Adopted By 1D

Stephine and Nikki are 17 year old twins who have been in an orphanage since they were 5 years old. They are in for the surprise of their lives when they find out who they were adopted by.


27. Back In London...

Stephs POV


When my sister gets home, I am going to punch her in he throat. Not because I'm mad, because I'm jealous. Yes, I am going to admit, I am jealous. Nikki is over there with her super hot boyfriend who just so happens to be her celebrity crush, and I'm over here, trying to get my celebrity crush to make the first move. Meanwhile, one of my best friends completely ignores me and I don't know why. I thought getting adopted would make my life easier, it has made very drastic changes and such, but now for the first time, I'm having relationship complications. This is a whole different ballgame. 

I want to call Nikki and tell her, but I don't want to ruin her vacation. I'll let her have a break from me until she gets home; I'm just that nice. A lightbulb seems to appear above my head once I have an idea. I scramble over my bed, to my nightstand and grab my phone. I scroll through my phone contacts once I unlock the screen, until the name I'm looking for appears.

Mali S.

Mali is my friend I met in the orphanage. I hadn't seen him since I left that dreaded place. A few weeks ago, I was with Niall and Mum in the park and we bumped into him. I introduced him and got his phone number. I guess he got out of the orphanage when he turned 18, got a job, and bought a flat. He is one of my closest friends. 

I quickly pressed the call button and waited for him to answer. After a few rings, he picked up.

"Hey Stephanie!" he chirped

"Don't ever call me that." I scolded

He laughed, "Sorry, sorry. So what's up?"

"Boy troubles."

"Really?" he sighed


"Who is he?"

"'Member that blonde guy I introduced you to a few weeks ago?" 

"Him? He's really hot! What's his name again?"


"I'm sorry! Just tell me his name."


I was interrupted by my mum calling from downstairs, "Steph, dinner!"

"Ok, I have to go, I'll text you later. Bye!" I hung up quickly

I ran down the stairs and sat myself down at the table, next to Harry.

"Where were you?" his deep voice made me jump.


"We've been waiting for you for ten minutes, what were you doing?" he barked

I gulped at his anger, though I was shocked he was actually talking to me. 

"I was on the phone." I answered and began to eat my food. 

"With who?" he furrowed his eyebrows with anger

"My friend." I snapped, annoyed at his attitude 

"What's her name?" 

"It's a guy."

"A guy?!" he yelled and dropped his fork and knife, "His name please?!"

"It's none of your business, Harry!" I yelled back

Niall chimed in, "The one we met at the park?"

"Right. Him. I've known him since I was little." I answered a lot more calm, putting my food in my mouth.

"I still don't have his name." he remarked

Harry's POV

"It's Mali. Ok? Can you sleep peacefully at night now?" she snapped, "Why does it matter, he's bisexual."

Her words hit me like a bus. Bisexual. Well that's not fully gay, so he could have feelings for her. 

"I don't care what his sexuality is, I don't want you to talk to him." I answered back

She rolled her eyes, "Yeah ok, dad." Sarcasm was overflowing her words.

"I mean it." I snapped 

"He doesn't like me like that." she dropped her utensils, "I don't have to explain myself to you Harry! I'm sorry mum, the food was great, but I'm not that hungry. I'll be in my room. Thank you."

She pushed her chair out forcefully and made her way to the sink. She dropped the food in the trash and quickly washed her dishes before sprinting upstairs. I pushed my plate away and dropped my head on the table. 

"Way to go, Harry." Eleanor spoke, "Now she hates you." 

"Even more." I added. 

"You should just tell her how you feel. She's desperate for love and you are willing to love her." she said

"But she doesn't love me back!" I yelled and smashed my hand on the table. 

"I'm trying to get her to not like me, Harry! I'm sorry!" Niall said and shrugged his shoulders. 

"Go tell her, now." Stephs mother began, "Go knock on her door and ask if you can explain yourself."

"She wouldn't let me in." I replied

"Then wait until tomorrow."

I sighed and stood up, "Fine." 

I put my dishes away and made my way to her room. I knocked on her door and waited for an answer.

"Who is it?" she sniffled

"It's um," I sighed, "It's Harry." 

She groaned, "Please go away."

"Can I give you an explanation please?" I begged. I opened her door and looked in. She was laying on her side, facing the opposite way so her back was towards me. She sniffled and let out short breaths. I walked over and looked at her tear stained cheeks, and puffy eyes. 

"I'm sorry." I began

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