She's the sister of 1/5 of the worlds biggest boyband. He's her brothers best friend. They weren't supposed to work but they did. That was until they didn't. Left broken after being betrayed by the boy she loves, Lucie Styles attempts to pull her life back together. But when she's hit by another bombshell, will it all become too much?


19. Chapter 13

"No! Chinese is better!" Lucie heard a voice shout waking her up from her blissful dreams.
"No...Pizza is better!" another voice replied just as loudly.

Lucie whined quietly and dug her face into her pillow trying to drown out the voices as they got louder, in a futile attempt to shut them out and go back to sleep.

"NO! Chinese!"

As the pair continued arguing, Lucie angrily the pillow against the wall and sighed as she stared up at the ceiling above her. Couldn't she just have a few hours of peace? Was that too much to ask? As time passed Lucie found her need to sleep growing, however, living with 5, at times very annoying, boys that would be an amazing accomplishment.

Suddenly Lucie felt a weird twist in her stomach and she felt herself start to gag. She lifted herself up quickly and ran straight to her bathroom and threw up. This was the only part of pregnancy she really hated... 'Morning sickness'. She couldn't even begin to understand why it was called 'Morning Sickness'. It hit her any god damn time of the day without any warning. When she was finished, she moved away from the toilet and leaned against the wall behind her, with her head on her knees. If she hadn't been properly awake before, she certainly was now.

"Please go easy on me Bubba. Only 2 weeks to go." She spoke to herself as she rubbed her stomach.
She could sing in happiness, (if she actually had any decent vocal chords) at the fact she had on average on 2 weeks left until the morning sickness would be over and she would actually not need to throw up every hour of everyday.

She grabbed onto the sink in front of her and hoisted herself from the floor. She regarded her reflection with distaste. Her fading red hair was all over the place and her skin looked like it had lost all its colour. She frowned at the sight and then rolled her eyes and grabbed a toothbrush. Once she had brushed her teeth and had a quick shower, she grabbed a hair band and put her hair up in a quick bun before walking out of her room, still in her pyjamas and heading downstairs.

She could still hear voices arguing and Lucie smiled slightly to herself, these boys were so weird. The smallest argument about food could go on for hours and they would strop for hours before forgetting it even happened and continuing like normal.

"Can't you two just be quiet? Lucie's sleeping!" Lucie heard a voice she recognized as Harry's hiss as she continued gently moving down the stairs.
"Too late." Lucie spoke up as she walked into the living room and lay on the comfy black sofa, with her head on Zayn's leg.

She looked up at the others in a hope of finding out what was going on. When she saw she could of laughed in fits at the ridiculous sight.

Louis and Niall were glaring at each other, their faces inches apart, with Harry a short distance away glaring at them. Liam was leaning against the wall next to him staring at the situation with a smile on his face.

Lucie smiled when Louis looked down at her, with a clear look of embarrassment in his eyes, and he returned a small guilty smile back. It had been about a week since Louis found out that he was the father of her baby, and gradually their relationship was improving.

She smiled slightly at the memory of the night she had told him that he was the father of her child. It may not have been the best of introductions but once Louis had finally managed to get the courage to come back to his apartment, the night had improved dramatically. She happily regarded the memory of how he practically made her stay the whole night to explain everything that was going on, from the moment she found out and every little detail. She knew Louis would be a great father and it filled her with complete joy to know that her son or daughter would have both parents around.

"Hazzzzzzzz" Lucie whined a short time later, dragging out the 'z'.

"Whatttttttt?" Harry replied sarcastically.

"I'm bored."

"What do you want to do?" Harry asked.

"I dunno what there is to do..." She said tiredly.

Louis moved and sat next to her and Zayn and Lucie lifted her legs so they rested on him.

"You comfy there Luce?" Lucie heard a voice say from above her.

She looked up at Zayn with a look of mischief in her eyes. "You two are comfy."

"Is that a compliment?" He asked smiling.

"That's up to you." She joked.

"Hey Guys! There's a funfair on about a mile away. Wanna go there?" Liam spoke up looking up from his phone.

"FUNFAIR!" Lucie said sitting up quickly and accidentally kicking Louis in the process making Louis hiss in pain. "Sorry!" She said quickly in worry. "You ok?"

"Yeah?" He answered between gritted teeth as he held his kicked stomach.

"Sorry didn't mean to kick you."
"It's ok." He said smiling.
"Are we going to the fair then?" Harry asked hopefully.

"YES!" They all shouted.
"I'll go get ready." Lucie said jumping up quickly but carefully.

She ran up the stairs and went through her cupboard and pulled out a pretty dress with a flower design on it and a waistcoat jean jacket and she quickly pulled on some tights and then grabbed a pair of white wedges.

There wasn't much left in her cupboard that she could still fit in. She constantly meant to go to a maternity shop to get some nice clothes but she couldn't stand to face the looks of shoppers there alone and the fact that her only friends were the other boy's girlfriends didn't help. She could imagine the media frenzy of them spotting one of the One Direction girlfriends in a maternity shop. Yeah, that wouldn't be good.

She ran back down the stairs to see she was the only one ready.

"HURRY UP GUYS!" She called up at the others.

Louis appeared out from behind the wall and moved towards Lucie slowly.

"Aren't girls supposed to take forever?"

"That is stereotypical Mr. Anyway I want to go to the fair. Wait! Are you calling Zayn a girl?"

"Possibly." He said smirking playfully.

As the minutes passed the other boys all started coming back into the room ready to go... well all apart from one. Any guesses? Yep, Zayn.

