This Is My Life

Alexis Devney's life was full of drama. She moves to Brooke, Virginia because of her father's job. There she finds more drama. Will she ever be able to escape it? Read and find out in 'This Is My Life'


18. Problems

Within minutes the doorbell rang and I dashed down the stairs to open the front door. There stood Ciara and Violet both with bags in their hands. They brushed past me, up the stairs and into my room. They set their bags down and collapsed on my bed.

"Hi guys, come on in" I said sacastically, rolling my eyes and plopping my butt in the chair next to my desk.

"Spill." Ciara said sitting up and staring at me intently. Violet copied her actions and also stared at me.

"Well I went to Aiden's house after school to help him catch up and stuff," I started. Once I had explained everything in detail, I started squealing again. This time I was joined by Violet and Ciara.

"I knew he liked you." Violet said. "In the caferteria he kept staring at you and he had the face. You had the face too."

"And what face are you referring to?" I asked.

"The 'I like you' face." she said proudly and smirking slightly.

"Whatever." I said flipping my hair over my shoulder and walking out the room. Minutes later I returned with popcorn, chocolate, candy and soda.

"Before we pick a movie and stuff we have to get everything ready for tomorrow." I said once I had returned.

"Already done." Ciara said. "It's in your closet. Violet picked it out and I'm doing your hair."

"You can do your own makeup." Violet said. "It's easy enough."

"Okay then. I get to choose the movie." I said.

We set ourselves up on my bed. I now had a flat screen tv across from my bed and on the wall. It was one of the many things my dad would buy me to get my approval back. I set it up on Nexflix while the girls arranged the snacks and everyone got comfortable. We ended up watching Letters To Juliet, one of my all time favorite movies.


I woke up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to get a snack. I went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. As I turned around I saw my dad staring at me. He looked like he wanted to say something but was debating with himself.

"What do you want," I asked rudely. I hated being like this to my father but he really hurt me. "You know what I don't even care," I said turing on my heels and starting to walk away.

"Alexis wait. I have to tell you something important. They could take you away if you don't know," he said.

"Oh, you don't care about me anyways, so what why does it matter to you?" I whispered yelled, venom laced in every word.

"You know I care about you and I love you. I realized I made one mistake but everybody makes mistakes. Why can't you forgive me." he said with a pleading expression.

"Because dad, you really hurt me bad. It's like you don't even love me anymore." I admitted.

"You know damn well that I love you," he yelled with so much force in his voice. It kind of scared me and I flinched but still stood my ground.

"You're not showing it. You're a horrible father," I yelled backed. I shouldn't have said that considering what's been happening the past few days. He looked really pissed off and I knew he wanted to hurt me. He raised a hand and I prepared myself for a slap but that never came.

"Don't you dare lay a finger on her or I will call the police," said a voice that I could only identify as Brad's.

I slowly turned my head and saw Brad staring intensely at my father and with his cell phone in his hand. As I looked past him I noticed Violet and Ciara hiding behind, looking really frightened.

"Alexis get behind me," he said and I obeyed. "I know what's been going these past few days. Alexis is leaving and she's going to stay with me. I will make sure you go jail if you ever touch her again."

He turned and went upstairs with Ciara, Violet and I.

"Pack some of your clothes, you're staying with me for a while," he said and could still tell he was mad. He then turned to Violet and Ciara saying, "Ciara, Violet, please help Alexis and get your things. If you want I could drop you home or you could continue your sleepover at my house."

"It's fine, you don't need to drop us home. Anyways we have a date to prepare Alexis for tomorrow," Violet said.

I quickly packed my necessities and a few unnecessary things with the help of my friends. When we were done we walked over to Brad house and snuck into his room. I'm sure that three girls sneaking into a guys room may be weird but don't judge.

We soon got settled in and all went to bed. After today's events, i'm sure we all need a good night's rest.


I surprisingly woke up very early, well earlier than everyone in Brad's room. I don't know about the rest of this house. I quickly brushed my hair and teeth, then washed my face before heading downstairs. I had to make myself look presentable but I'll take a shower later.

As I walked downstairs and into the kitchen I noticed most of the household had been awake and were eating.

"Good morning," I chirped as I walked in.

Bill, Brad's dad was the first to acknowledge me. "Good morning Alexis. I didn't realize that you were spending the night," he said sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Umm yeah. We had a sleepover in Maddison's room," I said not wanting him to get the wrong impression about sleeping in Brad's room.

