As If Your Life Depended On It

What if you were hired to kill celebrities? For a lot of money that can help change your identity after each kill. Well that’s how Clover lived her life. She would change her name, but her parents always called her Clover. Oh, did I mention she worked for her parents’ agency, and she was diagnosed with cancer. Now I know it may seem strange to kill celebrities, but its only because the celebrities worked for SAOF (Secret Agents Of France), which they are after to kill us SAOE (Secret Agents of England), the agency Clovers parents own. Do you want to know more… well read it. {btw it does involve one direction}


3. Turn Your Face

Harry's POV

 Me, Zayn, Niall, and Liam sat in the living room watching some football while Louis went to get his phone.

"She is really sweet and cool," Zayn said referring to Scar. I smiled. 

"Yeah, she seems so different from Simon though," Liam chuckled. I nodded. "But Im glad we get to spend a summer or two with her," Liam said taking a drink from his cup.

"Yeah, but I don't understand why he wants us to watch her now for the summer?" Niall asked.

"Probably some business stuff," Liam shrugged. I nodded agreeing with Liam. Niall was about to say something until we heard running down the stairs. We turned our heads to see Scar running, and out the door crying. I stood up and Louis came bounding down the stairs.

"What did you do!" I yelled frustrated. Louis looked a bit paleish.

"I, uh, well," Louis tried explaining. I shook my head and quickly ran out the door. I saw a small figure running. I took a deep breath and ran after her. She ran for quite a while before she finally she stopped at a park. She collapsed on the ground taking heavy breaths. I ran to her side and knelt down, she looked like someone had squeezed all the air out of her.

"Scar, speak to me," I said lifting her figure. She had her eyes closed. She was shaking and having a hard time breathing, something was really wrong with her. "Scar, calm down, everything will be okay," I whispered pulling her into my chest. 

"We... ne..ed to.. ge..t," She hiccuped. I nodded and texted Liam where we are. I lifted her up and began to walk towards the curb. Liam then pulled up with Zayn in the passenger seat. I set Scar in the seat and ran to the other side getting in. We quickly drove home.

"What do you need?" I asked Scar picking her up. She took a moment before answering me.

"My..," She breathed. I nodded and ran inside and quickly got to her room. She pointed to her bag and I brought it to her. She searched in it before  she pulled out a syringe and gave herself a shot. I was confused by now.

"What was that?" I asked sitting next to her. She sat up and looked a bit dizzy.

"If I run, in the cold while crying, and nothing warm on, it does weird things to my body," She said said laying back. That was a bit weird, but I guess I will have to take her word for it. Her eyes closed as she layed back. I took the medicine out of her hand. I sighed, she probably fell asleep. I stood up and walked downstairs.

"Harry before you go off on me, I didn't mean to upset her," Louis said standing up in defence. I took a sharp breath.

"How?" I asked. He looked confused before he got what I meant.

"She was skyping one of her friends, and they were calling each other nicknames, and she was telling her how I was getting suspicious, and it was because Simon adopted her, and her parents were killed right in front of her," Louis said in one breath. I was shocked, how could she open up so fast, and to Lou!

"You got her that upset!" Zayn said shocked. "You must have hit a big nerve," Zayn said sitting back.

"I didn't mean to, and now she probably hates me," Louis said falling back on the couch. I sat next to Zayn.

"Well wasn't this a perfect first night," Niall sighed. All of us grunted.


Clover's POV

 I woke up to my head pounding against my skull. I sighed rubbing my temples.  What a lovely morning. I got up and walked to my bathroom. I took a hot shower and wrapped myself in a fuzzy towel. I walked into my room and went into my closet. What to wear.

"Perfect," I whispered. I put on my Hazel Solid Shaker Sweater and put on my light blue ripped jeans on. I put my floral boots on and straightened my hair. I cleaned my glasses and slipped them back on, which I must say still feel weird to wear. I jogged downstairs and saw all the lads getting ready for something, probably an interview or something.

"Morning Scar," Niall said hugging me. Which was a bit strange "How are you feeling?" He asked, and Im guessing Louis told them what had really happened last nioght. I smiled at his kindness.

"Better, thank you," I said kissing his cheek, making him blush a bit. "I must be going though, don't want to be late, tell the lads I said morning," I said waving goodbye to Niall. I walked outside and began to walk to work. It was probably the longest walk ever. Once I got there though I noticed everyone was unusually busy.

"Morning Miss Clover," Jenny, the receptionist, said cheerfully.

"Morning, is my dad in?" I asked. She nodded. I smiled and walked through the crowd of busy people. I finally made it to my dad's office and walked in. I smiled as he talked on his phone. He starred out the window laughing every now and then.

"Well goodbye," He said hanging up his phone. He turned around and smiled at me.

"Hi dad," I said sitting down in front of him.

"Hello sweetheart, what do you need?" Dad asked getting on his laptop.