"Where's Zayn?" Lucie asked.

"Where'd ya think? Still doing his hair."

Lucie felt herself growing more and more agitated in her excitement until the point where she lost complete control of her emotions.



A few seconds later they heard quick footsteps coming down the stairs and the 5 of them walked out of the living room just in time to see Zayn nearly tumble down the stairs.

"I'm ready! I'm ready!" He said adjusting his jacket.

"How do you do that Lucie? I've never seen him so fast. How is Bradford's bad boy scared of a little pregnant girl?" Liam gushed in awe.

"Who you calling 'little? These hormones make me frickin badass. I'll take him down easy. Ain't that right Zaynie?"

"Yep" he said smiling

"Let's go then!" Niall chirped up happily.

They all walked out of the house and into Liam's 6 seated range rover. A they walked towards the car, Louis opened the door for Lucie to enter however as she took a step towards it a certain curly haired devil pushed her out of the way and got in before her.

"Thanks boo bear!" Harry called from the seat.

Louis and Lucie looked at each other and Lucie laughed as Louis rolled his eyes and got in after him.

Lucie jumped into the backseats of the car behind Harry and Zayn trailed in behind her, still slightly scared after her little outburst.

The group cheered in excitement as Liam put the key into the ignition and pulled out of the driveway. They blasted the radio as loud as it would go and sang along to every song they knew.

"ARE WE THERE YET?" Lucie shouted over the noise.

"YEAH!" Liam called back. "LOOK OVER THERE." Liam said nudging his head to the left.

All their eye went to the ball of multi-coloured lights shining from across the road. Lucie had always loved fun fairs they had everything you wanted. Bumper cars and the twister had always been her favourite, well apart from all the roller coasters. She loved every single bit about the fairs and she would die happy there

"Yay!" Lucie shouted from the back.

Minutes later they had all rushed from the car and entered the park. Niall being Niall made sure the first thing they did was grab a big bag of candy floss each and devour it before they had even gone near any rides.

"You'll regret it later when you're throwing up." Liam tutted at the group.

"Well Daddy Direction, I'm likely to be throwing up later anyway so I best enjoy it while I can." Lucie said poking her tongue out at Liam who laughed and simply rolled his eyes.

"Yeah Luce, pull out the pregnant card." He joked back.

Luckily through the busting crowds, the boys didn't need to wear any kind of disguises ye they were still on hyper alert. It still took them a while to grasp that screaming was coming from the rides not herds of crazy fans chasing after them.

A short time later, the 6 of them were walking through the crowds when suddenly something caught Lucie's eye and without a word of warning she 'eeped' in happiness and ran towards it. The boys span around to see what had happened and managed to catch a glimpse of Lucie, as she ran through the bustling crowds towards a bright stall in the middle of the park. They moved closer until they were stood next to her as she stared at the game in wonder. Her eyes moved over the guns and clowns in wonder as she childishly jumped up and down on the spot.

"Hazzy! Can we play?! Pleaseeeeeeee" She asked pouting slightly.

"What do we have to do?"

"It's simple really." The young attendant said as he moved towards the group. "Shoot the water into the clowns mouth and burst the balloon before time runs out and you win a prize. You only have 20 seconds. If you win you get to choose any of the bears." He said gesturing to the multiple different bears.

"Please Hazza." Lucie said pouting.

"Fine." He said succumbing. "You guys wanna play?" He asked the others who quickly chorused 'yes'.

The 6 of them spread apart and each picked a gun and aimed at their target.

"Three. Two. One. GO!" The attendant shouted and they each pulled the trigger.

Lucie furrowed her brow in concentration as she aimed for the mouth, however completely missing it and hitting it all over the face. She continues aiming and finally it hit into the mouth.

"Come on!" She cried out as the balloon began filling.

"And... DONE!" The attendant shouted and suddenly Lucie felt the gun stop working.

"NO!" She shouted at her half filled balloon.

Her eyes went along the rest of the line to see all the others not burst either.

"Sorry guys. Better luck next time." The attendant said as they all laid their guns down.

Lucie pouted and stepped back from the stand sadly walking over to the other. They began to walk away and they could all see the sadness on Lucie's face.

"Don't worry Luce." Liam said reassuringly. "It's just a game."

"But I really wanted the teddy..." Lucie said sadly.

Damn these hormones! Lucie thought to herself. They constantly changed her moods making her feel really depressed at the smallest thing. Seriously, you should have seen her cry when Niall stole her last cookie.

"Guys? Where's Louis?" Harry asked snapping Lucie out of her thoughts.

They all looked around quickly realising that Louis was no longer with them.

"I swear he was here a minutes ago." Zayn said worriedly.

Suddenly a single voice disturbed them from their search.


They all turned around to see Louis back at the stand happily dancing. They looked at each other amazed as Louis pointed up at a large Me to You bear and the attendant handed it to him. They watched as he practically skipped over to them with the bear in his arms until he reached them.

"Here you go." Louis said as he handed the bear to Lucie, smiling.

"What-" Lucie began.

"I don't like seeing you upset, so I tried again." Louis shrugged dismissively.

Lucie ran forward and pulled Louis into a tight hug wrapping her arm around his neck and she kissed his cheek sweetly.

"You're the best!" She squealed happily.

"Boo bear." Harry interrupted sadly, making Lucie pull back. "What about me?" He said pouting.

"I'm sorry Hazza bear. She was sad so I cheered her up... I'll get you an even bigger one tomorrow." Louis said running over and hugging him.

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