Adopted By 1D

Stephine and Nikki are 17 year old twins who have been in an orphanage since they were 5 years old. They are in for the surprise of their lives when they find out who they were adopted by.


30. One Date

Steph's Outfit


I strongly suggest listening to I Miss You by 5SOS or Blink 182 :)


Steph's POV

I quickly checked my makeup one last time before walking downstairs, where Harry awaited me. I was a bit worried about how I was dressed; he told me to dress casual, as I did, but I wasn't sure how casual. I was wearing a grey top with a Beatles design and a black cardigan over it. I paired it with a pair of black skinny jeans and silver flats along with a yellow beanie.

I didn't know where Harry would take me, but I was excited. I sighed as I twirled some of my brown hair around my finger once more. I walked downstairs to a very attractive Harry. He was wearing his trademark black skinny jeans and a Ramones sweater. His curly hair was styles into his usual messy curls. 

"You ready?" He asked with a smile.

"Of course," I replied, returning the smile.But my smile didn't last long and quickly turned to a panicked look once I saw Dad. 

"You know the rules Harry. Drive safe, no alcohol, and come back home before ten," he sternly spoke to Harry. Harry rolled his eyes but nodded. 

"C'mon Louis, don't you trust me?" Harry asked. 

"Yeah Louis. Let them be young. Remember how rebellious you were?" Mum laughed. Dad smiled and let us go, hugging me before we left. 

"Tell me the details," mum whispered in my ear as we reached the door. 

"I will."


"Where are we?" I giggled. Harry had blindfolded me once we had gotten in the car. He said it would be a surprise. 

"It's my favorite place in this world," he said as he was taking of my blindfold. "It's where I can free myself from the rest of humanity." 

The blindfold was off and I couldn't do anything but gasp and look around. This place was beautiful. It was some sort of beautiful field in the middle of nowhere. Not that I minded; it was beautiful without anyone. But Harry hadn't stopped there, he had brought some sort of patio umbrella and attached multicolored lights all around it. The stars in the night sky only made it so much better.

"Harry, this is breathtaking," I managed to say.

"I was hoping you would like it," he responded, coming closer to me.

"Like it? I love it. I really do," I whispered the last few words and looked into his equally breathtaking eyes. 

We didn't know what to say but we didn't really need to. It was beautiful silence. Just looking into each other's eyes was necessary. 

"Come on, let's eat. You must be starving," he smiled as he lead me to the table underneath the patio umbrella. He pulled out my chair and let me sit down.

"I didn't know what you would like, so, I just brought strawberries and some yogurt," he sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. 

I laughed. "Well Mr.Styles, you sure know how to plan a date out," I truthfully said. He laughed also.

"What can I say? When you live with two women for your entire life, you kind of get the hang of it."

After our little snack he laid out a blanket onto the green grass and motioned us to lay down. 

"The stars are beautiful tonight," I whispered.

"Yeah. I get the privilege to see them most nights, but I never get to see them with such a competition to their beauty," he whispered back, locking his eyes with mine. 

I could feel my cheeks get warm. "You know, you're nothing like Dad said you were."

"And how's that?"  

"He's always saying how dangerous, and manipulative you are. How you treat girls like the scum of the bottom of your shoes. Stuff like that," I said but quickly regretted it once his facial expression turned to a small frown. 

"He's not entirely wrong," he began, "I can be pretty dangerous at times. I..I can't really help it. I get defensive and aggressive at times. And this is the place where I come to think. I come out here to see the stars. To manage my feelings. This is the place where I can control myself. Where all the darkness in me is nothing compared to the darkness of the world. And it makes me feel better. I regain my hope and my strength and every sense in me. That's why it's so special. No one knows about this place except me. And know you. Something special needs someone equally as special to see it also. Like you," Harry finished and looks at me again. 

"I feel like I need to fight for what I want. For what's mine," he adds, reaching his hand out. I quickly take it and hold it tightly. 

My stomach has this funny feeling and my hands feel shaky.

"Am I yours?" I ask, my voice barely audible.

"If you want to be," he whispers back.

I sit up, my hand still in his. He sits up as well. I have the urge to kiss him so badly, and I do.

Once our lips connect it seems as if they can't be separated. His lips taste sweet, like cherries. My hands find his neck and his hair as I tug on a curly strand of his, making him make a low growl. I smile as I feel his hands find their way to my waist as he rubs his fingers up and down, sending shivers down my spine. We both pull apart out of breath, but we laugh.

"That was amazing," he laughs. 

"Harry?" I ask.

"Yeah," he whispers.

"I do. I want to be yours," I lean closer as he smiles and presses his lips to mine once more. 


A/N: hellooo! I'm Melly and I'm the "new" co-author. I wrote this chapter and I feel pretty proud. :) Enjoy your #Starry feels because I am. Please favorite, like, comment, etc. Also spread the #Starry trend hehe. 




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