Adopted By 1D

Stephine and Nikki are 17 year old twins who have been in an orphanage since they were 5 years old. They are in for the surprise of their lives when they find out who they were adopted by.


14. The Date

Steph's POV:

Last night was crazy. When Eleanor brought us upstairs we could hear the boys arguing about something, I'm not sure why, but I didn't like it. When it was over, I fell asleep. I'm pretty sure Nikki heard it too, but she likes to keep her cool and not make a big deal out of things, I wish I was like that. Sometimes I can't help it, when something happens, it happens, you can't just forget about it.

I looked to my right an checked the clock, it was 10:00 in the morning. I rubbed my face and looked over at a sleeping Nikki. She looked so peaceful, oh well. I got up and went beside her ear.


Then I remembered, it was true. I always used that on her, never thinking that one day I would say it, and it would actually be true.

She jumped up and screamed. Then Louis and Eleanor came rushing in, along with a panicked Liam.

''What happened?!'' Louis asked

"Nothing, I just tried to wake her up and she screamed bloody murder'' I said rolling my eyes.

Nikki's POV

I was sleeping peacefully when I heard Steph scream in my ear "WAKE UP! LIAM PAYNE IS DOWNSTAIRS."

I screamed back without realizing and jumped up. Liam? Is she crazy? I know he's down there, and I honestly still couldn't believe it, and then he walked in, looking scared.

He walked next to me and grabbed my hand, my heart fluttered and I would've died right there.

''What happened?!'' Louis asked

"Nothing, I just tried to wake her up and she screamed bloody murder'' My evil sibling said.

''Oh, you guys scared the piss out of us'' Liam replied

We all laughed and Liam pulled me out of bed, with his hand still in mine. We walked down the stairs and he seemed so eager to get down there. He finally pulled me down the last few steps and we entered the kitchen, I saw Niall and Harry had made pancakes for everyone so we dug in. I was starving. We all sat on the couch, Niall on the left of Steph. Liam was on my left. On Stephs right was a very tired looking Harry. Louis and Eleanor were on the love-seat. The pancakes were delicious and everyone had seconds. We were full and started making plans.

''We should go to the mall.'' I suggested

"That sounds good.'' Liam replied

''I don't wannaaaaaa!" Steph whined

''Well too bad!'' I replied and poked her in the face.

She squirmed and pushed my hand down.

''Do I have to daddyyyy?'' Sounding like a five year old

We all chuckled as he replied, ''No, but I think we could just let Liam and Nikki go by themselves.'' He winked at us.

What was that supposed to mean? Were we going on a date? Before I could process my thoughts Liam quickly replied,

''I think that sounds lovely, when would you like to go?''

''Em, uh, well, how about twenty minutes or so?'' I replied thinking of how long it will take me to get ready.

''Okay.'' He simply replied with a smile




''Nikki, what are you doing?'' Liam yelled at the bottom of the stairs

''I'm almost ready, I just have to finish putting my makeup on!'' I yelled back

He scoffed and went back into the living room.

I was finally done and I walked down stairs. I passed my sister on the way to the living room.

"I think he likes you.'' She says as she grips my wrist

"Who, Liam?'' I replied and got out of her grip.

''Yes, did you see how he jumped out of his skin when Louis suggested that you two go to the mall together?'' She squealed

I did have to admit, he looked pretty excited, don't get me wrong, I was mentally doing back flips when Louis said that.

"Yeah, I guess. Now let me go see my beautiful date'' I teased and stuck my tongue out.

She rolled her eyes and dismissed me from our little meeting.

I walked into the living room to find my family sitting on the couch, Liam was on his phone, Niall and Louis were playing FIFA, and Harry and Zayn were whooping on the side.

They realized I was there and paused the game.

"Wow.'' I heard one of them say.

Liam got up and grabbed my hand.

"You look great,'' He said

I blushed and thanked him.

''Well, we're gonna go,'' Liam started.

"Okay don't be too long, Eleanor's making a special dinner tonight'' My father said and got up.

''Okay!'' I replied

He leaned in and hugged us both, and kissed my forehead.

We walked over to the door hand-in-hand and everyone said good bye.

"Bye Nikki, have fun'' Louis said

''I will, bye dad!'' I said and shut the door.

Then I realized what I said...



OK this was a super long chapter, but we decided to have Liam go for his girl first. And we picked our winners for the contest but we need one more special guest if you'd like to do that. Just give us your description and we'll choose a winner!! Also, sorry for not updating for a while, school is a bitch. Ok bye Nialls Little Duckies!!

<3 ~Sydney~




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