This Is My Life

Alexis Devney's life was full of drama. She moves to Brooke, Virginia because of her father's job. There she finds more drama. Will she ever be able to escape it? Read and find out in 'This Is My Life'


15. Good News


"Maddi, we got to talk to Brad and Dylan and talk about everything that happened. " I said

"No we can't. Everything is going to turn out horrible." she replied.

"Well we have to tell them sooner or later." I argured.

"How about sooner?" she said hopefully. 

"Either you tell them or I will, they desrve to know the truth." I replied.

"Fine, let's go" she said.

"We better hurry, before they kill eachother." I said jokingly.

"Yeah"  she said and we rushed downstairs. My ankle was slowly getting better so I had stomped limping but it still hurt. 

They were in the middle of a heated arguement. 

"Guys" i said trying to get their attention but they didn't hear me. "Guys" I yelled but they ignored me.

So I did the only reasonable thing I could think of. I screamed but not any scream. You know the ones where you know the person is really in trouble. Yeah, that one. They quickly snapped theri necks in Maddison and I's direction. They both had worried looks in their eyes. I kind of felt guilty but not too guilty because they had ignored me. 

"Alexis don't ever do that again unless something is really wrong." Brad chatised. I just rolled my eyes.

"We need to speak to you guys." Maddison said, finally speaking up. 

"Well can't it wait we were in the middle of something very important." Brad said.

"No it can't." I replied. "Now get inside." I commanded but they just stared at me. "Now" I yelled as loud as I could. 

They walked inside and all four of us stood in the living room just looking at each other.

"Well....-" Maddison started.


"Well, we have a couple things we need to tell you. We haven't been completely honest with the both of you and there are some things you need to know." Maddison said and the tears started streaming down her face.

You might think I you might think I'm a cold hearted and only making Maddison do this because I doesn't care about who gets hurt just because I've been hurt so many times.  Well part of it is true. I'm making Maddison do this because I've been hurt by the people I love so many times just because they lied to me. Trust me the truth hurts and lying might seem like a good option then all can be forgotton. But that is not the case. Those lies will come back sooner or later and they end up hurting the ones you love a whole lot more than you thought it would.  So it is better to tell the truth from the being. Yea, it may hurt at first but they'll come around eventually. With lies, they think you don't trust them and they feel hurt in addition.

"Gosh, where should I start" she said, obviously stressing.

I put a hand on her shoulder, looked at her with caring eyes and said "How about the beginning.

"Well I was born August 2nd and my mom and dad were so happy. I recall they said I was the cutest thing on Earth. " she said.

"Seriously Maddison, they need to know." I stated sternly.

"Need to know what, what is so important." Brad asked with worried expression on his face. "Is she pregnant or something" he asked.

'Ha if only he knew' I thought to myself and smirked in my mind.

"Well Dylan and I started dating almost a year ago. He asked me out on my 15th birthday. And that's how it begins." Maddison stated, looking a little starstruck. 

"This has been going off for almost a year and it's now i'm finding out about this!" Brad yelled. His face was getting redder and redder by the second.

"Brad, calm down. I know it seems bad but wait until we get to the end to comment." I said with a very posh voice.

"Now is not the time for playing. My sister w-" Brad said but I cut him off.

"Uhh buh buh buh buh. Let her finish." I said. Once again I used a posh voice just to tick him off a bit. I know this wasn't the best time but I couldn't help it. He glared at me but let her continue. 

Just as Maddison was about to contiue speaking, Brad's phine rang. He looked at the sceen to see who was calling. I guess it was important because he went into the other room.

"Well this is going well." Maddison said. Her words held a little bit of the truth. "He's taking it better then I expected. I thought he would"ve flipped a table by now." 

"Seriously?" I asked, slightly amused.

Just then Brad walked back into the room with a worried and distraught expression. 

"We have to go Maddison. Now, mom's in labor." Brad said. Worry, laced throuh his voice.

