Adopted By 1D

Stephine and Nikki are 17 year old twins who have been in an orphanage since they were 5 years old. They are in for the surprise of their lives when they find out who they were adopted by.


21. Time

Nikki's POV


Time went by, Liam took me on more dates and we became a lot closer. Steph and I warmed up to everyone easily and we eventually called El and Louis, Mum and Dad. Steph and Niall were doing good as well. They held hands and stuff but weren't an official couple. Neither were Liam and I. Yes, I still had a mad crush on him and it was only getting stronger. He would kiss me on the cheek a few times and sometimes even on the lips. Not infront of dad though. He told me today needed to tell me something privately. I met him in the backyard where he would talk to me.

He greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, my heart fluttered and he grasped my hands.

"So," he started "Remember our first date?"

I nodded

"So you remember when you told me that you wanted to go to California?"

I bit my lip and nodded again

He reached into his pocket, "Well..."

I covered my mouth with my hands as he spoke and held up two slips of paper.

"Guess where we're going?" he finished

I squealed, "No you didn't! Youre actually taking me to California?! Oh my gosh thank you so much Liam!" I hugged him

His arms wrapped around my waist as he said it was no problem.

We separated and I turned around only to see my family standing on the porch smiling.

"You all knew about this?" I asked and hugged mum

"Yes, it was a surprise though" she answered

I sighed, "I cant believe it. when do we leave?"

"Tomorrow, at 11, so you should probably start packing." Liam replied

I smiled and hugged him again, "Thank you so much." My grasp grew tighter

"Youre welcome, love."

I let go and kissed him on the cheek. Dad popped up next to me and told me to save it for California. I was actually really surprised he let us go; just us. Nonetheless, I ran upstairs to my bedroom and saw steph sitting on her bed facing the opposite direction.

"Whats up sis?" I asked and sat next to her

She scoffed, "Nothing"

I furrowed my eyebrows. Shes my twin, I know somethings wrong. She cant play dumb around me.

"Tell me," her eyes darted at mine "Please?"

"Ugh, fine" she answered and moved so both her her legs faced me

I crossed my legs and listened

"So, you know I like niall right?" she started

I nodded

"Well, I want him to make the first move, but hes not. And it gets me mad when I see Liam being all nice to you and giving you things and kissing you all the time. I want what you have. What you have with liam. That's what I want with Niall. But he's being so oblivious! Ugh, I don't understand. Oh and, Harry doesn't even want to talk to me! He just shuts me out! What did I do to him? Why is my life so confusing and hard?" she grunted and fell back on the bed.

I patted her leg, "It'll be ok. You can talk to me while im in California. I still cant believe hes taking me, hes so nice I c-"  I stopped myself  and sighed "Hey, help me pack?"

She sprung up. I knew that would help.

"Its summer there so we need to pack my summer clothes."

She nodded and started going thru my drawers.

We got a lot of new clothes cause mum decided to take us on an unlimited shopping spree. Isnt she awesome?? Yeah, so we got a lot of crop tops, high-waisted shorts, cardigans, sandals, etc.

I seriously cannot wait.


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