This Is My Life

Alexis Devney's life was full of drama. She moves to Brooke, Virginia because of her father's job. There she finds more drama. Will she ever be able to escape it? Read and find out in 'This Is My Life'


4. A Special Request

Things have been going great except for the constant nagging of Brad. I also found this place in the woods where i can relax and focus on my drawing career. It's a in the the middle woods behind my house. There's a huge clearing with a giant tree in the center. I go there whenever i want to be alone and escape reality.

Violet and I have become best friend. We came up with cute nicknames and everything. I call her Vi and she calls me Lexi. We even met this girl named Ciara. Her nickname is Cici. She came 2 weeks into the school year. Now all three of us are besties.


'Get up sleepy head. It's time to go to school....'

There goes the famous alarm clock that i recorded and love so dearly. Note the heavy sarcasm.


I shot out of bed. It got me every time. I took a quick shower and put on my favorite outfit. A purple shirt the said love and my favorite pair of apple bottom jean shorts. I grabbed my school bag and headed out to my baby. It was a 2008 Honda Accord EX V6 and it was dark blue. I picked up Vi and Cici and headed to McDonalds. We ordered 3 egg mcmuffins and 3 caramel lattes. We ate in my car and then headed to school.

*Later That Day*

We were in the middle of the most boring science classes. Our teacher, Mr.Raymond was giving one of his famous boring lectures. Luckily Cici was in my class. We were in the middle of a deep conversation about going shopping over the weekend when a something hit me.

"What was that" i turned around ready to smack whoever hit me when when i saw a paperball on the floor next to me. I picked out up when suddenly Mr.Ramond yelled out. "Alexis, Brad outside now."

"But didn't do anything."

"You and Brad were passing notes."


"Outside now. Both of you."

I sighed in defeat and headed outside followed by Brad.

When i saw it was safe i quickly punched him.

"Ow what was that for" he exclaimed.

"Getting me in trouble" i replied simply.

"I needed to ask you something" he whispered so no one could hear us.

"Couldn't it wait" i whisper-yelled.

He was about to reply when Mr.Ramond came out. " 2 days lunch detention. Starting today. "


"Want me to make it 3."

"No, sir"

"Now back in the classroom."


That was the bell saying it was now lunchtime. Cici walked up to me. "What happened"

"I got lunch detention."

"Oh. Okay, see after school then."


I sat down in the front row and Brad happened to sit in the seat next to me. I groaned.

"No leaving this room, stay seated and be quiet. I'll be back at the end of lunch." And with that he left the room.

"What do you want" i groaned.

"Well my mom still thinks we're friends and me to invite you to dinner tonight."

"Ugg, what time?"

"Wait your coming?"

"Well i didn't become a jerk like you."

"I'm not a jerk."

"Are too."

"Are not."

"Are too."

"Are not."

" Whatever, just tell me the time."


Something tells me that tonight will be a long one.

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