"Who's we?" Bob asked giving me a puzzled expression. Just I was about to answer him Violet, Ciara, and Brad walked in. Ciara was dressed for the day. Violet was still in her pajamas but I could see that she freshened up and brushed her hair. Brad looked like the exact opposite, like he had just woken up, with messy hair and was shirtless.

"Brad, go put on a shirt," Bob scolded. Brad turned on his heals and went back upstairs, returning minutes later with a shirt on. Everyone except Cassandra and the babies were at the table now.

We all joined the table and quickly ate our food before returning upstairs. It was around ten in the morning when we finished, so I had a lot of time to get ready. When we went upstairs the girls and I practically kicked Brad out of his room.

I took a shower, taking my sweet time to wash my hair. I had gone in the bathroom with my underwear and bra, so I put them on and wrapped my towel around myself, once I had finished showering. I blow dried my hair and went outside the bathroom, and saw Violet and Ciara ready to get started on me. Ciara forced me into a chair and got started. First she straightened my naturally wavy hair. I was then pushed me toward the bed and there laid my clothes. It was a blue sweater with the words NEW YORK in white and the number 58 in pink. There was also a pair of pink jeans that matched the pink on the sweater.

After I was done I was pulled back to the chair, for my hair to get finished. First she pinned the front of my hair back and used a bow clip to keep it in place. To finish it off she curled the ends of my hair in loose curls. Then they let me do my make up. I put on eyeliner, mascara and lightly put on blue eyeshadow that matched my sweater. Violet handed me my pink and blue jeweled bracelets and a silver bow necklace. Ciara hand me some white gladiator sandals to complete the look. ( I quickly put them on, then went downstairs.

As I passed the living room I was greeted with 'you look pretty' and 'you look cute' by some some of Brad younger siblings. I blushed slightly and replied with 'thank you' to all of them.

I went out and sat on the porch, waiting for my date to arrive. As I sat there I heard footsteps coming from behind me. I turned around to see Ariana, walking around ind in circles like she was contemplating on something.

"Can I sit with you?" she asked.

"Sure, What is it?" I asked curiously.

"Do you think I'm," she paused, taking a deep breath. "That I'm ugly?"

"What, no. You're like one of the prettiest girls that i've ever seen. Why would you think that Ari?"

"Because I like Jace but he likes Briana. She's prettier than me and smarter and cooler. Plus he spends more time with her than me. He always all close to her and whispering stuff in her ear. It's like when i'm there, I'm invisible. And I think Briana knows I like him. She's just mad that I got her grounded, which was a complete accident by the way, so she wasn't able to go on her date with Mike and she had liked him. But it wasn't my fault because she was the one who was out past curfew and I tried to cover for her, although I'm a terrible liar, i just thought the skills would magically appear for once, which is kind of stupid now that I think about it. And now she trying to make me jealous and get back at me with Jace. But it's not fair, I really like him and it wasn't my fault that Briana stayed out past curfew and I'm ranting aren't." She stopped and took a deep breath while I nodded. Just as I opened my mouth to speak she started talking again. "Gosh that's another trait that Briana doesn't have and that makes her so much better than me. That's just another reason for him to like her more than me. And I just don't know what to do because as I said before I really like him." As I was about to speak again, she started talking. "You know what just forget. I'm sorry for wasting your time. Oh and I think your date is her." She said sadly.

She got up and turned to go back inside. I looked and saw that Aiden was indeed here and he got out his car. I quickly got up and turned around grabbing Briana's hand before she could go inside. She turned back around but kept her head down.

"Briana look at me." I said sternly and brought her eyes up to mine. "You are beautiful and don't you ever think you aren't. Any guy would be lucky to have you. I wish I could talk now but we will talk when I come back. I'll have a sleepover with you tonight. " I said and I leaned in close to her ear "And you'll be the first one to hear about my date." I pulled back and noticed her eyes lit up and she was smiling. "Now go inside, i'll see you later. "

She surprised me by giving me a hug, then ran inside. I laughed a little then turned around and saw Aiden at the steps.

"Ready?" He asked and I nodded. "Well, your chariot awaits" he said gesturing to his car. We walked to his car and he opened the door for me. Then he went to his side and started the car.

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