Love at first sight

Jessica is a huge one direction fan. For her 19th birthday her parents got her one direction tickets and a backstage passage for her best friend Dillen and herself. Jessieca was really excited but she didn't this was the day her whole life would change!!


3. Mcdonald's

(Dylan's POV:)

me and Jessica were in line waiting for 2 people in front of us to get there order. Jessica was lessening to one of her one direction songs called I Want and she was singing out loud to the lyrics not too loud tough when some one walks in it was a curly haired boy and i instantly knew  that it was Harry Styles from One Direction i knew he was Jessica's favorite member from One Direction. All of a sudden he gets in line behind Jessica.

(Harry's POV:)

i was getting hungry so i decided to go to McDonald . I walk into the line and insistently hear the girl in front of me singing to one of my songs. she had a good voice. i chuckled quietly and take her headphones off.''HEY'' she exclaimed and turned around. ''You are harry styles from one direction '' she said with a shocked face.when she turned around i thought she had a beautiful face and was i bit fisty i like that in a girl.

''yes '' i answered to her to her question or at least i thought it was a question.''you have a beautiful face for a beautiful girl'' shit did i just say that out loud.

(Jessica's POV:)

i was listening to my music while somebody took off my head phones so i said HEY annoyed then i noticed it was harry styles THE Harry Styles. ''you are harry styles from one direction'' i exclaimed but it came out more like a question. he said yes and that i was beautiful. wait did THE harry styles say i was beautiful all of a sudden i started to blush i tried to cover but i failed because he was smiling when he saw me blushing.before i knew it it was my turn to order.

''what would you like to order'' the nice lady asked.

''umm.....'' i was about to order but dylan cut me off and ordered my food and hers she knew exactly what i wanted.

''so umm do you wanna sit by me '' harrry asked. 

''YES'' i almost shouted. i was really excited i mean harry styles was asking me regular old me if i wanted to sit with him of course i did i mean i am not a psycho.


(Harry's POV:)

as soon as we sat down it was all quiet and awkward. ''whats your name''i asked trying to break the ice

''my name is Jessica you can call me Jess and this is my best friend Dylan you can call her Dyl'' Jessica explained with a smile on her face.

''i like your name''i said looking at Jessica .she started to blush. i like when girls blush it mean something that makes them smile i quickly smile and noticed she put her head down looking embarrassed put two fingers under her chin  and pulled her face up.''don't worry love i like when girls smile they look really pretty'' i explained.she have me a weak smile.

''well i better get going it was nice meeting you see you soon bye'' she said while getting up and grabbing dylan by her hand and walking away before giving me a chance to ask for her number.

wait what did she mean by see you soon i was confused i really wanted to get too know her better i wanted her too be mine she was different.




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