Adopted By 1D

Stephine and Nikki are 17 year old twins who have been in an orphanage since they were 5 years old. They are in for the surprise of their lives when they find out who they were adopted by.


15. Mall Time

Nikki's POV:


Once the door shut I let go of Liams hand and face palmed myself.

"What's wrong? Did you forget something?" Liam asked

''No, I just called Louis dad! I totally forgot who I was talking to, he probably thinks I'm taking things too fast, ugh what am I gonna do?'' I replied and looked up at the sky.

''It'll be fine, I don't want this to ruin our- time, together...'' he said slowly towards the end of his sentence.

My eyes darted towards him, I shrugged and grabbed his hand again, ''Okay.'' I said simply. He smiled and walked me down to the car.




We made it to the mall and walked into the big building.

"Okay, where to?'' Liam asked ''You wanna try on some clothes or something?''

I was shocked by his suggestion. He was willing to watch me pick out clothes and try them on? Man I want to marry him so bad...

"Uhh, sure, unless you wanna do something else,'' I replied

''How about, after you try on some clothes, we go to the glow in the dark mini golf thing, and maybe grab something to eat after?'' he asked

''Perfect'' I replied and smiled.

He smiled back and we proceeded on.

''I love this store!'' I shrieked as we walked to 'Supre.' I've always wanted to go but I never had the money. Now since my father is a millionaire...

"Okay, lets go then.'' Liam said, interrupting my thoughts

I nodded as we made our way in the store. We looked through the racks of dresses and tops and waited for a suggestion from one another. I came across a strapless dress, with blue, green, and yellow leaves and a brown belt on it.

I showed Liam and he nodded, I hung it over my arm and proceeded to look. After picking out another dress I told Liam I would go and try them on. We walked to the dressing room and I instructed him to sit outside my changing room and wait for me to come out. He nodded and I walked inside and locked the door.



Liam's POV:


I waited anxiously for her to come out of the room. I couldn't wait to see what she looked liked. I was distracted from my thoughts when Nikki's bag started singing.

'Cause I can love you more than this, yeah...'

Nice ringtone Nikki.


''Ehm, Nikki your phone's ringing'' I said and grabbed her phone.


''Who is it?'' she asked


''It says, Charlotte,'' I replied while reading off the screen

"Okay I'm done,'' she said and unlocked her door and walked out. She grabbed her phone from my hand and answered it.

"Hey Char!'' she squealed

I couldn't hear what her friend was saying, but that was the last thing on my mind. Nikki was first. She was absolutely stunning, her long golden hair draped over her shoulders, and the multicolored dress fit her shape perfectly. I just wanted her to be mine forever. My thoughts were pushed out of the way when I heard my name being mentioned.

''Yeah, I'm shopping with Liam freakin' Payne right now, it's unbelievable I never thought it would happen in a million years.'' she said and smiled at me. She walked over to the mirror and examined herself, turning around to see her bum and back.

She finished her conversation quickly and walked towards me.

''Do you like it?'' she asked

''Are you kidding? You look beautiful!'' I said and giggled

She smiled and nodded, "Thanks. Okay next one!'' she said and went back into the room.

As she was changing we were talking,

''Oh and by the way, that was my best friend Charlotte, we met at the orphanage when we were little, we have a lot of memories together.'' she said through the door.

''Oh okay.'' I replied

''I'm done, you ready?'' she asked

''Yup,'' I answered

The door swung open and a beautiful figure stepped out.

I didn't realize my mouth was hanging open until I felt it getting dry.

''Is it that bad?'' she asked

''What? No! It's gorgeous! I think you should get it.'' I replied

"What?! Are you crazy?! I don't have that kind of money!'' she exclaimed

"Yeah, but I do...'' I replied and moved my eyebrows up and down.

Her mouth hung open, ''No, I can't let you do that, we only came in here to try things on!''

''Nikki,'' I started, ''I could buy this whole mall if I wanted to, a little dress is nothing'' I said and grabbed her hands and looked into her beautiful blue eyes.

''Well...'' she hesitated and looked down at the dress

''If you say so...'' she said and smiled.

''It's fine with me, now lets go pay for it.'' I said and she walked into the dressing room stall again.




After the mini golf, which Nikki won, we grabbed something to eat. We took a seat and dug into our food.

"So," I started ''Tell me about yourself.''

"Well,'' she started


Nikki's POV:

''Tell me about yourself.'' Liam asked. I didn't really want to tell him about my life, I knew he would just feel bad for me, but, if I wanted to get closer to him he should know.

"Well,'' I didn't know where to start.

''I got into the hellhole- I mean, orphanage,'' I said purposely. He giggled and I proceeded.

''My parents were killed. First we were all one big family, talking about school, and next thing you know, were at my parents coffins, crying our eyes out.''

I looked up and saw Liam sitting with a sunken face.

"I'm so sorry...'' he said and reached for my hand

I smiled and said, "It's okay.''

''Steph and I have been in that orphanage for 3 and a half years, the lady didn't like us and thought we were an embarrassment to them, so when someone would come to adopt, she'd make us stay upstairs until they left.'' I explained

''So how did Louis and Eleanor find you?'' he asked still covering my hand with his.

"I guess it must have been when we were singing,'' I replied

He nodded.

''I don't want you to feel bad for me Liam, I'm better now, I'm in a better place, Steph and I couldn't ask for a better place to be.'' I said smiling

He smiled back and gripped my hand harder and got up from his seat.

"Okay, we should get going, it's getting dark.'' he said and pulled me up from my seat as well.

I nodded and threw my rubbish away; he did the same. We both walked to the car hand-in-hand until we had to separate. The car ride was filled with laughter and singing along to the songs on the radio. I never knew Liam was this fun to be around, I was really going to enjoy knowing him.

After we got home we walked up to the doorway together. Before I could reach for the door handle he turned me around.

"I really enjoyed being with you today.'' he said with a smirk

''Me too,'' I responded and smirked back

He leaned in closer to my face and I closed my eyes only to feel his lips on mine.



YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been waiting sooooo long to write this chapter, and I made sure it was kinda long so u would be occupied! Also, I'm writing a story on wattpad which im sure pretty much most of you have, so if you don't mind looking me up, im @/0neperfecti0n_ and my story is called secrets if u wanna read it. Oh and also I will be updating a lot myself because Juliana has cheer and drama after school, and I do nothing. So I hope you don't mind.

I :) know :) my :) grammar :) Is :) awful :)

Ok bai bai

Sydney ^_^

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