"But she's supposed to have the babies in a month." Maddison stated, slightly shocked.

"Exactly, so let's go!" he exclaimed. "Alexis stay here with Dylan and the rest of the kids." he instructed.

"No. I'm coming, you know she's like my mother too. And the rest of her kids should be there too." i statedd.

"Ugh fine. Maddison go with Alexis and take Emma, Ariana and Briana. Dylan, you come with me and we'll take Dustin, Jeremiah and Chloe. " He shouted running upstairs.

Maddison followed closely behind. To help him. I put Emma's car seat in my car and Brad already had Chloe's carseat in his car, from earlier that week. By the time I was done everyone was outside. Brad carrying a sleeping Chloe, Dylan was holding a tired-looking Dustin and helping Jeremiah get in the car. Maddison was holding an also sleeping Emma. And Ariana and Briana trailed behind them all.  Maddison put Emma in her seat and the twins got in. 

Once we were sure we hadn't left anybody, we sped to the hospitaly. We stopped in front of the hospital and let everyone out. Maddison was once again holding Emma. Dylan was holding Chloe. Ariana was holding Dustin's hand and Briana was holding Jeremiah's hand. It was now easy to tel the difference between the twins. Ariana had bangs and Briana did not.

Brad and I went to go park the cars. I found a spot close to the hospital. Brad found one a little further. We ran to tha hospital and to the front desk. 

"Where's Cassandra Devilio?" Brad asked.

"And who are you?" the nurse asked peeping at us from behind her glasses. 

"I'm her son." Brad stated, started to get pissed.

The nurse typed on her computer, purposely taking forever to give us the room number.

"Well she's in labor right now but you can wait in room 420, on the fourth floor.' she stated.

We ran to the elevator and to room 420. We found eveyone there. Dustin looked like he was about to pass out, Dylan was trying to stop Chloe from crying. Emma was now full awake and running around everywhere. Ariana and Briana were trying to get her to calm down. Jeremiah was sitting in a corner with Maddison and I think he was crying. Everybody overall looked stressed including Brad and I. When Jeremiah saw us he ran up Brad.

"I'm hungry" he said acting as though he weren't crying a minute ago. 

"Me too." Ariana said. 

"I want food" Briana said.

"I'm hungwry." Emma said. 

I guess everyone is hungry. 

"Well Maddison and I are going to McDonald's. And Brad is paying for everything." I said enthusiastically.

"Yay!" everybody cheered. Brad gut glared at but handed me his credit card. 

I took it and we went outside. McDonald's was just down the block so we didn't have to drive. We walked in silence and went inside. I ordered five kid's meals, with apple slices, french fries, chicken nuggets and chocolate milk. I also ordered apple slices, french fries and apple juice for Chloe. Then we went to the starbucks around the corner. I got four chocolate chunck cookies and four iced coffees. One for Maddison, Dylan, Brad and I. As soon as we paid for everything we headed back. When we got tere eveyone rushed towards us.

There was a table on of the room, so I made everyone sit down before giving them their food. Once everyone finished eating they started playing around. It had been three hours since we had arrived and everyone was tired. On the other side was four cots and in the back was a reclining chair and couch, that pulled out into a bed. Ariana, Briana, Dustin and Jememiah slept on the cots and Emma, Chloe slept on the couch. We had to stay by the sides to make sure no one fell off. 

It was another hour before the doctor finally came. I had gotten us some more coffee and all the little ones were asleep.

"Cassandra has delivered all three babies successfully." she stated. "She has went to sleep but you'll be able to see her and the babies tomorrow." with that she felt. The four of us quietly celebrated and retired for the night.  I slept on the couch with Maddison but Chloe and Emma were still between us. Brad slept on the reclining chair and Dylan had to go home. We all said our goodbyes, then went to sleep.


This chapter is to help make up for the late publishings. Also consider this a gift in the spirit of Christmas. Happy Holidays.



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