As If Your Life Depended On It

What if you were hired to kill celebrities? For a lot of money that can help change your identity after each kill. Well that’s how Clover lived her life. She would change her name, but her parents always called her Clover. Oh, did I mention she worked for her parents’ agency, and she was diagnosed with cancer. Now I know it may seem strange to kill celebrities, but its only because the celebrities worked for SAOF (Secret Agents Of France), which they are after to kill us SAOE (Secret Agents of England), the agency Clovers parents own. Do you want to know more… well read it. {btw it does involve one direction}


1. Chapter 1

Clover’s POV

 I had just got my hair done by Joe, I decided to pop into Rosie’s office. “Rosie, whats up,” I said walking into the break room. Rosie was getting a coffee, but stopped to give me a hug.

“Clover, you look like a new you,” Rosie chuckled. I smiled at her.

“Just got another kill, I have fake glasses I have to wear when Im out, and no one will ever know it was me,” I smirked. Rosie just chuckled.

“We should get to the meeting,” Rosie said handing me some tea. She grabbed her coffee and we walked to the meeting room and almost all the top agents were in there. Me and Rosie took our seats and waited for this meeting to get over with.

“I swear these meetings are so stupid,” I grunted taking a sip of my tea. Rosie just chuckled.

“I know what you mean,” Rosie said setting down her coffee. Then the lights dimmed and my mum walked on the stage.

“Okay, we are assigning missions again today, and so these may not be agents for SAOF, but we aren’t for sure, so this will be a long mission, so don’t blow your cover. Once I give your mission, got to your designer,” My mum explained. I smiled and leaned back in my seat.

“Here we go,” I whispered.

“Clover, you will be undercover as Harry Styles girlfriend, and you’re going go as Scarlett,” My Mum said smiling. “Joe will explain the rest of your mission,” My mum said going to the next mission. I hugged Rosie goodbye and walked out of the meeting room. I walked over to Joe’s room and saw him pulling out an outfit.

“Ah Clover you’re here, okay you are going to play Simon’s daughter, and so the lads will be watching you for 1-2 years, so yeah, and you have to get Harry to like like you,” Joe chuckled. I smiled and sat in my chair.

“Well, I am irresistible,” I said flipping my hair. Joe walked over and placed glasses on me.

“Perfect,” Joe whispered. I smiled. Okay now put this summer dress on and we will pack a bag for you,” Joe smiled.

“Will Simon know whats going on?” I asked. Joe nodded.

“He is associated with SOAE Clover, so he will talk to you as if you were his daughter,” Joe said as I slipped on the floral dress with a sweetheart neckline and a light brown belt. I slipped on my sandals and turned to Joe.

“What do you think?” I asked smiling.

“Cute as a button,” Joe winked handing me a duffle bag. “Okay, you have two duffle bags with everything you need, we also got you some credit cards, so don’t go blowing the money off,” Joe warned. I smiled at him.

“Thanks Joe,” I smiled hugging him.

“Just promise you will come back alive, and DON’T jump the gun, we aren’t sure if any of these lads are associated with SAOF,” Joe said grabbing me by the shoulders. I nodded and we walked towards the front of the building. We walked out into the crisp air and right in front of a limo.

“I will text you everyday Joe,” I said hugging him. When I let go I had saw that Simon was waiting for me.

“Hello Scarlett, its so nice to see you again, how was your summer?” Simon asked smiling. So Joe was right.

“Great dad, bye Joe,” I said hugging him one last time. I got into the limo with Simon.

“I don’t see why they think that one of the boys are working for SAOF, but I know you will find out,” Simon said crossing his legs.

“Lets hope they don’t, if one of them do, hell will break loose," I said making Simon chuckle.

"These boys are really nice, and which one are you suppose to make fall for you?" Simon asked.

"Harry Styles," I sighed messing with my glasses.

"Oh well then you won't have a problem, Harry is a massive flirt," Simon chuckled. I chuckled abit, but inside I knew this would be a long misson. We soon pulled up to a mansion.

"This is it?" I asked getting out.

"Yup," Simon said helping me with my bags. As I turned around I saw five boys standing on the front porch. They weren't to bad looking. "Take care of yourself, and be careful," Simon said kissing my cheek.

"Don't worry, I will keep in touch," I said as we approached the boys.

"Here let me help you with that," said a lad with piercing green eyes. Simon handed him the bags and lent down into my ear.

"Thats Harry, and I think he is already fallen for you," Simon whispered sending chills down my spine.


~~~~ New Story Coming Soon~~~ I thought I would publish it today since well its my birthday and all ;}~~~~~ Much Love ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl

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