As If Your Life Depended On It

What if you were hired to kill celebrities? For a lot of money that can help change your identity after each kill. Well that’s how Clover lived her life. She would change her name, but her parents always called her Clover. Oh, did I mention she worked for her parents’ agency, and she was diagnosed with cancer. Now I know it may seem strange to kill celebrities, but its only because the celebrities worked for SAOF (Secret Agents Of France), which they are after to kill us SAOE (Secret Agents of England), the agency Clovers parents own. Do you want to know more… well read it. {btw it does involve one direction}


7. Don't go telling Lies

Clover's POV

 I stood up and began to walk through the dark. People around me were chattering. I tip toed back over to my seat. "Zayn come with me please," I whispered.

"Okay, be back babe," Zayn said. I grabbed his hand and led him out to the lobby.

"Zayn, they took Harry, we need to find him," I said. He nodded. I walked into the bathroom and put on my watch. I pressed a button and I was instantly changed into my black suit. I handed another watch to Zayn.

"What is this for?" Zayn asked putting it on. I pressed the button and he was put in a red suit. I found my black mask that cover my eyes. I handed a bandana to Zayn that covered his mouth.

"So people won't recognize us," I said pulling his arm and dragging him with me. I walked back stage and looked around for the first model. Gone. I walked over to the clothing rack and saw a door behind it.

"I think he might be in here," Zayn chuckled. I hit his arm. We walked quietly until I could hear voices.

"Just let me go," Harry said pissed.

"Silly lad, that's a negative," Sad a guy voice. I peered around the corner and saw two guys. I ran in and ninja kicked the guy in the gut. I used my good hand and got his pressure point knocking him out.

"Aw look at the wittle hero," said a guy taking my arm behind my back.

"Who are you?" harry asked. I looked up at his pained face. I sighed. I then felt the pressure release me. I turned and saw Zayn had knock the guy out. I got up and untie Harry. I grabbed his hand and dragged him out of their. Zayn had followed.

"The show is still going on," Zayn whispered. I nodded.

"We have to go," I said to Harry. He looked at me and reached for my mask. But I took his hands in mine. "Till next time," I whispered pecking his lips. I then took Zayn hand and ran out and to the bathroom.

"Smooth," Zayn laughed pressing the button.

"Eh, did you hit the guys pressure point?" I asked. He nodded. "Alright, I call SAOE, they are taking care of the two guys and that girl," I said pressing my button. I took the watches and put them in me purse.

"That was exciting," Zayn chuckled. I smiled.

"Tomorrow I will take you to SOAE headquarters to get you properly trained so you can be my partner for this mission, and then you can keep your mates safe," I smiled.

"Thanks," Zayn smiled. We walked out of the bathroom and back to the fashion show. I walked over to Harry and sat next to him. Zayn sat on my other side.

"Where'd you go?" Harry asked kissing my cheek.

"Bathroom, and Zayn went for a smoke," I shrugged. Harry nodded.

"As long as your safe," Harry smiled. At least he's safe. I smiled at him.


After the fashion show we all decided to go to the bar down the street from where we were staying. "I swear they are just trying to hard," Louis laughed. I smiled at all of them. I looked at Harry and he was so engaged in the conversation. I took a deep breath.

"Im going to take a smoke," I smiled. Harry coked his head to the side.

"You smoke?" He asked. I shrugged.

"Sometimes, I quit, but I do it every now and then," I smiled. I got up and walked outside. I leaned my body against the bricks. 

"I knew you didn't smoke," I heard a deep voice. I turned and saw Zayn with a cigarette between his lips. 

"I use to, I just don't do it very often," I snapped. He put his hands up for defense. "Sorry, Im just stressed. He nodded understanding.

"So we going to this secret agent place tomorrow?" Zayn asked leaning next to me. I nodded.

"And with new recruit, we will have more agents. We need new ones, buts its hard trying to find new people who aren't scared," I chuckled.

"Yeah, but I have been in boxing since I was little," Zayn smirked.

"Oh aren't we cool," I laughed. He pinned my good arm. "Watch your self tough guy," I laughed. His smile dropped. And before I knew it our lips had connected. He then pulled away. 

"I had to, I won't do it again though I promise," He said release my arm.

"It fine," I said smiling. "Now we should get back in there." When we walked in though my heart stopped. A girl straddling Harry, full on making out. The other guys were cheering him on. Zayn grabbed my shoulder. But I threw it off.

"Scar?" Zayn asked. I walked up and grabbed my clutch walking away. I knew it was only a mission, but it sure as hell hurt. I stormed out calling a taxi. I made it to SAOE headquarters and walked in. I saw Joe about ready to leave.

"Clover, are you okay?" Joe asked. I shook my head.

"Can I crash on your couch in your office?" I asked. He tossed me a spear key. And engulfed me in a hug.

"Sleep tight," He whispered. I nodded and walked to his office.


"Clover," I could hear a voice. "Please, you need to be getting back to your mission," Joe pleaded. I opened eyes and saw Joe smiling at me.

"Alright," I sighed. I got up and walked over to my wardrobe. I pulled out my aztec pullover and put it on. I slipped on my high waist red skinny jeans and pulled on my white converses.

"See you later, and yes I know about Zayn coming over, you were talking in your sleep again," He chuckled. I hit his arm playfully.

"Funny, see you soon," I said hugging him. I left calling a taxi. I made it back to the lads house and quietly opened the door. It was only 6 in the morning. I walked in and saw the lads layed on couches, chairs , and the ground. I smiled. But one was missing.

"Thank god your safe." I turned to see  Harry his dark circles around his eyes. "Are you okay?" He asked staying exactly where he was. I sighed.

"I may not be dating you, but Harry, that hurt more then any broken arm or leg. You technically led me on and snapped my heart in half," I said letting tears fall down my cheeks. By now the lads had waken.

"Scar, thank god you safe," Zayn said hugging me.

"Look Im sorry, I was drunk and I knew I hurt you, why do you think I stayed up, I was so worried about you," Harry said taking my hand. I looked up in his eyes. Full of sorrow."Scarlett Cowell, Im am deeply sorry, and I swear on my life I will never hurt you again," Harry said loud and clear.

"I guess apology accepted," I said yawning. I shook my head. "Zayn,we need to get going," I said turning to him.

"OOO, where are you two going?" Lou asked.

"Shopping," I smiled. "You can go with me next time," I said hugging Louis.

"Oh fine," Louis smirked.

"Go get ready," I laughed pushing Zayn. He smirked at me.


NOTE: Hey everyone, can you share my story, also Like, Comment, Favorite!!! Thanks a million. Also to catch you up, I went to my first homecoming dance and it was amazing lol. Well love you all very much!! ~Mystery_Horan_Girl

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