Adopted By 1D

Stephine and Nikki are 17 year old twins who have been in an orphanage since they were 5 years old. They are in for the surprise of their lives when they find out who they were adopted by.


22. Plane

Nikki's POV

Flight to Los Angeles, California boarding now. Flight to Los Angeles, California boarding now.

The ladys voice on the intercom boomed through the airport.

My hand was laying on liams lap until we stood up. Only mum, dad, Steph and Niall were here. And of course Paul as well.

"Well," I started and grabbed my bag "This is it."

I hugged everyone goodbye and waited  for liam to do the same. We walked away and waved once we reached the platform. Liam made me stop and grabbed my waist

"Hey Louis!" he yelled

Dad looked back at us with a confused look. Before I could ask what he was doing his lips were on mine in a forceful kiss. It was quick and before I knew it we separated.

Liam looked back at my dad and saw he was fuming. I stuck my tongue out and escaped his grasp.

"Bye everyone!" I said and ran down the platform with Liam behind.


We settled in our seats once we got on the plane. There was only a young girl sitting in the third seat so it wouldn't be so awkward.

I sat in the middle of the girl and Liam. I decided to make it a little better and asked what her name is.

"Hi, I'm Nikki, whats your name?" I asked and smiled

"Hannah. Nice to meet you." she smiled back 

She had brown hair, about shoulder length, and hazel eyes. She had a petite figure as well. She only wore mascara and lip gloss. She was a naturally pretty girl, I wouldn't be surprised if she had a boyfriend. Her clothes were normal, a blue t shirt from Hollister and denim jeans.

Her american accent was beautiful. Why is she in England?

"Nice to meet you too, this is Liam." I pointed at him and he reached over and shook her tiny hand.

"Wait," she paused "Are you Liam Payne? From One Direction?"

He nodded, "That's me. Please don't scream though,"

"I wont, I know how you like your privacy. But I like your music and I think you guys are talented. I'm not one of those crazy people who are obsessed with your every move. Don't worry." she assured

He let out a sigh of relief.

"Are you two," she leant over "dating?"

I looked over at Liam for an answer. 

He nodded, "Uh, y-yeah we are." 

I nodded as well. She smiled,

"I knew it! Awh you guys are so cute!" she squealed

I smiled. Why was she so happy?

I looked back at liam. He just shrugged as to tell me, 'I dont know, just go with it and agree'

I looked back at her, she had pulled out her phone. It was shattered all around, with little chunks of it missing here and there. Around it was an oversized case with the word PINK on it.

She switched it to the camera and looked back at us.

"Could i get a picture?" 

I couldnt help it, i cracked another smile. This was the first time a fan wanted a picture with me and Liam, everyone else hated me. 

"Sure love," i answered

She giggles and said, "Ok!" 

She positioned her phone so the frame could fit everyone in it. 

We all smiled and she took about three pictures in a row. She thanked us and looked at the photos.

"Hey, you want my number? I would love it if you sent those to me," i asked and pulled out my phone.

Her face was priceless. "Really? You trust me?" 

"You seem trustworthy enough, unless, is there a reason i shouldnt trust you?" i cocked my head to the side

"N-no, I'd say im pretty trustworthy. You can ask my friends if you want, maybe they have a different look on it, if you dont i understand its fine, ill-" 

I cut her off. "I was joking. I totally trust you, maybe we could be friends! How old are you?"

"I'm 13." she answered

"Ah, im 17. Bleh." i replied

She laughed and leant her head back. Liam tapped my shoulder, "I'm going to the bathroom,"

I nodded and proceeded to talk to Hannah.

"So numbers?" i asked and she gave me her phone. 

Attention passengers, we are about to take flight, please turn off all electronics and fasten your seat belts. Again, please turn off all electronics and fasten your seat belts.

A voice rang through the plane. She huffed and handed my phone back to me, "How about when this tin is in the air?" 

I smiled and nodded. We swapped phones and turned them off along with our other electronics. Liam came back and fastened is seatbelt. Soon, we were off. 

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