As If Your Life Depended On It

What if you were hired to kill celebrities? For a lot of money that can help change your identity after each kill. Well that’s how Clover lived her life. She would change her name, but her parents always called her Clover. Oh, did I mention she worked for her parents’ agency, and she was diagnosed with cancer. Now I know it may seem strange to kill celebrities, but its only because the celebrities worked for SAOF (Secret Agents Of France), which they are after to kill us SAOE (Secret Agents of England), the agency Clovers parents own. Do you want to know more… well read it. {btw it does involve one direction}


8. Stay

Clover's POV
 After a long day of training me and Zayn decided to get some coffee and actually go shopping. " So are you glad that I will be working for SAOE?" Zayn asked as we walked into Rue 21.

"Yeah, cause I can visit you guys every often, if Im still alive," I joked. Zayn just squeezed my shoulders.

"Scar, Im pretty sure you will be fine, with all the missions I have heard you been on, you will live, and to be honest this will be the easiest," Zayn laughed. I smiled at him.

"To be honest, Im worried that one day, I will be killed, and that's a scary thought I have everyday," I said as I picked up a nice red top with ruffles at the bottom.

"But you have your friends here for you, so you don't have to be scared," Zayn smile kissing my cheek. "And you have me."

"Thanks Zayn," I hugged him. We continued shopping, I found some black high waist pants and a pair of 3 inch glitter heels. "So since your new to the SOAE, on Friday's we usually go to the bar for relaxing."

"A bar? lol sounds good to me, lets get home and get ready then," Zayn said taking my hand.


"Guess who's homeee," I cheered walking through the door.

"Harry?" Louis asked with a smirk. I sat next to him confused.

"No, why is he not home?" I asked. Louis shook his head.

"He is out with a lady friend, she seemed really nice, she said she knew you," Niall said taking a seat next to me. I took a minute before I jumped up.

"Where did they go?" I asked putting my bag in the kitchen.

"To some bar, why?" Liam asked. I nodded and grabbed my bag running up stairs. I got changed and put on ruby red lip stick. I strapped on my shoes and walked downstairs. Zayn was dressed in jeans and a white shirt topped with a leather jacket.

"Dam girl," Louis said snapping his fingers. I laughed.

"Thanks Lou, lets go Zayn," I said taking his arm. We quickly called a cab and made it to the bar. We walked in and I saw a horrible sight... Harry kissing another girl.. again. I walked up to Harry.

"Hey Scar, this is my new girlfriend, Zoey," Harry smiled. That's when my heart sunk. I nodded and walked away.

"Scar?" Zayn asked taking my shoulder. I shook my head.

"Mission failed, Zayn its up to you to keep him and the rest of the lads safe," I said walking away. I hailed a cab and got home quickly. I walked in and straight upstairs. I began to throw everything into my bags. I was going through when I came up on a picture of me and the lads on the first day.

"You know it was a special day," I heard Niall's Irish voice ring. I looked up at him and smiled.

"Yeah, now I must go, maybe we can see each other sometime," I said picking up my bags. "It was amazing meeting all of you guys."

"You don't have to go you know," Niall said sitting on my bed. I set my bags down sitting next to him. "I knew Harry was going to hurt you, but he will learn, just as you will," Niall smiled.

"You know, I thought of you as a fun weird type, not a advise giving one," I laughed.

"Hey, I can give advise and be a weird fun person," Niall said tickling me. I sighed.

"I don't know Niall, what is there for me here?" I asked.

"Well you have me, the last sing guy," He winked. I smiled taking his hand.

"I guess that's good enough for me to stay," I said hugging him. He got up kissing my cheek. Then leaving. I shook my head standing up. "Sorry Ni, I have to leave though."


Zayn's POV

 Once Scar left I walked over to Harry's so called "girlfriend". "So Zoey, you seem to have picked up Harry quickly." I said sitting next to her.

"Yeah, what can I say I have a charm," she laughed. I nodded. I stood up and took her purse pulling out her clutch. "HEY!" she said trying to take it back. I opened it to see an I.D for SAOF.

"Really," I said pissed.

"What, its for a grocery store in France," she smiled. I nodded and handed it back. "See you soon," she smiled walking back over to Harry. I called Scar.

Scar: What Zayn.

Zayn: Its that Zoey chick, she works for SAOF

Scar: Zayn, stop messing

Zayn: Im not, quickly get over here!

I stood there smiling at Zoey, silly girl, can't fool me. Soon Scar arrived walking straight up to me. "Okay where is she?" I asked.

"Just walked in the bathroom," I smiled. Scar nodded and walked into the bathroom.


"Where are the girls?" Harry asked as we sat there drinking a few beers.

"Not sure its been almost a half of hour," I said standing up. "Harry stay right here, Im going to go check the bathroom." I walked over to the bathroom and walked in. Nothing. I looked around and saw the window broken. I sucked in a sharp breath...

"Clover," I whispered.


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