As If Your Life Depended On It

What if you were hired to kill celebrities? For a lot of money that can help change your identity after each kill. Well that’s how Clover lived her life. She would change her name, but her parents always called her Clover. Oh, did I mention she worked for her parents’ agency, and she was diagnosed with cancer. Now I know it may seem strange to kill celebrities, but its only because the celebrities worked for SAOF (Secret Agents Of France), which they are after to kill us SAOE (Secret Agents of England), the agency Clovers parents own. Do you want to know more… well read it. {btw it does involve one direction}


9. Remember Me

Zayn's POV

 ~2 days later~

I made my way to the headquarters, again. Today we were starting the search, again. I walked in and sat next to Clover's best friend Rosie. "Hey Zayn," she whispered. I patted her leg.

"How you holding up?" I asked. She shrugged. "I would honestly think that Clover would have popped up by now saying it was a sick joke."

"Yeah, but she isn't, and I know this is something big if she has been gone this long," Rosie explained. I nodded.

"Alright, everyone time to go out to your designated places," Clover's father announced. We all got up and got out. Me and Rosie walked the streets of London.

"Its crazy, Clover seemed so sweet and innocent, but she is feisty," I laughed. Rosie nodded.

"She is also a great friend," Rosie smiled. After a while we decided to get fro-yo. "Hey Zayn, is that... Clover?" I turned and saw a man with scruff blonde hair talking to a girl similar to Clover.

"What should we do?" I asked. Rosie just walked up and turned the girl to face her. "Rosie..." I mumbled walking over.

"Clover, its me.. Rosie," She whispered.

"Im sorry, I don't know you," Clover said turning to the man. I cocked my head to the side.

"Come on Rosie," I said leading her outside. "We wait, and ambush her." And so we did. They walked out and Rosie grabbed Clover while I held off the guy.

"Just give back the lady," He growled.

"You are sick people, why would I?" I said throwing a punch at his jaw. I then ran helping Rosie get Clover into the car. Soon we were on our way to headquarters. I bear hugged Clover as we walked in. We made it to the E.R and got Clover on her way to getting tested.

"Do you think she will be okay?" Rosie asked. I pulled her into a hug.

"We can only pray," I whispered.

~~ Few hours later~~

I sat there with Rosie, until Clover came strolling out. "Clover," I whispered. She turned to me in shock.

"Who.. who are you?" Clover asked scared.

"Clo.. its me Rosie," Rosie said walking towards her. Clover hugged Rosie.

"Who is this?" Clover asked.

"That's Zayn, Newbie, he is part of the boy band you are keeping SAOF from taking over," Rosie explained.

"I knew about the mission, but I didn't know about him," Clover said confused. The doctor walked out.

"Im sorry, but Clover has short term memory loss, at the moment, we are hoping it goes away," He said before returning back into the room. I sighed.

"Well Clover, Im Zayn one of your best friends, and I guess Harry is in love with you," I said smiling. Clover walked over to me and hugged me sweetly.

"I don't know you Zayn, but hopefully my memory comes back," Clover whispered.

"Hopefully," I sighed holding her in my arms.


NOTE: Srry its short, Im stuck right now on ideas. ~Mystery_Horan_Girl

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