She's the sister of 1/5 of the worlds biggest boyband. He's her brothers best friend. They weren't supposed to work but they did. That was until they didn't. Left broken after being betrayed by the boy she loves, Lucie Styles attempts to pull her life back together. But when she's hit by another bombshell, will it all become too much?


15. Chapter 11

Harry sat holding his sisters hand as she lay in the bleak hospital bed. The only sound was the soft beeps of the heart measurer echoing through the small room.

Lucie had been in the hospital for three days so far and was slowly making progress. She had occasionally woken up and the doctors had enough time to feed her before she slipped back into her sleep.

He hated seeing her so vulnerable. Sure, in recent weeks, Lucie's strong personality, for some reason unknown to Harry, was slipping, revealing the more sensitive side to her, but this was a whole new level. She seemed so small lying in the bed, the only colour in her body was her red hair, which if anything considering the abnormal paleness of skin made her seem worse that she actually was.

And then there was the baby. Harry's heart stopped as he thought about the child his little sister was carrying. Due to the fact she didn't stay awake for long, meant that the doctors and nurses couldn't carry out the tests they needed to. It had struck fear in the boy when he thought about the possibility of his little niece or nephew hurt.

The other boys had all taken turns staying with Lucie as the nights passed, a majority of the shifts being shared between Harry and Zayn. The only thing that hurt him the most was Louis. Throughout the whole time Lucie had been in hospital he had not visited once. Harry couldn't understand it. Louis and Lucie was close, it was hardly like he had a reason not to come, and even if he did, Liam and Niall had visited almost regularly, simply to provide company for Harry to make sure he didn't go insane in his worry for his younger sister.

Harry was distracted from his mess of worried thoughts by the bed next to him rustling slightly. Harry looked up just in time to see his little sister, with great difficulty, sitting up on the bed.

"Harry?" Lucie said fisting her hands together and cutely rubbing her eyes with them.

"Hey Luce." Harry said gently wiping a stray piece of red hair from her face. "How you doing?"

"Ok I guess." She said yawning.

While she stretched, Harry gently leaned over and pushed the small button next to Lucie's bed, signalling them that she was awake.

"How'd you find me?" Lucie asked quietly.

"Well I woke up and you weren't there, so me and the boys all split up. Louis and Zayn found you by the side of the bridge in the rain-" Harry was cut off during his explanation by Lucie's confused voice.

"Louis helped in looking for me?" She asked tilting her head to the side slightly, disbelieving.

"Yeah." Harry said looking at his sister in confusion. Why had she thought Louis wouldn't? Added to the fact Louis hadn't even visited once. Harry narrowed his eyes at his sister, trying to work out her expression as suspicion washed over him. Had something happened between the pair that they hadn't mentioned to him?

Harry was disturbed from his suspicious feelings by a doctor walking in. He looked like he was in his 40's and he had balding hair. He was wearing a long coat that flower behind him as he walked and had a clip board in his hand. His grey eyes landed on Lucie and he smiled reassuringly.

"Hello Miss Styles. I'm Doctor Geoffrey, I've been one of the many people taking care of you during your time here. Are you ok to do some tests to make sure you and your child are ok?" He said looking at his board at her information.

Lucie nodded hesitantly and the doctor smiled widely at her.

"Ok, I'll just get one of the nurses and we'll have a look at the baby." He said before turning around and leaving the room.

Harry looked at his younger sister in confusion. She was gently rubbing her stomach but a clear look of fear was plastered on her face.

"Luce? What's the matter?" Harry said grabbing her hand.

"I'm scared, Haz. What if it's hurt? It would all be my fault." Lucie said not meeting his eyes.

"Don't you even think about that Lucie! It'll be fine!" Harry urged faking more certainty than he actually felt.

Lucie was distracted from her worried thoughts by the doctor and another nurse walking in pulling in a ultrasound machine. She gulped as she stared at the contraption, that would soon enough be telling her the future of her and her child.

What would she do if she had hurt it? How would she be able to live with herself knowing that in a moment of selfishness she had brought on possible pain to someone who had no choice in the matter.

The nurse gently pulled down the covers above Lucie so they lay gently below her stomach and lifted Lucie's shirt so he bump was clear.

"Ok sweetheart, this might be a little cold." The nurse said as she poured a weird gel onto Lucie's stomach.

Lucie 'eeped' at the sudden cold and as she looked embarrassed at her older brother, the pair burst into laughter. She missed the light-hearted moments like this. The ones where the could say anything that would send the pair into uncontrollable fits of laughter. Since the pregnancy, Lucie had slowly begun to lose that light-hearted part of herself.

The nurse smiled at the pair while turning on the machine and laying the tip of the scanner on her stomach. The four of them stayed in silence as the woman began scanning Lucie's stomach.

Suddenly one sound erupted the seemingly endless silence.