"A car, and a new syringe, I had to use mine last night," I said making it sound as if it were normal. The only reason I use a syringe is because I got shot in my lungs once during a mission, and they aren't as strong as they once were.

"Alright, I will call Joe and he should have it ready by time you get to his office," Dad smiled. I nodded standing up. He tossed me some keys. "Drive safe," Dad warned.

"Yes dad," I said walking out. I quickly made my way to Joe's office, I walked in to see him going through bottles and bottles. I sat down on a stool as I waited. He walked over and handed me and black pouch.

"There are three, be careful now," Joe smiled. I nodded.

"I can stay for a while, the lads are out, so I came here to get a car and these," I chuckled.

"You can't come to much, those lads might get suspicious," Joe said grabbing a coffee. I nodded.

"Its worth it, I need someone that knows me, to talk to," I said laying my head on the table.

"Still tired from the medicine?" Joe chuckled. I nodded.

"It has quite a punch to it," I laughed. I then felt my phone buzz. I pulled it out to see a new message.

From Hazza ;)~ Hey I put my number in and sent me a message, but anyways, the lads want to know if you would care to take a night out at a bar?

"Who's it from?" Joe asked. I smiled at him.

"Its from Harry," I said as I texted Harry back.

To Hazza ;)~ Sure, I will get out in an hour and meet you back at the house ;)

"So has he fallen for you yet?" Joe asked sitting in his chair by his desk. I shrugged.

"Hard to tell," I said getting up. "Well thanks again Joe, I will visit soon," I smiled hugging him. I walked out of the building making sure to say goodbye to Jenny. I got into the black car my dad gave me the keys to and drove back to the lads house. No one was in the house so I went down to Zayn's painting room and pulled out a blank canvas. I turned on the Fray and closed my eyes. I painted how my heart was felling at the moment.

"Scar?" I heard a voice say tapping my shoulder. I turn the music off and saw Zayn smirking. "Felt the need to paint?" Zayn asked. I shrugged. (A/N If you want you can play Turn Your Face by Little Mix during this next part)

"Guess so," I said with a small smile. "Just my hearts aching," I said placing the paint brush down. I guess hearing this band makes me think of my first real boyfriend.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Zayn asked. I looked at him and sighed. I didn't want to say everything, but it would be nice for at least one of the lads to slightly understand me.

"I have had to change myself so many times for so many boys, its like no one wants me," I said sitting on the ground. For some reason, I feel as if me and Zayn are going to be like brother and sister.

"Tell me," Zayn whispered sitting in front of me, does he really want to know?

~Flash Back~

"Come on Clover!" Jerome laughed tugging on my hand. I laughed as we rolled down the hill.

"So whats going to happen when I have to go back to boarding school?" I asked Jerome. I knew he didn't want to talk about it, but we would have to at some point. He sighed.

"Im not sure, but I just want you to promise me one thing," Jerome said grabbing my hand.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Just never forget me, and at least come visit me?" Jerome smiled. I felt tears coming down my cheeks. I came to visit my aunt every summer and this last one I met Jerome, the sweetest guy on the planet.

"Trust me, I will be back next summer," I said laying my head on his chest.

"Promise?" Jerome asked. I nodded.

"I promise," I whispered.

But that promise was broken. The next summer I came back I saw Jerome at the beach. I smiled as I saw him coming out of the water. I remembered how much he loved to surf. I was about to jog over, but A girl ran up to him and kissed him, just like we use to kiss. My heart shattered.

"Jerome," I whispered as I unclasped the pendant around my neck he gave me. I took a deep breath before chucking it at him. I saw it hit his chest. He bent down to pick it up. I watched as he opened it. He looked around and spotted me. His mouth opened, but I didn't want to hear it. I turned away never seeing him again. Never going to visit there any more summers. Because I knew once I turned my face for a second, he would break me. Because all I am to him is a fool.

~~Flash Back Over~ (and you can stop playing the song if you want :})~~

"And I never visited my aunt any more, because I knew if I did I would see him," I said as I hugged my knees to my chest. Zayn rubbed my back. "And I haven't really had a boyfriend as sweet, caring, and loyal as Jerome since," I sighed.

"Well, I have a girlfriend, but I think Harry is falling for you," Zayn whispered. "And I know he wouldn't break your heart," Zayn smiled. I stood up and Zayn did also.

"Can we not hang this up?" I asked. I don't want anything to remind me of Jerome, ever.

"Sure, how about we get drunk, and forget about Jerome," Zayn said slinging his around around my shoulder. I shook my head. Zayn looked confused. "Then what do you want to do?" Zayn asked as we got upstair.

"I just want to be alone," I whispered walking up to my room. I sat there until I heard the door open and close. I took a deep breath and walked downstairs. Zayn sat on the couch watching football. "Why aren't you out?" I asked sitting next to him.

"I was worried about you, wanted to stay and make sure you will be okay," Zayn smiled. I sat there for a moment think if I should tell him, who I really am, so I can have someone here to talk to.



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