This Is My Life

Alexis Devney's life was full of drama. She moves to Brooke, Virginia because of her father's job. There she finds more drama. Will she ever be able to escape it? Read and find out in 'This Is My Life'


11. The Aftermath

I have been here for a couple hours now just drawing. So far i drew a sad little girl sitting in a chair representing me. I also drew a forest on fire representing how angry and upset i was.

It was getting dark now. I should be getting home. I walked home enjoy the fresh air. As soon i got i was literally attacked by Maddison.

"Where have you been. We were worried sick and scared that something bad had happened to you. Brad is out looking for you. Don't ever do that again. Thank God your okay. I'm gonna go call Brad and tell him your alright." Maddison said and with that she took out her cellphone and walked away.

I went upstairs not bothering to change and laid in my bed facing away from the door. I finally cried silent tears and let everything out. After a couple minutes i heard a car door shut and the front door opening. Soon followed by steps coming upstairs and the door to my room opening. I pretended to be asleep and i heard someone come stupid my bed.

" Gosh Alexis. You can't go running off like that. I was so scared that something happened to you." Brad said. I could feel him getting closer as he kissed my forehead then left.

I slowly dozed off to sleep thinking about the events of the day.

~The Next Day ~

Today i decided that I was just gonna relax. I could tell Brad, Violet and Ciara to bring some of their friends from our grade so we could have a barbecue.

I took a shower and brushed my teeth and put on my pink bikini. Over it I put a pink crop top and pink shorts with white stars. I quickly slipped on my flip flops before grabbing my phone and heading downstairs. (


I grabbed a banana quickly eating it and my bag then headed over to Brad's house. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Ariana and Briana.

"Hey girls, is Brad here." I asked while stepping inside.

"He's in his room" Ariana repiled.

"Thanks" i said heading upstairs.

"Your welcome" Briana said.

I knocked on his door.

"Come in" Brad yelled.

I opened the door and walked in.

"Hey" i said.

"Hi, what's up?" Brad asked

"Well" i started " I'm having a pool barbeque/pool party and i need you to invite some kids from our grade.

"Sure, what time?" he replied.

"Umm, noon should be good."

"Okay then."


"See ya"

And with that i left. I headed to my car and took my keys and phone out of my bag. I quickly called Violet while starting my car. (A- Alexis, V-Violet)

V: Hey chica what's up

A: I'm having a barbecue/pool party and i was wondering if you could invite some kids from our grade. Party starts at noon. Oh and please tell Ciara.

V: Okay see you then

A: Okay, love you, bye

V: Love you too, bye

We hung up the phone and i backed out the drive way and headed to the store. I not a bunch of beef patties, hot dogs, chicken and all the other necessary things for a barbecue.

I then headed home and cleaned the grill, while waiting for my guests to arrive.

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