Lucie's breath caught in her throat as she listened to the constant beats. The constant beats. The constant sound of her nearby future.

"That's your baby right there." The nurse said.

All eyes went to look at the small figure on the screen. Lucie looked at the small figure her heart beating at a mile a minute. That was her little baby.

"Here's the head." The woman said pointing out different parts of the screen.

"Is-is-is it ok?" Lucie asked fearfully, over talking the nurse.

"It's perfectly healthy. I would say you are around 11 weeks" The nurse said smiling at her, settling her fear filled mind.

"Can I go home?" Lucie said hopefully.

"Well seeing as you and your baby are perfectly fine, I see no reason to keep you. You will just have to make sure that you are very careful."

Lucie squealed happily wrapping her arms around Harry.

Within a few minutes, Lucie had been checked once more and then finally released. Lucie skipped out of the hospital, much to her brother's amusement, but she didn't care. She was finally out of that hell hole and into the free world. When they finally reached the house, the promise of her comfortable bed and a cup of hot chocolate was enough to make her practically scream in excitement.

Lucie walked towards the door of her home with Harry trailing at a far distance behind. She looked at her brother, his brown eyes narrowing in suspicion. What was the matter with him?

Lucie continued to walk forwards and she reached the door. She pushed the key in the door and opened it. She slowly walked in when she heard the 3 shouts in front of her.

"LUCIE!" the boys all shouted as they ran towards her.

She looked up to see Niall, Liam and Zayn all rushing towards her.

"Vas Happenin' baby girl?" Zayn laughed as he came closer. She looked at Harry to see a small smile on his face.

"You really need to think of a new catch phase Zayn." Lucie joked as she turned back around and pulled Zayn into a tight hug.

"LiLi!" Lucie said running up and hugging Liam.

When she pulled away she felt two hands wrap carefully around her waist and lift her up. The person span her around in circles, Lucie screaming the whole time.

When the person put her down Lucie span around to see Niall smiling cheekily at her.

"hey, hey, hey. Let her sit down, she just got back from the hospital. She's pregnant, she needs rest." Liam scolded Niall.

The boys quickly release Lucie from their grasp and she shot Liam a quick look of thanks before settling down on the sofa, lying against Zayn's chest.

Lucie could clearly see why Liam was called 'Daddy Direction'. He was definitely the more mature one of the group and looked after the boys when they needed it.

"Hey, just because I'm pregnant, doesn't mean I'm not capable of looking after myself." She said winking at Liam playfully. He smiled and blushed slightly in return.

The group all sat down and chatted about her time in the hospital.

"So do you know what sex it is?" Niall asked through a mouthful of crisps.

"No." Lucie said giggling at the older boys childness. "I want it to be a surprise."

"But you hate surprises." Harry asked confused.

It was true. Lucie was the kind of girl that always had to open at least one present on Christmas eve so that she could sleep the night through.

She giggled again. "Well at least I can't cheat on this one." Lucie said winking at Harry.

They continued talking and then they began to watch TV. She was broken from paying attention by Zayn's soft voice in her ear.

"Can I talk to you?" Lucie felt Zayn whispering against her ear.

Lucie nodded before gently sliding off Zayn and following him to her room. She turned to see Niall, Liam and Harry staring at her confused but she quickly shot them a smile before walking in and closing the door behind her. She leaned against the wall and looked at Zayn.

"So you told Louis the baby was mine?" Zayn said looking up sadly at Lucie who was already sat on her bed looking up at her.

Lucie looked down at her hands ashamed. That fight had been the whole reason of this mess. That fight had been the whole reason that he had nearly lost the one thing that was slowly becoming more and more important to her.

"Yeah..." Lucie said awkwardly rubbing her hands together, looking down at them.

"Why? You've be talking for so long about how you want to forgive him."

"I do Zayn, I really do. But it's hard. Every time I see him I think about how he hurt me."

Zayn sat in silence, not knowing how to reply. He knew there were no word he could say that could even begin to comfort her. He simply had no experience. He had never been in the cruel situation his band mate and best friend had placed him in.

"So how is he?" Lucie said breaking the awkward silence that had fallen over them.

"I don't know." Zayn said rubbing the back of his head awkwardly. "I haven't spoken to him in a while. He's just stopped talking to us for the past few days."

"Even Harry?!" Lucie asked shocked.

"Yeah. It's been really bugging Harry, but he's been so worried about you... well, lets just say it hasn't been easy on him."

Lucie looked down at the floor thinking. Louis was Harry's best friend. It didn't make any sense that he would be intentionally hurting Harry this way, not after how close they were. And Harry? How had he not told her? These were the kind of problems they would always talk to each other about.

Lucie turned around and headed towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Zayn said from behind her.

Lucie turned around.

"I'm going to talk to Louis. We have our problems but Harry doesn't deserve to be stuck in the middle of it."

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