Love at first sight

Jessica is a huge one direction fan. For her 19th birthday her parents got her one direction tickets and a backstage passage for her best friend Dillen and herself. Jessieca was really excited but she didn't this was the day her whole life would change!!


2. Getting ready for the big day!

2 days after the party

(Jessica's point of view )

I decided to call Dylan so we can start packing for the concert since it was a week away.

After two rings Dylan picked up (conversation)

me: Hey girl !

Dylan: hi how are you

me: good hey i was wondering i you wanted to come over and start packing for the concert and hotel ?

Dylan: umm yeah sure i'll be there in 20 i need to get dressed 

me: k see you in 20

Dylan: BYE girlll !

me: bye girly 

end of conversation

i had 20 minutes to get ready so i hoped into the shower and took a quick shower.

after i  got out of the shower i decided  to wear skinny jeans and a shirt with a piece sing i did my hair in a messy bun and put some mascara on. a few minutes after i wash down getting ready my doorbell rang. i quickly went downstairs and opened the door. ''hi girl how are you '' exclaimed Dylan while giving me a huge hug.

''great how about you ?'' i responded her question.

''great you wanna start packing i brought all my clothes and a suitcase so i can decide what to bring oh and i also have a list of food'' explained Dylan.

'' of yeah of course but can i see the list first '' I asked.

''sure here you go'' Dylan handed me the list.

i took the list and read threw the items there was probably 100 things in there i thought it was weird since we were only staying two days.

''ummm Dyl there is probably 100 things in this list were only staying there two days  you know right?!''

i asked .

''hey i girls gotta eat when shes gotta eat you don't want me to die of hunger do you'' she asked trying to make a serious face but failed and she started to laugh i soon laugh too.


(still Jessica's POV:) 

We were now in my room and started to pack i decided to bring one air of skinny jeans , a shirt filled with flowers , flats, a pair of GUESS shorts,a loose pink shirt, converse,my makeup, a dress, a sweater, and a pair of heels.(i know we are only staying two days but hey). Dylan decided to bring a skirt,3 tops,2 jeans, and a blue polka dot dress with some blue heels.''Finally were done i'm hungry can we go to McDonald's ?'' exclaimed Dylan while climbing into my bed.

''ummm OK but let me get my phone '' i told her.

''YAY i'll wait for you in the car'' Dylan said while running to the car like a little kid.



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