Fail Parodys

These are a bunch of parodys that me (or my friend), wrote. I was really bored today, so I typed it on my I-Pod. Now I present, those + more parodys! (it helps u know where u r in the parodys if you have the real song playing in the background while u read (or sing) the parodys) thanks, and don't hate on us. We warned you they might be bad! :) :)


2. Inner ninja MC Parody

Inner ninja

I found some iron before I mined it,
I crafted it, turned it into a pick.
I pay close attention, on the way home
Don't want to get blown up on the road.

I known you've never seen this before, but I beat the ender dragon, upped my gamer score, not bragging x-box has great rewards, 2 achevments  for beating the game, oh score! but that still doesn't solve all the wars. You know minecraft 
An't no candy store. All great desisions, and zombie waves. No sweat, all tears, some blood, no fears, I go hard, what is this poor excuse, this is a rip-off way over-due. What is this notch, a zombie seige, I've seen harder in plants vs. zombies. 

Yo, I'm a first class slayer, for or all you know I could be the mayor. I am a mystery,  this is history, 
Remember or forget me, cuzz poof, I'm outta here. 

I've got ender pearls, pearls,
In tough situations, I'll give them a wirl, 
I pay emeralds, to villagers, for their chain helms and chest pieces.

Let them hear me say, 
Nobody's gonna beat me racing, 
Or fist fighting, not even herobrine,
Will beat me tonight, my inner
 fighter, x4.

I've been there, down real low, I was beaten by herobrine, but I healed yo. 
So much training time, and epic rhymes,
I had real problems and I trained bro, 
Here I go herobrine, you just got called out give me all you've got, I've got full health when I'm on half a heart I don't freeze up, ya I go even harder on the rebound, here we go!

you live in the darkness, your sun never rises, pray to notch  that you'll make it to the next day.

It's that feeling you get when you fight the boss, but I beat him down, beat him down real hard now I'm ah ha wheezing, got to keep running, last ender pearl, better work now.

I had mining habits that I dropped, drop dropped them,
The worst of all was mining straight down, 
Fell right into the, boiling lava, 
  that's one of many that's made it real hard to breath,

Let them hear me say
Everybody will wish I wasn't coming, 
They wish they could hear a sound, 
But one day came someone, that could take me down,
His name was captain sparklez,
He came and challenged me,
No matter how hard I tryed ya,
No stoping him since he's found,
His inner fighter x4

He beat me, that captain, that captain,
I had opponents but he knocked them out,
Now we have a new, champion, some day I'll come back and challange him.

I'm sorry notch!

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