle staring happily at her. Lucie ran forward and pulled Liam into a tight embrace before bestowing the same treatment on Danielle. (Lucie had dyed her hair bright red a little while ago earning her the name 'lil red')

"Hey Liam, Hey Dani, just wanted to come say hi to everybody" Lucie said happily as she pulled away from the pair.

"Cool, well we'll see you later we were just heading out for some food." Liam said as they waved goodbye and quickly left together.

Lucie continued walking until she reached Louis' dressing room. She was just about to knock on the door when she heard a soft moan echo through it.

Lucie halted, no, it couldn't be. She thought. She must of just heard it wrong, she thought. This must be some kind of joke.

"Louis!" A girl's voice moaned a little louder this time.

Lucie stopped breathing. No, he couldn't, he wouldn't not after what he promised.

"Yes baby!" a thick voice grunted. Louis.

Lucie slid down the wall hardly able to breathe let alone move. A numbing pain filled the back of her throat as she tried to fight the tears that threatened to spill over her eyes. Her throat constricted she wrapped her arms around herself. Why? She thought to herself. He said he wouldn't. He promised he wouldn't do this. She had given everything to him...

Lucie sat their unable to move hearing every sound that passed through that small wall. She breathed short gasps, trying desperately to trap the sob that wanted to rip out of her throat. Silent tears rolled down her dace and she stared forward, almost unseeingly. She shuddered at the thought of what was going on behind the door next to her.

"Lucie?" a voice said from above her.

Lucie looked up to see Zayn standing above her. His eyes were crinkled with worry as he took in the appearance of the teenage girl. Tears fell harder down her eyes and as if on some sort of queue the sounds from behind Lucie got louder. Zayn's eyes got wider as if he were slowly piercing the whole thing together.

"Lucie, are you and Louis together?"

Lucie couldn't answer so she only nodded, tears falling harder.

Zayn's face twisted from a worried frown to a scowl. Lucie had never seen the boys so angry in all the time she had known him. They had hardly ever been the closest of friends, but as he turned toward the door next to them, Lucie could see some protective instinct wash over him as if it were one of his sisters he had just seen here. Barely seconds later, he went over to the door and kicked it harshly open.

"What the fuck Zayn?" Lucie heard Louis shout through the wall.

"Cover yourself up, you have a visitor" Zayn growled.

Zayn nodded reasurringly at Lucie. He helped her stand up and they walked in. Tears completely covered her vision when she walked in. Louis was covering himself and a beautiful girl, who looked like a model, with a blanket.

"Lucie?" Louis said shocked, all the blood rushing from his face, making him as pale as a sheet. He knew what she had heard and seen. "What are you doing here?"

Not even bothering to answer him, Lucie simply walked up to him and slapped him hard round the face. His face snapped back at the contact and the girl with him whimpered, but Lucie was to angry in that moment to care about here. When she stepped back there was a bright, red mark on his face where she had hit him.

Lucie's hand went up to the necklace Louis had given her on her 18th. It had a beautiful sapphire diamond in the centre, silver swirled around it and small clear diamonds around it. She gently took it off and walked up to the girl lying next to Louis.

She had soft brunette hair and lightly tanned skin. Her eyes were an amazingly bright blue. She was still hidden beneath the sheets. As Lucie walked closer to her, the girl shrunk back as she reached towards her. Lucie moved closer once again and gently latched the necklace at the back.

The girl stared at Lucie amazed.

"It's only right that the person he loves gets to have it." Lucie said dryly, speaking up for the first time in a long while.

"Lucie...please let me explain..."

"Explain what?" Lucie asked sarcastically, the strength that had previously failed her coming back to life. "That this isn't what it looks like? That I didn't just see you having sex with some other girl while we're still together?!"

"Please." Louis practically whimpered.

Lucie shook her head at him.

"I hope you two are very happy together..." She said before she walked out never wanting to see Louis again.


Months on from that moment, Louis stared at Lucie heartbroken. He couldn't even begin to describe the look on her face when she laid eyes on him. Since the day he had met her she was always so strong. It was almost as if she were untouchable, even the harshest words from One irection haters hadn't hurt her. Sure, he thought, when you got to know her you saw the more sensitive side of her, the more innocent and vulnerable side, but at this moment there was only the look of sadness he had never seen before.

It broke his heart to know that look of sadness, that... brokenness was all his fault. He was a complete asshole. What the hell had gone through his mind to dismiss the amazing girl he had for a girl he hadn't even seen since that night?

"Lou! Come in!" Louis heard a voice shout. He looked over Lucie's shoulder and saw Harry standing behind her waving.

Lucie stepped out of the way and let him walk in slowly. Louis stared around him. He had happy memories here and they were all about the girl who was now standing by the stairs staring at him and Harry. This had been the place they met. He'd had a thing for her since that but that didn't stop his surprise when he found out she felt the same way about him.

"Luce? Where you going?" Harry's voice interrupted Louis' happy thoughts.

"I'm just gonna go to bed, Haz. I'm tired." Lucie answered from halfway up the stairs, her voice completely drained and devoid of emotion.

"Ok, see you later." Harry said in a worried tone.

Lucie nodded and took a quick glance at Louis before she went up higher and walking to her room and slamming the door. Harry motioned for Louis to follow but Louis stopped for a second and looked at her door with only one thought in his mind.

What had he done?

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