This Is My Life

Alexis Devney's life was full of drama. She moves to Brooke, Virginia because of her father's job. There she finds more drama. Will she ever be able to escape it? Read and find out in 'This Is My Life'


16. Blake, Bella and Bailey

I woke up this morninng with a very stiff back and an ache in my neck. It was around nine in the morning and I knew everybody else wouldn't be up until at least noon. I wasn't a morning person but I knew Cassandra was a morning person, so I decided to visit. I sent Brad a quick text stating where I was just in case he woke up, so he wouldn't panic. I put my pillow in my spot so the little ones wouldn't fall off the bed and quietly exited the room. I went down the hall, turned left then stopped at room 420. I peeped through the glas window and knocked when I saw she was awake and entered. When I noticed the babies I stated to get excited. My smile was so wide it was starting to hurt a little bit. 

"Hi, Cassy. How are you feeling?" I aked feeling really excited as I approached her.

"Well I feel ggod. I don't have the feelng that I'm goning to explode every second now." She said I sat in a nearby chair.

"What are their names?" I asked referring to Bailey.

"Well, this one is Blake." she said pointing at the biggest one of the three. He was reallly cute had blonde hair and green eyes. I bet he's going to be a ladie's man. "That is Bella." she said pointing to the only girl, who also had blonde hair and green eyes. She seemed like she was going to a girly girl. "And this is Bailey" she said reffering to the last baby. He looked a lot like Brad with his blonde hair and blue eyes. I think he'd follow in Brad's footsteps and become an athlete. Or at least do something in sports. 

"Aww they're all so cute!' Ii squealed but now too loudly. "Can I hold one?" I asked once again getting excited.

She nodded and I walked over to Bella . I picked her up out of her little bed or cotainer thingy. i don't really know what they are called. I craddled her head and held her exactly like I had learned to when Brad taught me. I walked over and sat in my seat again, staring into Bella's beautiful face. She was one of the cutest babies i had ever seem. She yawned a tiny little yawn and fidgited a little bit in my arms before closing her eyes and going to sleep. As I studied her face I saw she had a tiny little sloped nose and a lot of hair for a baby. 

I stared at her with admiration. I never had a little sister before but had always wanted one. I watched her sleep for a while before looking up at Cassandra again. She was staring at me in sucj a loving and motherly way that I adored and hated at the same time. She was like a mother to me but I knew she could never replace my mom. As memories of her started flooding back, I started to get more upset and felt like I was about to break down any minute. I got up and handed Bella to Cassandra before turning to leave.

"I'm going to Starbucks, do you want anything?" I said still facing away from her as tears started to form in my eyes. 

"Umm, just a regular coffee please." she replied politely.

"Sure" I said my voice cracking. And I started walking away. As I head to the elevators I passed the room we slept in just as Brad was coming out. I tird to pass by without him seeing me but he did. We exchanged eye contact for a brief second before I ran, I could here Brad running after me so I took the stairs. By the time I got outside I was out of breath and tears were streaming down my face. I quickly wiped them away and ran around the corner to the Starbucks. 

"Can I have a regular coffee and a white chocolate mocha?" I asked as I reached the counter.

"Sure hun, what's your name?" The barista asked, She look about her mid thirties and had a Sourthern accent,

"Alexis." I said before paying for the drinks and walking over and sitting at a booth while I waited for them to make my drinks.  I looked around before seeing Brad walking towards me.

"What's wrong?' he said taking a seat,

"Nothing." I stated simply.

"Then why'd you run away?" he said.

"What are you talking about?" I said pretending not to know what he was talking about.

"When you saw me in the hallway at the hospital." he said raising and eyebrow. That was sign that hes was startng to believe me.

"I didn't see you." he said.

"Then why were you running?" he asked.

"Because I wanted to get here quickly and anyways I need the extercise."  I said.

"Oh and why are your eyes a little red?" he asked.

"Beacuse I had been rubbing them?" I replied.

"Are you sur you're okay?" he asked.

"What is this twenty questions?" i countered back. 

"Alexis." One of the baristas called. I quickly got up and headed outside and started my trip back to the hospital. 

"Hey, why did you leave me?" Brad asked coming up next to me.

"Because you're being annoying." I stated.

"How am I being annoying?" he asked.

"Ughh. Again withe questions." I said pretending to be annoyed. 

"Sorry" he said. 

We walked back up to the hospital and to his mom's room. 

"Hi again." i said. "He's your coffee." I said handing it to Cassandra.

"Hi mom, how are you feeling?" he asked.

"I'm good." she replied.

"Where are the babies?" he asked.

"Nurse said something about a check up" she replied.

"what are their names?" he asked. 

"Blake, Bella and Bailey. Can we please stop with the questions now." I exclaimed plopping down into a seat. 

"Fine. Well we have to go home. There's school tomorrow and I know that's going to be difficult." Brad said. We had a week off of school but that was over now.

"Dad will be home by noon. He's going to spend a few hours with me but will be home by tonight and he can help you tomorrw." She replied.

"Okay, bye mom." he said.

"Wait let me see my children first." she said suddenly. 

"I'll go get them." I said. 

I walked back to room 420 and opened the door to see Maddison telling the kids something.  

"And you guys will have two little brother and one little sister. I don't know their names yet but we can ask mommy when we see her.  Are you guys going to be good big brothers and sisters?" was all I heard her say.

A chorus of 'yea' and 'yes' went around.

"Who wants to go see mommy." I exclaimed.

A chorus of 'me' and 'I' went around.

"Then let's go." i said. 

We brought them to the room and they stayed and talked with Cassandra for a while. They started asking a bunch of questions so I went back to the room to clean up our mess. I put everything back the way they were before we came.  

When I got back to the room they were all saying their goodbyes. We all loaded into our cars and made our way back to the house. They were all hungry so I made them lunch. It consisted of peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese sandwhiches with apple or grape juice. For Chloe I just gave her yogurt.

I stayed throughout the day helping Brad and Maddison watch over everyone. The older ones -Ariana, Briana and Jeremiah- weren't really any problem. They mostly stayed in their rooms with some form of electronics. It was the younger one -Dustin, Emma and Chloe- that were energetic. We finally got a break when they took their naps. 

I went over to my house and took a quick shower and changed my clothes before heading back. I took a nap on the couch while the others did who knows what. That nap didn't last long though because within two hours they were up and energetic again. When dinner rolled around I made spagetti and meatballs for them to eat. But Chloe, being the baby ate some fruits instead. When everyone was finished evrybody had a task. Ariana and Briana had to wash the dishes, Maddison had to prepare everyone's beds, Brad had to help get Emma ready for bed, I had to get Chloe ready for bed and Dustin and Jerimah had to take showers. Soon afterward Briana and Ariana would take showers too. When everyone was finally ready for bed Emma and Chloe went to sleep with no problem, Dustin and Jeremiah were  little bit of a struggle and the twins got to stay up a while longer.

Once I saw everybody was all good and settled I headed back to my house. I changed into my pajamas, threw my hair in a messy bun, brushed my teeth and went to bed. The day's events had tired me out niy I knew tomorrow's events would be prove to be a hopefully easier task. I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. That was an hour earlier than I originally woke up but I knew they needed my help.


Sorry for the late update and short chapter. I promise a longer chapter next time.


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