This Is My Life

Alexis Devney's life was full of drama. She moves to Brooke, Virginia because of her father's job. There she finds more drama. Will she ever be able to escape it? Read and find out in 'This Is My Life'


2. Surprise, Surprise

I woke up to the annoying sound of screeching.

"Dad, what's with all the noise. I'm trying to sleep here." The screeching continues. I take a quick shower and put on a cute outfit ( . I put my hair in a messy ponytail, grabbed my phone and raced downstairs, almost falling on the way. I grabbed an apple off the table and turned on my heels to find my dad. Wait when was there food and everything unpacked. Last time i remember everything was in boxes and there was no food whatsoever. I went search of my dad and found him outside, talking to Brad and who im guessing is his father.

"Hi." i greeted everybody. and they all repiled with hellos. "Hey dad when did you get everything unpacked and have time to go shopping?" i was really confused.

"Well, Bill and Brad helped me with everything." he replied.

"But you guys couldn't have done it that fast it's only-" i glanced at my phone. "2:13. wait what." My eyes wided in shock and i dropped my half eaten apple. I noticed Brad slightly smirking and heat rush to my cheeks. i know i'm not a morning person and i like to sleep in but i'm usally up by midday or one the latest.

"Anyways, as we were disscusing before Brad is gonna take you around town and show around. You better go now, so your back by 5:30 and have time to freshen up before dinner. There's a lot in this town to see."

"Okay. Let me just grab my bag." I had this really cute white one shoulder bag that I never go anywhere without.

2 Hours Later...............

"Wow that was the best shopping session ever. Are you sure I don't have to pay you back? Or at least half?" I asked. We had spent basically all our time shopping at the mall, even though Brad was supposed to show us around town. But the best part was that it was free. Well...technically, he had paid for everything. So it was free from me.

"No, I'm sure. Consider it a welcoming gift." he replied.

I had learned a lot about Brad though. He played guitar and his favorite color was teal, just like me!!!!!!!! (well kinda I have 3 favorite colors and real is one of them)

"I am so tired can we take a break. Oh look McDonald's is over there." I said pulling him, the 10 bags i was carrying and the 25 bags he was carrying. What can I say I absolutely LOVE shopping, I mean who wouldn't. Anyways I hadn't been to McDonald's in a while and i really wanted to go. Once we got there I sat at a table and we put our bags down. Then he went to get our food.

"Hi there, the names's Dylan and who are you beautiful." I blushed and turned around to see a guy. He had black messy hair and green eyes. Practically all the boys I've seen so far are hot. Is that like a thing here.

"Alexis. Now what do you want?' that came out harsher than I expected.

"Go away Dylan." I could tell that was Brad.

"What are you doing here?' asked Dylan

"Showing Alexis aro-" he was suddenly cut off by a beeping. Dylan took out his phone and read something.

"Gotta go.' he said and quickly ran off. That was weird.

When we were done with our meal, i realized what time it was. It was 6:50.

"Shit !" i exclaimed causing a few people to turn in our direction.

"What happened?" asked Brad, who was clearly startled by my sudden outburst.

"It'''s almost 7. We probably missed dinner with your family."

"Shit, let's go"

We scrambled to throw everything away and rushed to the car with our bags. It was 7:10 by the time we got there. I left my bags in his car. I can always get them later. We ran up to his house and went inside. We saw everyone cleaning up the table.

"Sorry we're late " said Brad

"Oh its okay but all the food is gone, but i can make more. In the meantime show Alexis around the house." said Cassy

"No. It's okay we already ate, but we'll be in my room if you need us." he repiled.

With that he pulled me up so his room. We talked about stuff until my dad called me to go home.

"Bye" said Brad pulling me into a hug.

"Wait, you have to give me your phone number" We quickly swapped numbers. Then I pulled him into another hug and left.

I went home and jumped into my bed. I was exhausted from all the shopping. Shit. I left my bags in his car. I can always get them tomorrow though. With that i went to sleep.

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