As If Your Life Depended On It

What if you were hired to kill celebrities? For a lot of money that can help change your identity after each kill. Well that’s how Clover lived her life. She would change her name, but her parents always called her Clover. Oh, did I mention she worked for her parents’ agency, and she was diagnosed with cancer. Now I know it may seem strange to kill celebrities, but its only because the celebrities worked for SAOF (Secret Agents Of France), which they are after to kill us SAOE (Secret Agents of England), the agency Clovers parents own. Do you want to know more… well read it. {btw it does involve one direction}


10. Flash

Clover's POV

 I let Zayn take me back, to apparently where Im staying for two years. "Zayn are these people nice?" I asked. Zayn nodded.

"You will be fine, just leave the talking to me," Zayn said smiling. I sighed. We pulled up to a house and I swear I could bearly breath. Zayn turned to me. "Relax, remember your name is Scarlett, people call you Scar." I nodded. We walked inside and instantly I was hugged I squealed.

"Hey Scar its just me," Said a boy with blue eyes. I nodded.

"Uh lads, while she was at her friends, she um, they were on a boat and Scar fell off hitting her head on a rock, so she lost part of her memory," Zayn said to the for boys.

"No," A boy with a beanie whispered.

"Scar, that's Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam," Zayn said pointing to each one. I looked at Harry, the one in love with me, see this mission is coming to mind, all I remember was Joe finishing up my hair.

"Well its nice to meet you all, again, I hopefully will get my memory back," I said smiling.

"How about I show you to your room?" Harry asked. I nodded. I followed behind him. "So you honestly don't know who I am?" Harry asked.

"Well your Harry Styles of One Direction, but I really don't know you," I said sitting on my bed.  Harry sighed. He messed around, with m guessing, my hair scrunchie.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I like you, ALOT, and I think you knew that, but I guess  I will just have to show you," Harry said setting the hair tie down. I smiled.

"Harry, I think your a sweet guy, but I think I need to relax, it been a long day," I said messing with my finger.

"Alright," He said before leaving. I layed back on my bed. I closed my eyes taking deep breaths.

(Flash Back)

"These boys are really nice, and which one are you suppose to make fall for you?" Simon asked.

"Harry Styles," I sighed messing with my glasses.

"Oh well then you won't have a problem, Harry is a massive flirt," Simon chuckled. I chuckled abit, but inside I knew this would be a long misson. We soon pulled up to a mansion.

"This is it?" I asked getting out.

"Yup," Simon said helping me with my bags. As I turned around I saw five boys standing on the front porch. They weren't to bad looking. "Take care of yourself, and be careful," Simon said kissing my cheek.

"Don't worry, I will keep in touch," I said as we approached the boys.

"Here let me help you with that," said a lad with piercing green eyes. Simon handed him the bags and lent down into my ear.

"Thats Harry, and I think he is already fallen for you," Simon whispered sending chills down my spine.

(End Of Flash Back)

I grunted opening my eyes. "That doesn't help," I screamed to no one. I sat up throwing a pillow causing a mirror to fall and break. I lied back in frustration. I closed my eyes. Oh how this is gonna aggravate me.


NOTE: I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALLLLLL... lol silly radio :) ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl

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