She's the sister of 1/5 of the worlds biggest boyband. He's her brothers best friend. They weren't supposed to work but they did. That was until they didn't. Left broken after being betrayed by the boy she loves, Lucie Styles attempts to pull her life back together. But when she's hit by another bombshell, will it all become too much?


16. Chapter 11 (part 2)

Lucie walked out of her front door and began walking the short distance to Louis' apartment. Thoughts swarmed and buzzed through her head like a swarm of angry bees.

She couldn't deny the anxious twists in her stomach as she wondered what direction their conversation would go. The last time they had spoken, the conversation had not gone well, to say the least and pure fear of it happening again was almost enough to make her turn back. However, the thought of her brother made her continue.

Harry and Louis were almost inseparable. They were Larry frickin Stylinson, for heavens sake. The thought of her being the reason for that perfect 'bromance' possible ending was almost too much for her to handle. Harry loved Louis like a brother, and Lucie sure as hell wasn't going to let that end on her watch.

Lucie continued thinking of all the possible ways this conversation could go until she reached the little apartment.

Lucie took a deep breath before leaning forward and knocking on the door. She stood in silence awkwardly shifting on her feet until she heard movement behind the door. She heard the slide of the bolt and as the door opened she looked up to see one of the saddest things she had ever seen.

Her heart aches as she stared at Louis, who was leaning tiredly against the door. Dark shadows surrounded his dull eyes, his normally slightly tan skin seemed oddly pale and his normally happy blue eyes had a slight red tinge like he had been crying. Lucie had never seen him look so depressed and tired in the whole time she had known him.

"Hey Lou..." Lucie began awkwardly.

"Hey Luce..." Louis croaked slightly.

"Can I come in?" Lucie said.

Instead of replying, Louis simply moved out of the doorway and motioned for her to enter. Louis nodded slowly before walking into the apartment. She continued her way through the apartment until she reached Louis' room. She had been here time and time again, sometimes with the boys and other times just her and Louis so she knew the way to get there. Hell this had even been the place that got them all in this situation.

When she reached Lou's bedroom she was just as gobsmacked as she had been when she had seen Louis. To describe it simply...




Draws had been ripped out from cupboards, a couple of mirrors had been smashed and clothes lay scattered around the floor.

Lucie span around to look at Louis in pure horror. What had gone on here? Lucie's mouth opened and closed like a fish as she desperately tried to think of any kind of words that could even begin to ask what she was wondering.

However, as she was about to speak up she was distracted by a dark red liquid dripping from Lou's hand.

Lucie ran up quickly to Louis to inspect his bleeding hand. She could see a few bits of glass stuck in his hand and thee were a few gashes that were bleeding.

"OH MY GOD! Louis! What did you do?!" Lucie exclaimed

Louis didn't reply and avoided her gaze. Flashes of the broken mirrors went through Lucie's mind.

"Where's the first aid kit?"

"Bathroom." Louis mumbled quietly still avoiding Lucie's gaze.

She nodded before running off to grab it. She skidded into the bathroom and looked through all the cupboards until she found it. She continued looking through until she found some pain killers and grabbed a glass of water.

When she entered the room again, she found Louis in the exact same position as how she had left him.

"Sit down." Lucie said softly, however with authority clearly laced into her voice.

Louis nodded, his eyes lowered as he sat on the bed below him. Lucie followed and sat next to him, laying out the first aid kit and handing him the pain killers and the water.

"Take this" Lucie said as she began looking for a towel.

"I can't... remember?" Louis said speaking up.

Lucie cursed herself as she remembered Louis' hatred for pills. Even when he was ill he simply couldn't handle any kind of medication. From cough syrup to pills he couldn't keep them down. Sometimes Harry, Liam and she tried resulting in forcing it down but he would simply throw it back up before she had a chance to work.

"Please Lou, you need to try. I need to sort this out and it's going to hurt, these will help." Lucie begged. The situation confused him and that was the closest thing to reassurance she could get.

Louis nodded again but still looked at the pill fearfully. Louis quickly closed his eyes and threw the pill back into his mouth and downed the whole of the water. He sat there gagging for a few moments and Lucie reassuringly squeezed his unhurt hand.

When he was done, he coughed a few times but Lucie thanked her lucky stars when he didn't throw it back up.

"Ok you ready?"

Louis looked down at the tweezers in her hand like they were some kind of deadly weapon. Lucie could have almost laughed at the expression if she wasn't so worried.

"Don't worry, I'm gonna take care of you. Just think about anything else."

Louis nodded and Lucie bent down and began gently taking out pieces of glass making Louis hiss in pain.

"Why are you here?" Louis asked between closed teeth.

"I came to ask you about why you have stopped talking to Harry?" Lucie asked softly while still cleaning the wound.

"I just couldn't stand to see the sadness in his eyes every time you were brought up in a conversation, knowing that it was my fault. Hell I wasn't even brave enough to come visit you in hospital cuz I knew he'd be there."

"It wasn't your fault." Lucie said strongly, looking up at him. "I was the one that left. You saved me." Lucie made sure to put extra emphasis on the word 'saved'. "The doc's said that things could have got a lot worse if you hadn't found me when you did."

Memories of the conversation she and Harry had with the doctors filled her head. She shuddered at the memory of how they had told her, had Louis and Zayn found her any later, she could have lost the baby, and possibly even her own life.

"If I hadn't said those things, you wouldn't have felt like you needed to leave."

"You need to forget about that. It wasn't all your fault. I shouldn't have said what I did either."

"About Zayn being the father?" Louis guessed sarcastically.

Lucie cringed "Yeah"

"Why did you say that?"

"I don't know..." Lucie said thinking. "I guess I just lost it."

Lucie finished picking out the shards of glass in Louis' hand and began cleaning the blood before slowly wrapping it tightly in a bandage. When she was done, Louis lifted his hand to inspect it in wonder.

"How did you learn to do that?"

"Harry used to always hurt himself and I used to watch while my mum cleaned him up."

Louis looked into Lucie's eyes for the first time that day, with a sad smile on his lips. They stared at each other for what felt like a lifetime, a million silent messages passing between them. Lucie flicked her eyes to Louis' lips for a second and before she had a chance to react, he pulled her in for a kiss.

In comparison to the desperate, hungry kiss the pair shared only days ago, in the hear of their argument, this kiss was heavenly. Louis gently ran his fingers on his unhurt hand through Lucie's hair as their lips gently caressed each others.

I could stay like this forever, Lucie thought as she wrapped her arms around Lou's neck. Moments like this were becoming exceedingly rare and when she was finally happy with Louis, she would give almost anything to stay in that moment.

But did she really want this? After everything, could she still love him? She knew it wasn't fair to lead him on while she was so confused.

"Louis, please I cant!" Lucie said, reluctantly pulling away from the kiss, whilst desperately trying to hide the tears that were slowly obscuring her vision.

Louis kneeled down in front of her, placing two fingers under he chin and lifting her face up so he could see her soft brown eye, glistening with unshed tears.

"I can't be without you any longer! It drives me crazy! I don't care about any of this! I don't care who the father of the baby is, do you hear me? I love you and I will take it as mine if it means I can stay with you." Louis asked with desperation clear in his voice.

Lucie's eyes began slipping with tears at his confession. She could hear the complete truth in every one of his words. She felt her heart soar as she processed his words. He loved her?

"It's yours Louis... the baby is yours." Lucie whispered.

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