She's the sister of 1/5 of the worlds biggest boyband. He's her brothers best friend. They weren't supposed to work but they did. That was until they didn't. Left broken after being betrayed by the boy she loves, Lucie Styles attempts to pull her life back together. But when she's hit by another bombshell, will it all become too much?


14. Chapter 10 (part 2)

He ran as fast as he could towards her and the second his eyes settled on her he froze. It was clear that she was asleep however there was an obvious shake of her body. Her wet hair clung to her face and her clothes were dripping.

"Lucie, can you hear me?" Louis asked her as he reached her.

He gently laid a hand on her cheek to feel that it was as cold as ice. He waited for any sign of reply but her body was completely still apart from the gentle rise and fall of her chest.

He heard feet quickly hitting the floor behind him and the hurried voice of Zayn on the phone.

"Yeah we've got her... she looks really bad... we'll meet you at the hospital...k see ya..." Zayn finished before he reached Louis and Lucie.

"We need to get her to the hospital" Louis ordered.

Zayn nodded and Louis reached down and held Lucie's freezing body against his warm one. They ran back to the car and Louis gently laid Lucie's still shaking body along the back seats. They drove as fast as they could to the hospital, probably breaking more that a couple speed limits but neither of them cared. They both simply wanted to help their pregnant friend lying in the back of Louis' car.

The second they reached the hospital they both darted out of the car and Louis picked Lucie up bridal styles and carried her into the A&E.

His sneakers squeaked as he ran into the room but he didn't care. All her cared about was the girl he was holding in his arms who needed help.


"Help! My friend has passed out!" Louis shouted trying to catch as much attention as he could.

Doctors and Nurses ran towards him and Louis lowered Lucie onto a stretched they had brought.

"Is there anything we need to know about her?" One of the doctors asked.

"She's pregnant."

The doctors all shared an identical look to each other than he couldn't understand before carting her off leaving Louis staring after her.

"Don't worry dude. She'll be ok." Zayn said gently patting Louis on the shoulder.

Louis nodded. She would. She had to be.

Louis was interrupted from his guilty thought by the sound of shoes squeaking. He span around to see Harry and Liam running in quickly followed by Niall.

"Where is she?"

"Is she ok?"

"What happened?"

They each shouted questions at Zayn and Louis at a point where they couldn't decide who had said what.

"The doctors took her away. She was passed out and freezing but physically she looked ok. We dont know completely what happened, we just found her by the bridge."

Harry looked around for a moment like he was trying to work out what he was going to do. Finally his eye settled on a help desk a short distance away. He slowly walked towards it and leaned against the table and started leaning towards the middle aged woman who had a bored look on her face as she stared down at the papers below her.

Harry continued to stand in front of the woman, yet she hardly acknowledged his presence. Harry awkwardly cleared his throat and the woman rolled her eyes.

"Name?" she asked

"Uhhh, Harry Styles."

"How can I help you?" She infinite sarcastically.

"My sister was just brought in. I was wondering if we can see her? Or see how she is?" Harry asked hopefully.

"No. You will either have to go home or wait." The woman said in a bored tone not even looking up from her papers.

"You cant even tell me how she is?"

"Do I look like I know? I sit and do the papers. You will have to go home or wait." The woman said angrily.

They could all see the anger bubbling up within Harry so they quickly ran up and grabbed the boy before he did something he would regret.

"Umm, Thanks." Niall said as the others pushed a fighting Harry away.

"Calm down Harry. You won't be helping Lucie by starting a fight." Zayn convinced Harry.

"You're right. You guys can go if you want, I'm staying." Harry said sitting down.

"No, we'll stay with you." Liam said rubbing Harry's arm comfortingly.

"Thanks guys"

The boys all quickly followed suit and sat down all wrapped up in their identical worried thoughts to even think about comfort. They would be here all night if they had to... and no one could stop them.

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