This Is My Life

Alexis Devney's life was full of drama. She moves to Brooke, Virginia because of her father's job. There she finds more drama. Will she ever be able to escape it? Read and find out in 'This Is My Life'


8. I Hate You

It had been a few days and it was now Wednesday. I awoke to Maddison almost tripping over me in a rush to get to the bathroom. I guess someone held it in too long. I slowly sat up and heard the sound of somebody throwing up. I rushed to the bathroom and held back her hair.

"Are you ok" i asked her when she was done vomiting. She didn't answer. Instead she had this far away look in her eyes, like she was deep into thought. "Maddison" i called a couple times. My cell phone started ringing and she was finally brought back.

"I'm fine." She replied." Aren't you going to answer that" I got up and left to room i checked the caller ID and it was Brad. I quickly answered the phone. (B-Brad, A-Alexis, M-Maddison)

A: Hey Brad make it quick i was busy with something.

B: Well it seems as though someone's not a morning person.

A: Just get to the point.

B: Ok umm... Well I'm worried about Maddison. She usually just stays in her room and she always tells me everything like I'm her best friend. We were really close. But now whenever I try and call her or text her or communicate with her she ignores me and she never used to do that. Is she ok?

A: Yea i guess.

B: Do you umm think she umm found out she's ummm adopted.

My jaw dropped at that. She looks so much like Brad's family how can she be adopted.

A: I'm pretty sure it isn't that. I think she would at least have told me.

M: (in the background) Alexis!!!

A: Go to go. Bye

B: Was that Maddison. I'm coming over.

A: Whatever. Bye.

I quickly hung up the phone and rushed downstairs in search for Maddison. When i didn't see her in the kitchen, dining room or living room I started to panic. What if someone broke into my house and kidnapped her. All these other bad thoughts came into mind.

++++ Maddison's P.O.V ++++

I awoke suddenly feeling something rise up my throat. I rushed to the bathroom nearly tripping over Alexis. I started throwing up and soon felt my hair being held back. Oh No. This can't be happening this can't be true.

"Are you ok" i heard Alexis ask. I just ignored her. It all made sense now. The sudden craving for chocolate. The missed period. The morning sickness. I had to confirm this was true before i told anyone. My thoughts were interrupted by Alexis's cell phone.

"I'm fine" i said answering her previous question. When i noticed she hadn't gotten her phone i said " Aren't you going to answer that." She quickly got up to answer her phone. I got up after her and headed toward the computer room. I went on Google and typed in 'pregnancy symptoms'. I clicked the first link that appeared. I looked through the page and saw a link to a pregnancy quiz. I took the quiz it asked me questions like:

1. Have you missed your period?

2. Have you experienced cramping and/or tiredness?

The questions went on like that. There were 10 questions. After i was done answering them i clicked see results. The letters popped up in bold. 'YOU ARE PREGNANT' I started shaking and crying silently.

"Alexis" i yelled out not knowing what else to do. I'm pregnant

++++ Alexis's P.O.V ++++

I went into the computer room and what i saw shocked me. She was in a corner shaking and silent tears feel from her eyes. When she saw me started crying harder and a few sobs escaped her mouth. I rushed to get side and started comforting her. I asked her what's wrong and she pointed to a computer screen. I took a look at it and saw a pregnancy quiz. What shocked me was the results. 'YOU ARE PREGNANT' I read in big bold letters. Then it hit me Maddison is pregnant.

I felt so bad for her. My grandmother had my mom at 16. They used to tell me and my sister about all of their struggles. I guess I was scared for her.

I heard the doorbell ringing and someone knocking on the door. I ignored it.

"Alexis please open the door." It was Brad. I looked at Maddison kind of asking permission from her. She gave me a simple nod.

"Coming" i shouted. I helped Maddison off the floor and together we slowly walked towards the door.

I opened the door. As soon as he saw us he wrapped us in a big hug and we just cried into his shirt. He didn't questioned us. He just let us cry.

Soon we went into the entertainment room and waited for Brad to come back. About 10 minutes later he came back with ice cream and chick flicks. He knows how to cheer a girl up. We ate the ice cream and around our 5th movie which was 'Mean Girls 2' i feel asleep.

++++ Maddison's P.O.V. ++++

When Alexis found me and I told her that I was pregnant, she cried. I don't know why maybe because she felt bad for me. Soon Brad came and we cried into his shirt. I'm pretty sure it was soaked by the time we finished crying.

We went into the entertainment room and he left. Minutes later he came back with ice cream and movies. During our 5th movie Alexis fell asleep. When it was over Brad carried her up to room. I just sat on the couch waiting. He came back down giving a me a questioning look. I motioned for him to pick me up and he just raised an eyebrow. Then at that moment I heard thunder and heavy rainfall. I ran to Brad who was going back upstairs and jumping onto his back. I could tell i surprised him because he stumbled a little bit.

Upstairs he tucked me into to bed.

"Thank you for tonight and your the best brother ever."

"I know and your welcome." he replied. "I love you little sis."

"I love you too big bro"

He then proceeded to lay down on the floor. my hand was dangling if the edge of the bed and he held it. This is just like old times. Brad used to carry me piggy back to bed. He used to sleep next to my bed and hold my hand during thunderstorms because he knew they scared me. We used to always be together. He used to call me baby girl. If only he knew I'm not a baby anymore and i have one growing inside me. How could i be so stupid. I knew Dylan was a player. And Brad told me to stay away from him. We were so close but then he went to high school and that changed him. I always wondered why but now I know. I should have listened to Brad. I was just fooled. Even though I'm his best friend's sister he just sees me as another girl. Why didn't Brad warn me. 'I HATE YOU MADDISON' I thought to myself. 'I HATE YOU DYLAN' 'I HATE YOU BRAD' 'I HATE YOU HIGH SCHOOL, YOU ENDED MY CHILDHOOD, TURNED MY FRIENDS AGAINST ME, CHANGED PEOPLE AND NOW RUINED MY LIFE. I HATE YOU HIGH SCHOOL'


Hey guys what do you think of the chapter? And who do you think is this Dylan guy? Don't be afraid to comment.


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